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meangreen Says, in 10-3-2011 at 22:27:22 from    

Frankie is gonna win once again and then that’ll be the end of the tilogy.

Jusman Says, in 10-4-2011 at 00:09:00 from    

Frankie will win, then everyone will give him the credit he deserves…BJ twice! Dayum

azzy09 Says, in 10-4-2011 at 00:17:33 from    

tilogy..?? i dont know. i think if maynard shows up in better shape .. and carefully pick his shots .. he’ll bring it home .. but i severely think if maynard wants this, than his wrestling is going to have to play a big factor!! this showed in his last fight ..

sooooopernate Says, in 10-4-2011 at 01:06:06 from    

I disagree with the 2nd part of your comment meangreen. While I think Frankie might take this fight, that doesn’t end the series of fights. It’ll literally be the end of the trilogy because you can’t fit more than 3 fights in a trilogy. Anyway, Greg won the 1st, 2nd a draw, 3rd could be Frankie’s, and so no rubber match would’ve happened yet. A quadrilogy may be in order.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 10-4-2011 at 02:11:15 from    


Pope Says, in 10-4-2011 at 11:50:01 from    

Frankie appears to have the best technical boxing in the UFC at the moment. His footwork and defense is easily his best asset. He would be considered the best overall boxer in mma if he just had more natural power, but then again he is fighting a weight class higher than he should be. Maybe his power isn’t as bad as I think because all of his recent opponents had iron jaws (bj, maynard, sherk)and when he fought Veach, who has an average chin, he dropped him. Frankie could use to sit down on his punches more, but he doesn’t because it compromises his best asset which is his movement.

iceberg187 Says, in 10-4-2011 at 12:59:57 from    

spoken like a true champion

Shinka MMA Says, in 10-4-2011 at 13:14:31 from    

well said Pope. I think you’re right in all aspects.

He is also one of the few MMA fighters who properly utilizes breakfalls. Definitely saved him in the draw fight. Top 3 best fights, that one.

PitfighterZ Says, in 10-4-2011 at 21:40:12 from    

It’s difficult to predict. It will really depends on who can adapt better. Gray dropped Frankie in the second fight and, if he does that again, he will not let Edgar get back up.
Edgard’s cardio is his best asset. Because he could keep his pace in the later rounds, he didn’t get a second loss.
It will depend a lot on strategy this time. They know each other well and it depend on how much they can change their games to confuse the other just enough to give them an advantage without putting them in danger.


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