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Randy Couture Says, in 4-25-2012 at 22:16:38 from    

you can never count him out.

purebadassness Says, in 4-25-2012 at 22:29:59 from    

yes you can

ness2k Says, in 4-25-2012 at 23:13:50 from    

Lame!!! I really wanted to see a stand up war.

alpha 5 Says, in 4-25-2012 at 23:14:27 from    

I really hope this iz Frank Mir last title shot..cuz im jus tired of him gettin all tha title shots…He iz like an opportunist..The right place and tha right time..U can count him out..JDS first round…ppl forget Mir got smashed by shane carwin..JDS Smashed Carwin..Brock Lesnar SMashed Mir..JDS SMashed Brock…get tha picture.

alpha 5 Says, in 4-25-2012 at 23:22:46 from    

Frank Mir talks like he knows everything..if u knew everything u wouldnt be losing in title fights like u do…

Terd Says, in 4-25-2012 at 23:26:02 from    


Buster Hymen Says, in 4-25-2012 at 23:40:13 from    

alpha… you’re an idiot Brock and JDS never fought.

Mir is a good guy and deserves the shot if Alistar is not there.

you guys are morons Says, in 4-26-2012 at 00:04:39 from    

Alpha 5 is hilarious

joeyjojo Says, in 4-26-2012 at 00:47:11 from    

think what you want about frank murr…he has paid his dues and showed his skill. of course most ppl would rather see overeem fight (me included)but mir is a worthy contender. who ele could the ufc get on short notice that is both recognizable AND legit? i like mark hunt, but no. just no.

zosojb Says, in 4-26-2012 at 03:13:00 from    

I hate this narcissist piece of s***.he gets more condescending with every face smashing he gets.he is last generation and should accept it by moving on to commentating job.I bet Rory McDonald could kick his ass

Jasonfn22 Says, in 4-26-2012 at 03:50:36 from    

I like Frank and Junior but I want Frank to win because I am American and like seeing an American carrying the belt but I hate to say it but Junior is going to beat the god damn brake shoes off Frank Mir’s no gas tank having ass.

wow Says, in 4-26-2012 at 03:58:32 from    

Wow, suprised by the hate for Mir, i really like Frank hes a really nice guy and always comes to fight win or lose.

I hope he has a good game plan for JDS.

kbrew007 Says, in 4-26-2012 at 06:44:01 from    

Mir has the most title shots in ufc history lol!!!!!

the cyclops Says, in 4-26-2012 at 08:39:34 from    

Alpha 5 is a maroon…Im calling Mir by Sub in round 1.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 4-26-2012 at 09:03:14 from    

Mir is gona get Messed Up…it wont ever get to the ground, and thats the only place he has a chance.

the cyclops Says, in 4-26-2012 at 10:07:48 from    

Yeah SEAN_VANCE,Mir has never KO’d someone on the feet…or got punched in the face,got taken down then broke their arm….Idiot.

Oldassgrappler Says, in 4-26-2012 at 10:38:39 from    

JDS is under even more pressure to finish Mir. There is no way he can lose this fight from his camps perspective because of Mir snapping Nog’s twig. There will be redemption.

mk Says, in 4-26-2012 at 12:35:29 from    

The funny thing is Mir is probbaly using PED’s too.

a1yola Says, in 4-26-2012 at 13:30:54 from    

this will never be a sport as long as frank mir keeps getting a title shot. this guy is a joke he losses a fight every one talks about how he should retire. he beats a has been and he is the number contender what a joke. the ufc is just for entertainment not a sport they need a tournament structure so this crap dont happen again… id rather see mark hunt vs jds

dave Says, in 4-26-2012 at 13:52:40 from    

mir is has very good ground game, but if the fight is stand up more than couple of minutes he will probably get knocked out! but its a fight anything could happen

FailSonnen Says, in 4-26-2012 at 14:33:20 from    

Dont get he Mie hate must be just fanboy jealousy he broke Nog’s arm that counts for something and in this interview he is giving respect to the other fighters so how is he condesending? total bs

JoeDog Says, in 4-26-2012 at 15:53:18 from    

That POS beard will make a nice target for JDS. One…Two…Buckle my shoe.

Mr. Obvious Says, in 4-26-2012 at 16:57:35 from    

To quote someone else I seen post this….somewhere:

I can’t wait to see JDS smash Mir and then listen to Mir’s scientific explanation why he lost.

Op_of_faith Says, in 4-26-2012 at 17:08:46 from    

So…if its stand up-JDS will knock Mir silly and if JDS is dumb enough to go to the ground with Mir, he’ll get subbed…

Randy Couture Says, in 4-26-2012 at 20:51:04 from    

@purebadassness really eh. tell big nog that.


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