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Mr. Guy Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:35:49 from    

Fuckk… I saw that s*** live. I feel so sad for Ortiz.

2 TUFF Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:38:21 from    

glad i didnt drop $70 on this

Bruno: It could be worse. I put $700 total on Ortiz.

evilevile Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:41:31 from    

nd now u know y people hate floyd, hes is a loser

goygacon Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:41:52 from    

That was one bullsh!t move. The announcer Larry was one for the highlight reels…” If I was 50 years younger “…Haha!!!
Now back to ducking Manny…

TYRONE GRACIE Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:42:04 from    


madula Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:43:03 from    

Kind of mad at Ortiz. Had an opportunity, didn’t treat it like it was do or die, feel bad for him, but he should’ve been more focused. Mayweather was tagging him but he is always a threat. Hope that re-match happens for redemption sake, I want to see Mayweather vs Pac Man first though. I really don’t want to see that guy retire undefeated.

lowly Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:43:05 from    

WTF? That was the end of the fight, I take it? Too much of a mismatch for me to watch. Mayweather is constantly fighting older or smaller or smaller guys. And the elephant in the room, Pac, he ain’t fighting.

sledhead Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:43:12 from    

what round was that?

Bruno: 4th

XE Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:43:53 from    

karma and an old ref….

madula Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:44:51 from    

You know what else!? The exchange between Mayweather and the announcer after the fight was worthy of a post!

Bruno, what do you think?!?!?!?

Bruno: Already done. Hit refresh.

imgonnatelluwhatimintowithmyscreenname Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:48:53 from    

Why do you guys feel bad for Ortiz?
He hit Floyd with a nasty headbutt first!

jmsw Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:48:59 from    

Kind of a sad ending to the fight. For the record, Floyd was dominating the fight…Ortiz was being outclasse by speed and ring intelligence. Ortiz was out of control with the headbutt…really dirty. I just never seen Karma so quickly with Floyd being even dirtier. However, it was within the rules.

IDrusif Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:49:08 from    

Is that a win or a DQ??

imgonnatelluwhatimintowithmyscreenname Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:52:17 from    

Floyd is more a punk for the way he talked to a old man for no reason,then he is for the punch to Ortiz!

F**k both of them,Ortiz and Floyd!

rgbujoy18 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:52:34 from    

Joe Cortez gave a 1 point decution right away? He didn’t even gave a warning… And He made a count when Ortiz down that he doesn’t even started yet.. It’s really obvious that he was pro gayweather on that fight….

BlackRazor Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:52:59 from    


vincanni Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:53:35 from    

What a damn circus.

7at7oot Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:53:57 from    

Boxing needs DANA WHITE

addiction Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:55:05 from    


addiction Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:55:49 from    


Dman Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:58:42 from    

They both f***** up. Ortiz should not have thrown that headbutt. It was ridiculous and unwarranted. Mayweather is a classless piece of trash, albeit a talented one. I know that you’re supposed to “protect yourself at all times,” but where the hell is the honor in a suckerpunch? What a disappointment.

Crazywhitie Says, in 9-18-2011 at 00:59:59 from    

LMAO Boxing is a joke and I wonder how and why it’s still around.. A flying headbutt to a I’m sorry KO.. they should fine Mayweather is full purse

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:00:29 from    

roflmao this is the best boxing match in the last 20 years

hond2dciv Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:03:16 from    

Wow. Way to stay classy Mayweather. What a piece of trash.

xformat Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:04:14 from    


Are you on crack? Ortiz is younger and was 14lbs heavier. Leave it up to the ignorant to make such posts.

And Ortiz’s corner was concerned about Mayweathers elbows? WTF? When was the last time we ever saw Mayweather deliberately headbutt an opponent. Mayweather = Champion. Ortiz = the new Mike Tyson boxing thug.

I don’t ever want to see another Victor Ortiz fight again. No honor, no respect….VO is not what the ring needs.

csk8er Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:05:34 from    

Ortiz not mad after the fight? hmmmm? really? i would not be smiling and shaking someones hand if they did that to me. Yes Ortiz messed up by head butting but he did get 1 point taken away, what maywheather did was BS.

ac5 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:08:45 from    

Protect yourself at all times!

straightAhead Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:15:06 from    

Im not a Mayweather fan but rules are rules and if the fight was in play then Ortiz deserves what he got. Also, his headbutt was a bitch move and no excuse for that. You’re supposed to be a professional but I guess we all have our bad days. Still, the honorable thing for Mayweather to do would have been to wait till it was obvious Ortiz was ready to engage before lighting him up – Boxing is supposed to be the gentleman’s sport after all – HA!

Goomba Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:16:04 from    

“I don’t ever want to see another Victor Ortiz fight again. No honor, no respect….VO is not what the ring needs.”

Funny because I could say the exact same thing about Mayweather. A champion wins on skills/talent, not by a sucker punch to a person who has his hands down, looking away and speaking to the ref.

neruda Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:18:10 from    

ortiz won the second round. just for the record.

xformat Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:21:27 from    


You don’t know boxing. “Protect yourself at all times.” Any good boxer takes advantage of this rule. We’re taught to take advantage of certain opportunities that the rules allow. If you don’t believe me, perhaps you should join a gym, become a boxer etc. Till then, shut the F up!

Dr steel Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:22:42 from    


I wish he was 50 yrs younger I would love to see him beat the s*** out of “MAYWORTHLESS”!!!!

sorry Bruno for the dollars lost . I hope it was American dollars…..otherwise you lost real money!

7at7oot Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:23:32 from    

now i can understand why dana white get mad when something like that happens in the ufc, when referees ruined things up or paul daley’s punch after the bell for example !!

xformat Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:24:46 from    


You don’t understand the boxing game. It wasn’t a sucker punch. It was a perfect punch and Ortiz was the ignorant gangster that he is. Lesson learned, though, he’ll NEVER make that mistake again. Stupid gangster lost millions of dollars through his Mike Tyson-like antics. Pathetic!

Dr steel Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:24:58 from    

To clarify I am pissy about how he spoke to an elderly man in such an respectful manner!

Dr steel Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:25:49 from    

Excuse me disrespectful manner!

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:27:23 from    

R.I.P Boxing as we know it.

And good riddance.

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:27:48 from    

And BRILLIANT gif, Bruno.

xformat Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:34:51 from    

And BTW: Larry Murchant should be fired! Mayweather is paying the man who’s fighting to pay Murchants paycheck. Merchant should just shut the hell up and take it like the elderly “wise” man that he is suppose to be. Instead, “I wish I was fifty years younger……” etc…. Horrible!

casemax Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:41:45 from    

Gaysweater can eat s*** and ortiz got too frustrated and f***** up but that was at least entertaining as can be, the old mans response is awesome!

bigsexy Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:41:51 from    

ortiz was the dirty fighter not floyd. ortiz did a leaping headbutt like he was freaking jimmy superfly snuka, thats illegal, and if a guy is being that dirty why would you be sportsmanlike in return? the ref stepped away floyd had already shook his hand, what was he suposed 2 do just stare at him? this isnt mma where guys hug and caress each other like cro cop vs barry for 5 minutes, punching a guy during a boxing match is not illegal

ortizsuckedmycock Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:42:54 from    

Man ortiz is a dirty sanchez,end of discussion

metallica fan Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:45:57 from    

u guys remember that sheridan sucker punch in that mma fight? this may have topped it

leap Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:46:49 from    

you dont punch your opponent when he’s apologizing , mayweather lost all the respect

ThatNishGuy420 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:50:49 from    

Mayweather is boss he woulda f***** up Ortiz anyways thats what he gets fer being an amateur and delivering a dirty hit like that what was mayweather supposed to do… act like a professional, sure but did what he had 2 do fo sho word up. Hands down still woulda f***** up Ortiz KO or Decision dunn matter Ortiz woulda lost regardless. ya’ll niggas dont know the level Floyd is on if ya talkin s*** STFU and let a n**** do what he gotta do which was winnin the fight, disqualification, KO, TKO or Decision MAYWEATHER WOULDA WON “REGARDLESS”

USMCKiller Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:51:27 from    

You can take the uneducated hoodrat out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the hoodrat. Mayweather is a perfect example.

dank Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:52:15 from    

floyd should of been more respectful with his words but he’s right larry merchant is always bad mouthing. victor had that coming for such an obvious illegal head butt. props to floyd for pushing off that 2nd attempt of the bro hug and ko’n that fruit loop. and floyd isn’t duckin pacman get your facts straight you morons. pacman won’t agree to Olympic style testing..

Powertele Says, in 9-18-2011 at 01:55:26 from    

Boxking is done.

AOR Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:02:05 from    

I loved everything about that fight. F*** ortiz, there is no way he can argue it was unintentional. Floyds’ hood, he aint gonna take that s***.

And I hate that old guy too.

BLACK Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:06:27 from    

VICTOR, You had an OPPORTUNITY, You were making a fight of it, Holdin your own, AND THEN,… A HEADBUTT……WHY??? I gotta side wiht Mayweather on this one….YOU PLAYED DIRTY and you expect someone to be respectful in return…..it doesn’t work like that. INTENTIONAL HEADBUTT!! WHY?

Powertele Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:07:16 from    

Done. Dana, I do not agree with everything, but I like the UFC and where it is headed.

ETK Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:09:17 from    

What is Larry Merchant’s job title and credentials?
Larry Merchant consistently insults fighters.
While a fighter is speaking, Larry will make facial and body language gestures which are dismissive, condescending, ridiculing, mocking, manipulating listener, embarrassing to speaker, etc.
Example: audience is watching and listening, while fighter is speaking Larry Merchant nods his head in a “no” gesture or makes a facial gesture which is like “what is this moron talking about”.
Get it?
Larry Merchant always does it.
It’s like having a heckler standing right next to you while you are publicly speaking.
What ever Larry Merchant’s job title and description are, I think he exceeds his limitations by doing such things.
In this interview with Mayweather, Larry did exactly that, Mayweather saw it, but Mayweather was not able to express himself properly.
Who is permitted to enter a ring, and talk s*** to a fighter, immediately after his victory, and get away with it.
Who has the arrogance to do that?
Larry Merchant does it.
How many times has Larry Merchant started a post fight interview with the topic “when are you gonna hang up the gloves and retire?”?
Larry Merchant asks questions that are not really questions, they are more like suggestive manipulation of the audience.
Larry Merchant would not be missed in the least, from the sport of boxing.
He has annoyed many people.
He has also said some good things on occasions, but his bad far outweighs his good.

had_to_say_it Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:16:20 from    

“addiction” sounds like the only smart person on here. It’s funny to see so my ppv buyers robbed of their money and not know it. That was a real as pro wrestling.
LOL, that was so fixed it couldn’t have looked any more planned. There was like a 2 sec pause between Mayweather’s left hook and his right hand and Victor just stood there and took both of them, while the Referee JUST SO HAPPENED to be not looking at the whole thing. That looked JUST like some WWE type stuff. Victor wasn’t even the slightest bit upset. It was all part of the show. The head butt, the knock out, staying down after, even Larry Merchant’s interview. And people are too caught up to even notice. That’s pathetic.

had_to_say_it Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:19:56 from    

it’s late.. my bad on the typo’s. Meant to say:

“addiction” sounds like the only smart person on here. It’s funny to see so many PPV buyers robbed of their money and not know it. That was as real as pro wrestling.

ness2k Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:28:35 from    

THAT WAS NO WIN!!! That was a dirty win at best.

RearNakedSmoke Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:29:25 from    

@bigsexy. You floored me with the “Freakin’ Jimmy Superfly Snuka” headbutt. Hilarious, brother.

ditchpigii Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:38:30 from    

Drunk that he is …. I like Larry Merchant!

AnthrAxNSB Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:45:36 from    

What’s great about this thread is that the overwhelming hate the Floyd gets is not even enough to drown out the voices of those who can rationally look at what actually happened in this fight. The fact is, Floyd won at least three of the four rounds of this fight, with the second round being close. Ortiz threw a flagrant, intentional headbutt after multiple headbutt attempts during previous clinches (none as blatant as the 4th round butt). Cortez took a point (as well he should considering the serious and obvious intentional butt (he split Mayweather’s lip with it)). Ortiz apologized before the point was taken. Ortiz tried to apologize after Cortez had restarted the fight (I believe he said “Let’s go!”). Floyd kept his guard up and clocked Ortiz who had his hands at his waist.

Ortiz should not have thrown the headbutt.
Ortiz should not have had his hands at his waist.
Ortiz got what he had coming to him.

Finally, how can Ortiz say with a straight face that THAT headbutt was unintentional? He JUMPED in the air and threw his head into Mayweather’s chin. Give me a break ;)

Freaklegion Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:45:55 from    

Nice response from the announcer.

It’s people like Mayweather that give boxers a bad name. Hell, he’s a walking stereotype that guy.

Mike Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:46:28 from    

2 dirty fighters – getting paid to be dirty fighters. Screw em both.

Coitus Maximus Says, in 9-18-2011 at 02:52:32 from    

what a dog

goygacon Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:02:12 from    

Speaking of Larry…When Floyd was cleverly acting out his post-fight interview…who was the suit that nods at Floyd when he mentions ” Rematch ” …anybody catch that?
Like ” the money’s in the bag, Keep it up kid “…
Never saw a loser smile so bright, and the winner get so mad….just saying….

starbreaker Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:07:09 from    

y si el fuera facil 15 años mas joven le parte la madri kick his ass!!!!! hands down!

T’Challa Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:13:22 from    

@ETK Thank you. Larry Merchant is a bitter old man.. he’s completely biased, negative, and too often unprofessional. I don’t blame Floyd for going off on him, but of course Mayweather will get the blame. Still, it means more money for him in the long run.. controversy sells.

10.Deep Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:22:31 from    

All this “hit the other guy when the ref isnt looking” sounds like pro-wrestling to me. I’m ready for a real fight next weekend

arod Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:25:10 from    

this is just another example of mayweather fighting new fighters not yet in there prime just fight Pacman and get it over with stop tip toeing around the drug test he agreed to it awhile ago just do it i feel bad for the paying fans and as for this time larry was actually saying something positive but larry usually tells people whats on his mind and its usually the negative stuff so i see were floyd was like not this time larry get out my face

arod Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:26:46 from    

lol the ref was not looking when VO got knock out

CHICAGO JOE Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:34:43 from    

Ortiz is not in Floyds league by the 5th round he knew it clearly and intentionally head butted after continually being made to miss by Floyds great skills of slipping and evading. Then he trys to play it off with the hug crap.
Floyd was rightfully pissed off and hit him as soon as it was legal. Boxing is a great sport. I boxed out of the Fuller Park gym in Chicago, Kick boxed pro for 6 years and wrestled from junior high through college, before all these sports were intigraded in what is now MMA.
MMA is a great sport – I train in it and I watch it all the time. Boxing needs to be respected – you will not find better hand skills anywhere. What guys like Mayweather can do is highly skillful. Where do you think MMA fighters train there hand skills ? Boxing gyms!
If you have never done any wrestling, boxing, muay thia, etc. then you likely don’t know what your taking about regarding tonight.
Regarding Larry Murchant – he is an idiot.
He should be fired – and it’s about time someone said it. He’s a drunk idiot.
Emanual Stewart is the only HBO announcer that has worthwhile comments – he’s qualified because he used to be the light heavyweight champ – Lenox Lewis’s trainer and alot more –
Who is Larry Merchant? He’s nobody.

Floyd offered Ortiz a rematch – I hope he takes it so Floyd can school him again. Ortiz seems like a nice guy but he really should have been one of the warm up fights on tonights card – maybe fight the red haired guy at 154 lbs

Pacquiao is on steroids and growth hormone. Nobody goes from 105 lbs to 147 lbs that fast without juicing. Floyd called him out on it but he won’t agree to be tested for the drugs.

Ibunn Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:42:46 from    

WTF does this clown have against Larry merchant! That was just plain stupid . Good for Larry with come back

BlackRazor Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:43:32 from    

MMA will never take the place of boxing! Most MMA fighters can’t even take a good punch! Boxing will be around long after MMA is dead and gone! Mayweather salary for this fight has surpassed anything MMA can give out! 25 million + for this fight! Who in MMA can draw that type of cash?….No One! Let’s face it Victor got what he deserve for trying to butt floyd and then hitting him as the ref was trying to seperate them! Victor was trying to hurt Floyd and got his ticket punch in doing so! I guess we should all be praising MMA for stuff like Diaz missing a press conference and Dana “Ain’t Right” White cancelling a major fight because of the missed conference, I guess trying to save GSP from an ass whoopin should be praised! MMA is decent but it will never come close to the sweet science!

jeff_figmb Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:53:06 from    

Boxing is done…This f***** gangst clown is just helping the sport go up in flames. Keep barking and flapping your lips Mayweather, boxing is a thing of the past…

baller Says, in 9-18-2011 at 03:53:59 from    

hey bruno wat website do u bet at?

Bruno: Bodog, 5Dimes, Sportbet (will take up to $5000 bets on UFC) , Local bookie

gear_up Says, in 9-18-2011 at 04:24:54 from    

sad ending. it was looking like it would have been a good fight

RRM Says, in 9-18-2011 at 04:55:28 from    


jeff_figmb Says, in 9-18-2011 at 05:30:38 from    

I’m suddenly a big fan of Larry’s now. Solid come back by him…

nocomeoahu Says, in 9-18-2011 at 05:32:40 from    

That was some gangsta ass s***.i hate people who cheat ortiz got what he deseverd.as for mayweather this proves he is a bitch.oh and “you dont know s*** about boxing”.LOL thanx 4 da post.it just made my day..

greengiant Says, in 9-18-2011 at 06:20:23 from    

floyd is a little bitch and will always be a little bitch.disrespectful douche,he will get whats coming to him.

Rocco55 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 06:48:20 from    

That was crazy. The Ref wasn’t even looking. First Off I am no fan of Larry Merchant and how he interviews post fight, but Mayweather needed to answer questions about that. Mayweather was clearly wrong and should be punished, fined, but this is boxing and nothing will happen

savman Says, in 9-18-2011 at 07:18:24 from    

can’t believe you knuckle heads sticking up for Mayweather. What Ortiz did was shitty and unwarrented but it was a heat of the moment mistake. What Floyd did was calculated and utterly pathetic. Fancy winning like that? How could you live with yourself. so pathetic. BRUNO what you think of the entire mess??

JRubin Says, in 9-18-2011 at 07:21:45 from    

@1st im like wtf that is some bs, but then again not only did Victor Headbutt him he also hugged him on a PPV, he had it coming

ness2k Says, in 9-18-2011 at 07:29:14 from    

There both dirty boxers! Boxing is still a dirty sport.

HECJR82 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 07:41:49 from    

C O N S P I R A C Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f_u Says, in 9-18-2011 at 09:17:01 from    

Mayweather will duck pac man forever. hes scared shitless and its obvious. little chicken s*** bitch

ericsson Says, in 9-18-2011 at 09:17:28 from    

money did the right thing F*** victor
you want to play dirty hey !!! it goes both ways

willienugget Says, in 9-18-2011 at 09:18:43 from    

I’m really surprised Merchant hasn’t been slapped many times.

ericsson Says, in 9-18-2011 at 09:23:05 from    

yeah !! sure 50 year younger ?? what the F*** is the jew going to do

Darren Says, in 9-18-2011 at 09:58:42 from    

I would never pay to watch maytrash fight.

Yeoj Says, in 9-18-2011 at 10:18:08 from    

you are chicken s***! Floyd gayweather!!

Tsagoii Says, in 9-18-2011 at 10:19:12 from    

The drama around that fight is hilarious.
All I know, UFC fighter will still get dilated well for a while, meanwhile Maywheater is going home with 40M$ 1 fight.

Come on boys and girls. Always walk a mile in someone else shoes before starting to expand on a subject.

What would you do on an agreed fair/play fight, if your opponent tries to open your face with an illegal strike?

You give him “Karma” in realtime!.
The fair/play does not stand anymore and you better not come and try to kiss right after that.

eg. I try to stab you in the back but you avoided it. Let’s kiss and make it better, I won’t do it again!

Faking good sportsmanship did not worked well for Ortiz.

I’m not sure if the ref was looking at the side ring staff or Ortiz, but it gave the impression that he missed that move.

Give a rematch, bank in 50M$ and Knock him out with fashion.

Bank more after for who ever will come forward.

Hate or not, whatever he does, works well. Would you change?

Jealousy is a useless vibe.

Manup or go play

Tsagoii Says, in 9-18-2011 at 10:21:07 from    

ANd the Elder at it coming for him

jayoh Says, in 9-18-2011 at 10:33:07 from    

thats what he gets

millcat Says, in 9-18-2011 at 10:42:39 from    

What really suck is that floyd is a great boxer and is supposed to be an ambassador of the sport and a role model for young boxers…its just a shame that he is what young guys have to look up to. Its even sadder that his actions are expected..he has always been classless, ignorant, ghetto,etc…greatest or not is shows true charactor flaws when you have to pay a large group of people to hang out with you and stroke your ego..He was winning that fight anf was going to win..he didnt have to pull that bs to win..legal or not.is a sport..victors headbutt was enough to show him he already had him mentally beaten…but like i said when you talk about mayweather ..those type actions are expected..form the weigh in choke, cheap KO, post fight interview, and even on 24/7 when he went off on his dad..and then listen to his uncle roger in the corner…pure ignorance…but so expected.

hot2hndle Says, in 9-18-2011 at 10:55:27 from    

for those of you ranting and raving how mma is not going to take over boxing…who’s the heavyweight champions…yes plur? exactly retards! mma has already taken over boxing and you’re still in denial. most of you didn’t even know who ortiz was til last night and HE’S THE CHAMP!! stop kidding yourselves

40million dollar pay day? with the exception of mayweather and pacman…no one else makes that money except their opponents!!!

look once Cheating Chicken Weather signs the dotten line to fight PacMan and stops finding reasons to run…WELL BOXING WILL SURELY BE DONE!!!

oh and why the hell are you in an MMA website instead of a boxing website??? exactly IDIOTS!!

djcincy Says, in 9-18-2011 at 11:11:29 from    

This is why I wouldn’t pay a nickle to watch a boxing match.

just0 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 11:27:52 from    

any way we can get the whole fight video up? I can’t find it anywhere online.

Where your ninja skills at on this one, Bruno? :)

Avengedlevis7x Says, in 9-18-2011 at 11:50:22 from    

Looks set up to me! Just another reason to have a rematch make money and dodge Pacman! So that wimp Mayfeather can retire on top without having to fight the best! What a joke

J-Dawg Says, in 9-18-2011 at 12:17:03 from    

@hot2hndle …. EXACTLY! Well said! I think some people just come here to create drama…

Chacarron Says, in 9-18-2011 at 12:28:03 from    

@xformat….what shitty gym do you go to? In other words, it’s ok to sucker punch your opponent at the start of the fight when you are touching gloves? What a load of s***. Dirty, classless boxing. Who the hell would want to see a fighter who is supposedly the best sucker punch his opponents when they are clearly not ready to engage. There is no honor in punching your opponent in a professional sport when he is clearly not ready and some confusion in the ring. With that said, Ortiz is a dumbs*** too for the headbutt and way too much apologizing.

coutura Says, in 9-18-2011 at 12:31:06 from    

i think joe cortez got paid ..to me he looked just like one of the wwe ref pretending he did not see in my opinion this fight was fix i think may weather gave some extra for that punch to ortiz

DownDaHillSHordy Says, in 9-18-2011 at 12:35:42 from    

@BRUNO Whoever lost money on Ortiz this fight should have bet their home along with it. If everybody can take the hate and jealously out their hearts then they would see Floyd is going to go down as one of the greatest of all time. I won $2,669 on this fight. I also love how everybody makes the head butt seem like a small deal, if floyd did it that would be the highlight of the fight. But I can admit he shouldn’t of thrown the punches.

had_to_say_it Says, in 9-18-2011 at 12:54:41 from    

Yeah, that’s why what I commented got deleted. It was all fake.

@MMA Says, in 9-18-2011 at 13:01:11 from    

That’s not how champions should act even towards a classless opponent. Mayweather needs to stop being a chicken and fight Pacquiao already.

robj4y Says, in 9-18-2011 at 13:16:47 from    

ortiz was a bit wild , but mayweather = sad cheap shot . his reacion after disgraced boxing . yuk .

jeff_figmb Says, in 9-18-2011 at 13:48:07 from    

Well said ‘hot2hndle’ these clowns are the last of their breed. After maytrash and pacman retire, boxing will die out. These guys are the last few well known names in the sport then good bye. And I agree, maytrash is a little bitch dodging pacman for a fight. Little gangsta bitch!!

tobes Says, in 9-18-2011 at 13:51:02 from    

I have done boxing and fighting. I’m not high level but I’m not totally an amateur. I have no respect for Floyd Mayweather anymore. Yes, what Ortiz did was illegal. I might even excuse the first bitch punch. However the knockout blow is in my eyes the same form of cheating as Ortiz and in some ways even worse because it was clearly a concussive hit. Ortiz had his hands down and was apologizing. Mayweather is a punk. You are supposed to take advantage of certain situations, but what Mayweather did to ‘end’ the fight and his verbal abuse of Larry Merchant are both disgraceful. I love what Larry Merchant said. Hope I get to see Pacman knock this chump out before he retires all the while protecting himself and the tattered remains of his image.

amused Says, in 9-18-2011 at 14:10:21 from    

What did we learn today kids??
“PROTECT YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES”…..especially in front of a scared cheater monkey…..

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-18-2011 at 14:21:38 from    

Wow this really took me 10 years back.Good old pro wrestling lol.Floyd’s corner was distracting the ref while someone slipped a steel chair to Mayweather and BANG LOL.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-18-2011 at 14:52:04 from    

Your comment is so ridiculous that nobody even replied to this.And frankly it’s to dumb to argue with.Keep watching boxing fights on MMA WEBSITES.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:03:28 from    

I hate GAyweather, hes a scum bag, but Ortiz is no saint. He should of NEVER tried to headbutt him, so if ur gona be dirty, I guess u cant cry when someone does somethign dirty. Shame on both, end of story, and yes, thank goodness I didnt pay for this.

Dan Blankenship Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:08:03 from    

Should have DQ-ed them both!

steamer Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:17:43 from    

Hmmm….I’m not sure what everyone is bitching about. That was the most exciting boxing match I’ve seen in years. I don’t know how much truth there is to it being fixed, but what I saw was Ortiz flagrantly headbutt Mayweather, and throw another punch after the ref was stepping in. Floyd accepted his apology then knocked him out. He would have came out lookin like a million bucks if he hadn’t talked s*** to Larry Merchant. WTF was that about?

robert Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:30:23 from    

to that tard that said ortiz won the second, you’re a f****** retard.

anyway, ortiz is a dirty bitch and deserved to lose that way. F*** him. and mayweather’s ko was perfectly legal. the ref said FIGHT ON.

jdogg Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:30:34 from    

MMA events have the same history of behavior like this. It’s unfair to label boxing as trash when there are just as many unsportsmanlike fighters in MMA. Heck, I can name several post MMA fight altercations like this in just the last 5 or 6 years. The problem is not the sport, it’s douchebags like Mayweather and the promoters. I’d like to see both sports thrive.

JoeDog Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:40:04 from    

After the first punch, it looks like Ortiz looks to the ref expecting him to step in and stop Mayweather for an early punch. Too late, BAM! Down for the count. Cortez (ref) says it’s all good. Keep your guard up. That’s boxing.

t.k Says, in 9-18-2011 at 15:49:55 from    

The referee was mentally absent! Boxers should stand in their corners until he has discussed everything.

akmd2006 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 16:20:40 from    

of course this was fixed … ortiz was told to throw the fight to help promote the manny/floyd fight … it will happen people … manny and floyd are trying to get the whole world to watch this fight …. i can almost guarantee that whoever wins that fight (manny or floyd) will lose to the next challenger cuz there would be nothing to promote

barn Says, in 9-18-2011 at 17:36:53 from    

wow between this and the Klitschkos fighting people two weight classes lower than them… does anyone watch this s***?

AM300 Says, in 9-18-2011 at 17:56:23 from    

to all you Floyd nutthuggers shut the hell up reguardless of what wouldve happened he knew he was wrong protect yourself at all times or not he claims to be one of the best ever well win your fight that way he’s just an ignorant piece of s***. And the headbutt was stupid as hell but the ref took a point away so that was taken care of. Floyd a puss and shouldnt fight anymore because the only fight left he’s not gonna take

supdummie Says, in 9-18-2011 at 17:58:13 from    

Hey Mma fighters don’t make that much compared to boxing. Dana White is a shitty promoter he puts on shitty fights. He changed diaz for condit wack move. Boxing isn’t mainstream as it use to be but the big names are very entertaining to watch. I like both mma and boxing but mma fights are too short most of the time especially last night against shields

dubgli Says, in 9-18-2011 at 18:22:54 from    

Floyd this, Ortiz that.. FCK both of them.. FCK boxing.. Boxing is so stupid now and is dead!! who the heck is Ortiz?? who fought in the under card? Boxing sucks and is dead..

Yoplait Says, in 9-18-2011 at 18:55:13 from    

I gave a big F U to boxing when Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear. I won’t watch boxing except for Pac Man and usually Hatten.

babyslayer Says, in 9-18-2011 at 19:02:22 from    

I can’t believe some of you are crying “fixed fight”. Do you think anyone would take a 1-2 combination and get f****** smashed by a full forced power punch just to throw a fight? Think about that for a second. Just like a lot of mma fighters say, “Do you think I go in to get the s*** beat out of me? I go into the fight to survive”. Ortiz may have made a bad decision out of frustration but it never would have k.o’d Mayweather and I could understand if Mayweather retaliated via his own headbutt. I mean I really don’t think it was classy of Mayweather to throw punches at a fighter that wasn’t even defending himself; it’s basic boxing etiquette, if there is even any of that left…

Grape Soda Says, in 9-18-2011 at 19:22:07 from    

LOL @ boxing as a legit “sport” hell the drug trade is more honest then these frauds.

Ali Says, in 9-18-2011 at 20:02:05 from    

This is my first time on here i come here to watch good sport and read fair comments.

All i see is Hate Hate Hate there is another place for these kind of comments somewhere like kkk website or any raciest site.

Why don’t you go over there and comment as much as you like and leave this site for those who wants to enjoy and admire.

Please don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

Jeremiah Says, in 9-18-2011 at 20:26:35 from    

@ addiction

LOL I know right? That all looked like a horribly orchestrated movie scene directed by Val Kilmer. That was straight out of WWE. I was waiting for someone to come in the ring with a chair and a bag full of thumb tacks. Floyd has enough money to pay them all off.

noseel Says, in 9-18-2011 at 23:56:45 from    

Keep your hands up. How many times do you have to hug??

freee Says, in 9-19-2011 at 01:12:34 from    

someone in here said that they couldn’t believed this was a ‘fixed” fight.

i was thinking… i can’t believe people are still watching mayweather fight. LOL.

levercham Says, in 9-19-2011 at 07:32:25 from    

I dont see the problem honestly. I dont even like mayweather, he is a coward for ducking pacman.
But if someone hit me with a dirty shot, im damned sure going to get them back even worse, immediately, the very first opportunity.
So especially in a situation like that, after a BLATANT illegal shot, ortiz was damned stupid for totally lowering his guard.
Floyd saw an easy end to the fight, and he took it, he took a somewhat cheap shot on someone who had just blatantly fouled him, i dont see the problem, quit your damned bitching.

ringman Says, in 9-19-2011 at 07:46:35 from    

Manny, please shut his face up.

vinz Says, in 9-19-2011 at 08:38:02 from    

boxing just died in that night… after watching four episodes of “24/7″ i was really looking forward for the fight! i totally agree to the opionion of most of the guys in this thread… it was “wwe – monday night raw” on a saturday night!

R.I.P. Boxing – i loved you, but i can’t go on like dis…

pumpingiron2k Says, in 9-19-2011 at 08:38:58 from    

FIXED!!!! All I have to say. If I was Ortiz I would have been hugging him after that. I know Ortiz wasn’t right with the headbutt either.

Licks72 Says, in 9-19-2011 at 09:11:48 from    

Boxing gloves look like “Foxy Boxing” gloves to me now that I watch mma mostly. I’m not saying boxing needs to go to 4oz gloves, but reducing the size of the gloves would increase offense and reduce defense. I grew up on boxing, but it is unwatchable now.

Griffter86 Says, in 9-19-2011 at 10:20:01 from    

Soo many chumps claiming tht the ending didnt matter cos ortiz was losing anyway….. Yes ortiz did headbutt intentionally happens alot in boxing thts why he got a point deducted and not DQ’d cos it a common occurance. As for the cheapshots from Mayweather, pathetic, a real champion tht was winning this fight with ease as his fans claim wudnt lose their cool and act like such an coward. All those mayweather fans holding onto the “protect yourself at all times” defense and those claiming tht a real boxer takes advantage of situations like tht are the reason tht true fighting fans gave up on boxing years ago. Just another nail in the coffin of an outdated sport, mma all the way.

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 9-19-2011 at 10:48:25 from    

The real question is how long will Floyd DUCK the PEOPLE’s Champ…Manny can finally rest after knocking out Mayweather. Just watch what happens to Marquez. As if Manny hasnt alread floored Marquez 5times.

believer101 Says, in 9-19-2011 at 12:26:27 from    

ETK, ETK, ETK, excellent post! You captured Larry, “The Merchant of Venice” perfectly.

wEz Says, in 9-19-2011 at 14:47:10 from    

That ending was bizarre. I’m not a conspiracy theory guy, but if ever there was a staged WWE ending, this was it. This whole story line multiplies Floyd’s “villain” image all the more, setting the stage for him and pac man to go at it in a true good vs. bad match-up without equal.

The way Ortiz and his corner responded afterward was strange to say the least. Glad I didn’t pay a penny to see this trash of a fight.

VpY22 Says, in 9-19-2011 at 15:42:06 from    

both guys were in the wrong. and two wrongs dont make a right. mayweather was going to win this fight anyways. instead of pulling off that sucker punch, he should’ve punished ortiz for the next 8 rounds.

OverHandGoodNight Says, in 9-19-2011 at 17:31:05 from    

Way to go Merchant.

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 9-19-2011 at 21:25:36 from    

why are you guys all over floyd nuts. Vo is clearly a cheater and couldnt beat floyd so he went dirty. F*** vo sore loser.

Angl Says, in 9-19-2011 at 22:55:41 from    

This was the most stupid fix fight ever you can tell when Ortiz did’nt react to the first pounch someone else runs or puts his guard up to the first punch he me some $$$$$ under the table it was like WWE drama the head but look soo fake that was the key point….

shocktime Says, in 9-20-2011 at 02:45:27 from    

140 plus comments? Sheesh maybe boxing isn’t dead.

Fatty_Sam86 Says, in 9-20-2011 at 04:00:16 from    

Mayweather is just a coward. Whatever, the fight was dirty/fixed whatever. He won’t risk his “perfect” record and fight the only real threat out there in PacMan. It’s so stupid it’s laughable, cuz he thinks he’s so tough and cool. Boxing is so full of fake people.

kill666 Says, in 9-20-2011 at 08:03:13 from    

joe cortez is a sell out, came on he call break and look the other way in the exact moment Mayweather cheat shot Ortiz and only after Ortiz is knockdown cortez looks back and start counting that’s some WWE sh*t right there. Mayweather was scare and find the easy way out and Ortiz looks so happy that maybe he will get pay more for a rematch.

whats with pu*sy Mayweather yelling like a little b*tch to Larry Merchant, f*cking Mayweather is a frustrated man child.

j Says, in 9-20-2011 at 09:16:37 from    

good on floyd ortiz was dirty on headbutt and pays with left right funny s*** should have been defending him self hahahahah

evilevile Says, in 9-20-2011 at 09:24:33 from    

mayweather is whats wrong with boxing, nd dana white has clearly said this in the past, people may not have seen mayweathers past fights, they have been some of the most BORING FIGHTS lately he has stepped up nd put on a good show, now he goes back to being hated again. if u like mayweather, u probably like r kelly nd chris brown, u probably dont care he beats woman, kicked a girl in the face in a club, nd also beat up a girl in his house, he said she was breaking my stuff, what else could i do, duh i dunno know call the police, he lost once to a mexican figher but got a gift decision, he ducks pac man, im shocked how people can like trash like him, wake up people, he is trash.

187_silva Says, in 9-20-2011 at 09:37:56 from    

Rule 1 ALWAYS PROTECT YOURSELF. [dont hug and try to kiss someone after you just commited a flagrant foul.] was what Floyd did wrong yes but whos really to blame floyd? ortiz? or the ref? i say ref he should of put the fighters in different corners not have them follow him into the center of the ring. Not a huge fan of Floyd’s but he won it wasnt a foul it was legal. Blame the ref for the ending to the fight.

Xhytype Says, in 9-20-2011 at 09:47:48 from    

Fix fight to boost Gayweather covering his Paquiao ricochet move =D

Moostachio Says, in 9-20-2011 at 16:54:14 from    

That takes the term “Classless” to a whole other stratosphere on both ends. I hate to have seen the fight end in any unsportsman like way whether a stoppage from a an illegal headbutt or a pathetic cheap shot like that. That goes on the list of top worst things I’ve ever seen in any sporting event. What a joke.

Moostachio Says, in 9-20-2011 at 17:02:28 from    

Oh, and what about that circus side show at the end? Wow. Not crazy about the UFC and Dana White’s monopoly on MMA but I like the fact that everyone answers to the boss. Whether you’re the champ or not everyone has consequences and Dana White will enforce them. I respect that.

IKnives Says, in 9-20-2011 at 18:38:14 from    

Obvious fixed fight. So much bullshit in boxing.

PastelXCore Says, in 9-20-2011 at 23:51:56 from    

jesus christ xformat must be the biggest mayweather nut hugger ever lol, that was complete bs, i say we put mayweather and kanye west in a cage and shoot them both lol

SmokingKushy Says, in 9-21-2011 at 09:37:50 from    

Protect yourself at all times, and don’t headbutt; solid win for Mayweather; just keeping it 100!

The Funky FRO Says, in 9-21-2011 at 19:30:53 from    

1) Any person posting a full post of more then 2 sentences in all capitals is a complete BITCH that gets no attention at home.

2) Ortiz, for whatever reason did that jerk movement, and paid the price for it with a point taken away. What should Bitchweather get? The Ref wasn’t even looking!!

3) Protect yourself at all times is said throughout MMA as well, so don’t give me that bullshit. Many times, the clock is running in the first few seconds after a ring reset, or a low blow, and TONS of fighters are much classier when another fighter shows them a sign of respect. F*cking Ref Cortez wasn’t even looking you retards!!!

All this was, was Bitchweather trying to create more interest in boxing. What a f*cking joke. All it’ll do is create more people tuning into a fight in hopes of seeing him get his ass kicked. Brilliant.

And Ledermen, as much as he pisses me off, I think that was priceless….perhaps even staged!!!

Man I miss the good ol’ days of Boxing. F*cking idiots running the show.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 9-22-2011 at 04:58:36 from    

God boxing has become a cartoon. This was ridiculous, s*** like this goes down in the UFC fighters end up looking elsewhere for work. Ortiz is a punk. And Mayweather has ALWAYS been a punk. Apparently it’s a running theme, top flight boxers are morons who are destroying their own sport. I swear this is becoming worse than WWE.

paddedummy Says, in 9-23-2011 at 00:20:55 from    

The only way this could have been better is if Heimi Merchant’s old ass got ktfo and he ended up stroking out in the middle of the ring so I would never have to listen to him complain about the fight and insult the boxers again. Floyd can afford the lawyer$ and not do any time even with all his other cases. The 24/7 would have been better with him physically throwing his old man out of the gym also but Floyd really needs to fire some of those bouncers when he tells someone to get out and they just stand there when that is what they are getting paid for! I’m totally racist but Floyd is still my nigg@ LMAO

jeff Says, in 9-28-2011 at 16:38:30 from    

Good For you Mayweather, 1 for telling that dude how you felt unlike most who are scared to stand up and say what they truly feel! Say it Again!
The look on his face said If I had a Whip right now now and it was 100 years ago I would Whip your Back Boy! that would be more believable than a white cat who can box. lol there has never been a great white hope! EVER! just movies of what it would be like. now that they are allowed to play sports they are the champions of most of them. Scratch Hockey lol not yet anyway.

jeff Says, in 9-28-2011 at 16:42:43 from    

Bruno 1 word for you… URDAMAN! is that a word?


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