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jeremyemilio Says, in 5-24-2009 at 04:03:45 from    

I know it’s what a lot of MMA fans seem to want, but I’m tired of watching wrestlers box. I like boxing just fine, but if I want to see a boxing match, I’d prefer that the boxers are, well, boxers. For Sherk to stand up for three rounds while he is clearly losing the fight and to wait until the final round to make his first attempt to take it to the ground is baffling to say the least. The only explanation I can come up with is that he wants to please fans and show he’s a tough guy and not just another “lay and pray” wrestler. Stupid people are destroying this sport (as evidenced by the inexplicable booing during the Millar/Sonnen fight in which a wrestler worked an aggressive ground and pound for 15 minutes and a BJJ player attempted somewhere in the area of 10 submission; what more do people want? Oh yeah: wild and clumsey haymakers. Bring back Tank Abbot, I guess.)

unit6978 Says, in 5-24-2009 at 04:11:40 from    

bruno is the man! thanx

murrell Says, in 5-24-2009 at 04:26:39 from    

Awesome performance by both fighters!!!

Jdawg Says, in 5-24-2009 at 04:46:06 from    

i agree with you jeremy, but this was an entertaining fight none the less

;pingaloca Says, in 5-24-2009 at 05:31:41 from    

WTF is sherk thinking, he’s not a stand-up guy. He more than likely will become a gate keeper if he keeps this s*** up and eventually he’ll get KTFO, booted out the UFC, and kiss his chances of becoming a real champ for the first time for this none sense.

Espelho Says, in 5-24-2009 at 05:32:24 from    

I disagree jeremyemilio…Sherk had a game plan of out muscling Edgar and it didn’t work due to Edgar’s amazing movement and skill.
MMA is about mixing it up…no one wants to se wrestlers JUST wrestle.

ares Says, in 5-24-2009 at 06:28:45 from    

sherk: arms too short + opponent faster than him = nothing landed

if he could not figure out this much, at least his corner men should have

there is no point in having a great jab and a great straight right if neither one ever lands

sherk should have taken it to the ground every time

saer Says, in 5-24-2009 at 08:27:28 from    

man where is the matt serra fight?

Drew Says, in 5-24-2009 at 11:04:15 from    

I agree that Sherk could’ve tried to mix up more takedown attempts after realizing he was losing the standup batttle. Would it have worked? Who knows? I doubt it. I think this fight came down to Edgar’s superior movement and strategy as opposed to what Sherk didn’t do.

jeremyemilio Says, in 5-24-2009 at 11:24:19 from    

Sorry, Espelpho, but although I agree with you about mixing it up, I’d MUCH rather watch wrestlers “just wrestle” than watch wrestlers just “box” (that is if you can really call what Sherk was doing boxing, and keep a straight face).

MMA Soldier Says, in 5-24-2009 at 12:45:37 from    

You know sometimes you have to realize when you train it takes 6 months to form a game plan for that opponent. So once you go in there its hard to realize what you are doing in there is not working. In the first round sherk did stand up, not to feed his ego, that was his game plan. Its hard to deviate what you have already installed in your brain what you are going to do. That’s why theres only a few MMA fighters that go know how to change it up. I hope Sherk learns from this and I loved how Edgar took him apart, but both are not finishers.

common sense Says, in 5-24-2009 at 14:17:36 from    

goddamn i wish Goldie would quit talkin about s*** that he doesnt know about, which is fighting

SQUIRES33 Says, in 5-24-2009 at 14:45:35 from    

IF anything call that fight a DRAW.. plain and simple , Sean missed alot of strikes because of his short reach, but did control all 3 rounds. Hats off to Edgar the guy is quick and can put some amazing combo’s together, I did enjoy at 4:17 3rd round that Sherk shoot..Its just textbook..wish he would of done it say after the first round stand up didnt work…

AAA Says, in 5-24-2009 at 21:25:20 from    

jeremyemilio, I totally agree with you. Sticking with a game plan is nice and everything, but there has to be a backup plan. Sherk was punching air the entire time and Edgar just humiliated him like that. half way into the fight, he should have known that his game plan was not working, he should have switched gears and should have taken the fight to the ground. Then again, he tried three times in the third round and only one attempt was successful. So, for whatever reason, he wasnt successful even in that department…

lol, I hate goldberg too. that guy just gets on my nerves…

paddedummy Says, in 5-25-2009 at 01:50:57 from    

Goldberg is so clueless that he makes Rogan seem to know what he is talking about

casyboy Says, in 5-25-2009 at 02:07:27 from    

im so happy for frankie hes been under the radar a bit.. what a mixed bag he threw at sean shurk .. he just put on a mma clinic.. he should be ranked at #4 and gray #3 guida #5

casyboy Says, in 5-25-2009 at 02:12:54 from    

ps; goldie’s gotten a little better over the years not the most knowledgable but i like em..i cant stand those elite-xc commentators..

Fkin Hologram Says, in 5-28-2009 at 17:31:09 from    

edgar is just 2 quick 4 shierk

ROJOX2 Says, in 5-29-2009 at 05:54:14 from    

First of all I agree with Jeremy in the previous post with “stupid people are destroying the sport.” I think there are a lot of MMA “fans” out there who simply don’t appreciate all aspects of, you guessed it, MMA. Also, some people don’t understand that this is a sport with professionals with different game plans, we’re not watching two uncontrolled cholos on youtube. Second of all, please Sherk, I like you and you have had a successful career. But it was more successful when you utilized your wrestling and ground and pound techniques. I’m sorry, but your reach is not helping you, it’s hindering you.

DeLaSeoul87 Says, in 5-31-2009 at 12:37:21 from    

Joe Rogan claiming that Sherk doesn’t have KO power because of genetics made me laugh.

Sean has plenty of power, he just never connect.

KO power grows as technique improves… it’s pure physics. Sherk punches flat footed, never throws his hips into his punches, doesn’t turn his shoulder very much, and tries to muscle the punch- all bad form. If he really focused on his boxing, and loosened up, he could KTFO of someone.

PitFighterZ Says, in 5-31-2009 at 19:40:50 from    

Sherk can’t box. He is not fast, technical or genetically gifted to box. His very short arms just won’t let him hit anything. Every fight he tries the same s*** and loses the same way. I agree with MMA Soldier and most of you, it was just a horrible, very stupid game plan from Sherk’s corner. Sherk needs to find a camp that helps him explore his strengths and reduce his vulnerabilities and not the contrary.

ETK Says, in 6-2-2009 at 07:50:45 from    

I heard one of the announcers mention something to the tone of Edgar’s wrestling ability being good. And it showed when Sherk tried to take Edgar down. Sherk made some serious take down attempts and Edgar put up a very formidable defense with head control and splaying.

Sherk made a very common mistake.
You can blame it on his muscle memory.
His muscle memory from his training.
His trainer standing in front of him holding the pads and not making Sherk come in and bridge the gap to land the punches.
See the way Sherks right foot is like it is being held by something, like it is nailed to the floor. Even when his left foot comes forward his right foot drags behind.
He can only punch when the opponent is right in front of him.
Very few of his strike attacks did he actually step forward properly, I think only his jab, cross, hook combo.
It was all apparent in the training footage video displayed on this website before the event.
Not really an issue about his reach or genetics or short arms or flat footed or speed or hips or KO strength.
I’m sure if somebody stood right in front of him he could KO them.
A lot of times being flat footed can generate a lot of power.
Sherk needs his pad holder to move around and stand beyond striking range before he initiates thereby forcing him to step forward.
Then also have him step backwards before and/or after strikes.
Or go for take downs or clinch after bridging the gap.
Common mistake. I think I remember Shamrock had the same issues. So many fighters with same mistake. It can be remedied with proper training. I noticed that a lot of people who only use bags have that too, especially if they only stand directly in front of the bag without moving. Or when the pad holder is always standing right there in striking range giving the trainee free shots.
As you can see, Edgar did not just stand there like a heavy bag or pad holder (catcher).
Sorry about the long post. I just can’t seem to get my words out easily.


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