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mumbis Says, in 7-8-2013 at 20:16:25 from    

Andy Silva is a can even this 2 hof-ers and better than him bet they d take the remacth both of them.

fritz Says, in 7-8-2013 at 22:01:37 from    

Worst attempt to troll ever mumbis

Axe Murderer Says, in 7-8-2013 at 22:54:11 from    

Bruno did you hear about what happened to Maiquel Falcao?

Bruno: Yeh, thanks for reminding me. I didn’t have time to post when I first saw the news. http://www.mmatko.com/ufc-and-bellator-fighter-maiquel-falcao-cracked-with-stick-and-friend-kaue-mena-put-in-hospital/

Kronickt Says, in 7-8-2013 at 23:05:58 from    

What in gods name are you trying to say mumbis……….. Nothing in that rant made anything close to sensible english….

Bill-bob Says, in 7-8-2013 at 23:25:09 from    

Forrest griffin is such an ass. Talking well Bonnard is giving a speech. Yeah he just keeps talking but come on. Ignorant.

Tear Says, in 7-9-2013 at 02:01:53 from    

mumbis is from Memphis Tennessee.

mohoris Says, in 7-9-2013 at 10:11:43 from    

Anderson Sylvia is a can just like his brother Temoteh Sylva they both cans

Stan King Says, in 7-9-2013 at 14:17:19 from    

Bonnar was a tough dude who fought for years and was almost always entertaining (except when Coleman sat on him). Maybe a bit questionable to be HoF, but there would be worse guys to choose.

Dana’s definitely right about that fight’s significance.

Joe Dog Says, in 7-9-2013 at 17:33:18 from    

Bonnar, “Bla bla bla…”

steve Says, in 7-9-2013 at 17:51:37 from    

Bonnar and Griffin but not Frank Shamrock. I dont even like Shamrock, but he is more deserving than these 2.

drewblood Says, in 7-9-2013 at 20:27:25 from    

2 time steroid conviction and in the UFC HOF.

Frank Shamrock, among many others, not in the UFC HOF.

UFC HOF =total fukin sham.

Stan King Says, in 7-10-2013 at 13:28:22 from    

Shamrock’s problem was that he didn’t fight during the Zuffa era, and spent his whole post-UFC career badmouthing it. He thought they were going to screw it up. It backfired on him. The UFC survived and became huge, and he became a bitter footnote.

Why would they honor him?

Besides, it isn’t like any of the HOFs are “legit”. Pete Rose isn’t in the MLB one either, over something as silly as gambling.


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