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greengiant Says, in 5-2-2013 at 08:53:43 from    

What a bitch ass move. Mayweather is a cheap shot bitch.

petepetro Says, in 5-2-2013 at 09:11:10 from    

I saw a cheap shot from Ortiz…Mayweather fought when he was supposed to and Ortiz went to sleep for being stupid.

Dieselhead Says, in 5-2-2013 at 10:35:02 from    

I see both your points, but c’mon, is that the way to win? Especially if you’re supposedly “the best”? I thought Ortiz wasn’t doing too bad against him. I would’ve loved to see the rest. I wonder if Floyd felt the same way and was looking to get outta there quick.

zmayo Says, in 5-2-2013 at 10:49:44 from    

It was cheap by mayweather, but the ref said fight and 7secs later ortiz is still trying to hug about it. Can’t hate mayweather for taking advantage of a opportunity

OscarMayhem Says, in 5-2-2013 at 12:10:40 from    

MMA math doesn’t work because MMA fights are more dynamic with more ways to win and smaller gloves, but in my humble opinion Canelo can beat Mayweather.

Matt Says, in 5-2-2013 at 12:53:49 from    

It’s disrespectful to perform a charging head butt PERIOD. It’s also disrespectful to keep your hands down after the ref has said “fight”. You don’t stand in front of the champion with your hands down- so he got was he deserved. Ortiz has mental issues to deal with before he loses his cool and headbutts somebody else.

808beans Says, in 5-2-2013 at 14:35:26 from    

@dieselhead – “Ortiz wasn’t doing too bad against him” were you watching the fight? Ortiz was getting beat up in there….He didn’t win any rounds up until the end. Floyd was landing shots on him with ease. I was pissed that floyd did that, but ortiz needs to learn how to deal with stress and not use dirty tactics when things aren’t going they way you want it.

808beans Says, in 5-2-2013 at 21:40:28 from    

@OscarMayhem did you see the fight w/ Austin Trout vs. Canelo… Honestly, i thought canelo was the man to beat mayweather or close to it, but after canelo’s performance on april 20th, his got exposed… his stock dropped badly… He was not impressive at all in beating trout.. he was exhausted in the middle rounds..

rightsaysfred Says, in 5-2-2013 at 23:42:06 from    

Say what you will about Mayweather, but Ortiz deserved that.

MoFo Says, in 5-3-2013 at 01:06:49 from    

All being said….Ortiz = Punk move….but Mayweather = BITCH MOVE!


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