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Rene818 Says, in 5-2-2010 at 12:11:56 from    

Thanks Bruno!

DevilmanEX Says, in 5-2-2010 at 12:12:08 from    

Didn’t get to see this yesterday, Thanks Bruno you’re a life saver!

someguy Says, in 5-2-2010 at 12:26:15 from    

thanks dude

Niv Says, in 5-2-2010 at 12:41:27 from    

Hopefully this puts to rest that Mayweather ducks tough competition.

Mayweather out fought a great fighter and was full marks for his victory.

Hopefully we get to finally see Paquaio vs Mayweather and let them show who is the best boxer in the world today.

new new Says, in 5-2-2010 at 12:48:28 from    

Thanks Bruno, much appreciated.

bigsexy Says, in 5-2-2010 at 13:06:14 from    

mosely was quick enuff 2 make shane fight, but not quickenuff 2 out quick may, may tried that defensive stuff early and got rocked. May had 2 fight mosely 2 keep him off of him. But this fight was a few years 2 late 4 shane, the shane that fought delahoya the first time would have been a whole other fight, that shane may have won, if clottey,who didnt even come to fight, knotted up pacs face may will beat him easy, but if may tries 2 be 2 defensive like he was in the second and gets caught I think pac would have finished may in the same senario

blackgerbil1 Says, in 5-2-2010 at 13:24:29 from    

Floyd is very good, But I dont think he would of beat the top UK boxers back in the day like Lenoix Lewis, Frank Bruno, Chirs Ebuank, I think David Haye would take him also, as he neally got KO in the 2nd round.

reddhelium Says, in 5-2-2010 at 13:33:17 from    

mosley seemed very fatigued from the 3rd round on. either he shot his wad in the 2nd trying to finish mayweather or his age caught up with him in a hurry. then again, maybe he had been using performance enhancing drugs, and the olympic style testing they used for this fight prevented him from doing that.

Mywebber.com Says, in 5-2-2010 at 13:37:22 from    

Wow, that was boring. Boxing fans say that boxing is more popular and better because fighters get paid so much. Well, golfers get paid more than boxing, we do not watch that crap.

bcizzo Says, in 5-2-2010 at 13:40:49 from    

aw hell yea. thanks for providing a dl link, thats a pleasant surprise!

agent 002 Says, in 5-2-2010 at 14:10:41 from    

this is not a free download…this is the first rapid share vid i ever had to download…is there gonna be a stream version??

Bruno: It is free.

sooooopernate Says, in 5-2-2010 at 14:10:44 from    

Once again, Floyd makes another great fighter look like an amateur. Will people give this man some credit now? He would make Manny look just as foolish.

ac5 Says, in 5-2-2010 at 14:10:55 from    

You might hate him, but his skills are undeniable. I guess many people got very excited at rd. 2 but Mayweather showed he’s also got chin and heart besides being too smart. Watch how he grabs Shanes arm to avoid being knockdown.

trent Says, in 5-2-2010 at 14:36:43 from    

Is there anyway you can post a streaming link…I’m using a mac and can’t watch a windows media player file

Bruno: I have two Macs that would play those files strait out of the box. Try free VLC. plays everything.

bigbonesaw Says, in 5-2-2010 at 14:46:43 from    


Great Fight, can’t see how anyone that enjoys boxing didn’t like this fight…if you hate boxing you won’t like it but then again I hate basketball and I don’t think there would be a basketball game I would enjoy…so to each their own but anyways Floyd has once again shown why he is the true #1 P4P boxer in the world, why Manny would get destroyed, and how far above the competition he truly is!

To say that Shane showed his age in this fight angers me…let him fight 1 more time and if he looks bad in that fight then say he is showing his age….he looked AMAZING against Margarito…but EVERYONE looks bad against Floyd…it just makes Floyd look less impressive when lame excuses are made, and Floyd deserves the credit for making his opponents look like novices when in reality if you take away Floyd, they are the best…Floyd is just that much better!

berrykush Says, in 5-2-2010 at 14:55:52 from    

lol always the same thing “if this fight was 2 years ago that mosley would have destroyed….”

glenn Says, in 5-2-2010 at 15:36:11 from    

You got to give credit to mayweather,he almost got ko in the second round but e regain his gameplan and roll with it,I think that shane is pass his prime maybe his age play a roll but.I think if they like fight 5 years ago I think the outcome maybe have come different,but we never know the past or the futur but we know the present that mayweather won

glenn Says, in 5-2-2010 at 15:45:16 from    

Mayweather got good boxing skill he doesn’t like to take risk,he’s like throw 1 to 2 combo a run,he’s got good hand speed good counter puncher and he is verry precise where he land his punches and he’s got long arm also and he got a very loud mounth he just got lucky in that fight,never the less pacman is gonna beat you’re sorry black ass

Sephy Says, in 5-2-2010 at 16:26:57 from    

Yea, he got lucky. He had one bad round and then proceeded to destroy one of the top fighters in boxing the rest of the fight, but yeah he got lucky and squeaked out a close decision victory lol.. Not sure what your definition of lucky is, but it differs from everyone’s lol.. It’s funny, before the fight people were like Mosely is the one who is going to dethrone Floyd, he’s too good for Floyd, etc etc.. But, Floyd dominated and now everyone is making excuses about his age and ,if this was a couple of years ago it would have been different.. Mosely couldn’t have beat Floyd then or now, it doesn’t make a difference.. Besides the right hand shots in the 2nd, he did nothing at all against Floyd. Soon as Manny stays off the roids and clears up and mans up to the testing, they will fight. If Mosely can stay off the juice, so can Manny..

trent Says, in 5-2-2010 at 16:32:26 from    

Bruno thanks for you reply and all you do. I got to watch all of the fight with your advice.

Bruno: no problem.

ustabeluke Says, in 5-2-2010 at 16:49:48 from    

Downloaded the file but can’t find a player for the RAR file. Media player will not play it, what do I use??

Bruno: You have to extract the video from the file. try Free Extract Frog. That turns the DL into a video.

skullmaster Says, in 5-2-2010 at 17:07:51 from    

I love mmatko but i want to give my lame opinion.. Ive been a boxing fan my whole life and at some point you just gotta admit that as a top tier sport it is dead and these shitty fights are boring as F***. Having an open mind i begin to ponder..whats up with all that clinching and ref interaction..after 12 yrs of watching mma i cant even stand watching boxing anymore because it has nothing to do with fighting..it is an anachronism like horse and buggy or dial up internet. not to mention how long they take just to get fighting and the fact that the announcers are totally depressed about how much it sucked and they are just trying to save face. oh and idnt it great that poor Shane gets his brains bashed in the last 5 rounds when we all knew he was gonna lose. way more brain damage than mma. jesus. id rather watch an old cro cop highlight than waste time ever watching this crap again. boxing is dead and it sucks. thank the lord for the gracies and dana white. we’ll see if this guy fights pacman but im sure there will be more lame drama and it’ll never happen. meanwhile there will have been 30 awesome mma fights that we can all watch here on mmatko.
if you like it then fine im just venting that i think it is a rotten corpse of a sport.

juggernautakira Says, in 5-2-2010 at 17:26:59 from    

I still dont see the glamor in boxing at this weight class. Another decision. Yay.

hello Says, in 5-2-2010 at 17:31:50 from    


Chuck Says, in 5-2-2010 at 17:37:49 from    

dam floyd is the text book boxer, nothing to brave on his part lol. hes a good fighter but i wanna see him fight antonio margirato, manny pacquaio, andre berto, miguel cotto

sledhead Says, in 5-2-2010 at 18:41:56 from    

War Paquaio!!!! he will destroy floyd the mouth!!

titoperez1 Says, in 5-2-2010 at 19:12:59 from    

blackgerbil1 is a complete idiot

BOB Says, in 5-2-2010 at 21:33:19 from    

Lolllll @ blackgerbil1

honestly, even though the fight was pretty boring as a whole, I found the first 2 rounds to be more entertaining than the last 5 mma shows I’ve watched. Thanks for the uploads.

Bill Says, in 5-2-2010 at 21:48:14 from    

The guy kicked the s*** out of the Big show, nuff said

freee Says, in 5-2-2010 at 22:03:35 from    

another gayweather fight.


but thanks Bruno for posting up fights! you da man.

cotura Says, in 5-2-2010 at 23:16:49 from    

what happen to mosley in the later rounds his power and speed went down i wonder if those test had to do with his performance i want to see pacman vs mayweather with the same random olimpic test lets sww packiao stamina and power after the 6 round

dosuamoro Says, in 5-2-2010 at 23:53:48 from    

Mayweather ducked Kelly Pavlik, nuff said.

Sephy Says, in 5-3-2010 at 00:45:41 from    

Yea, this fight compared to 99% of the last mma events including outside the UFC was entertaining. I thought the fight was good, but I am a true boxing fan. I enjoys the brawls too, but like artistic boxing too..

ETK Says, in 5-3-2010 at 01:13:46 from    

The reason for people saying it is boring is because they lack knowledge.
Knuckle heads only see what their eyes can see.
What is punching without the knowledge acquired from boxing?
Sissy slap fighting.

ETK Says, in 5-3-2010 at 01:36:09 from    

Fighting MMA without boxing knowledge would be like performing surgergy without knowing anatomy.

Justsayin Says, in 5-3-2010 at 01:43:59 from    

@reddhelium- I pretty much agree with everything you said. Mosley did look like he gassed after the 2nd. BS. After seeing the first two rounds, I’m not sure how Manny’d fare, now. He’s got power and he’s faster than Mosley, but he’s also smaller. Eh . . .

And, blackgerbil1- that was just funny.

Name Says, in 5-3-2010 at 01:55:59 from    

Man, I just can’t believe how the Mayweather bias continues even after this fight.. It’s all good for Floyd though, it gets him paid at the end of the day. I really appreciate having Floyd in the game, it wouldn’t be the same without him, great display of heart, talent, and skill against Mosley. And credit to Mosley for hanging in there.

enkilis Says, in 5-3-2010 at 02:34:39 from    

Garbage, Mosley looked like a jittery crackhead, unable to throw basic punches, just shaking his hands about and was gassed after the 2nd round.

Omen Says, in 5-3-2010 at 03:21:42 from    

lol @ black gerbil

joker Says, in 5-3-2010 at 05:44:27 from    

im going to give to u all straight how this is going down. no matter the age mosley is floyd would still out point him so age has no factor. on the manny roids thing he had never been test positive for anything so shhh until he does. and for the floyd hater he is the best dam boxer u will c in the era so shhhhh and until proven other wise. but in my opinon floyd would lose to manny becuz of manny power and speed u c how much damage shane did too him with his lame speed and power.

808crack808 Says, in 5-3-2010 at 07:02:21 from    

jus wanna say pac amn got his hands full mayweather beat everone one pacman did when they was younger and better except those last couple of fights pac man had everyone that fights mayweather jus breaks the 100 mark with shots landed some figters land less look it up fact mma or boxing thats badass that mean under 10 punches landed per round or in mosley case jus above ten punches per round lol thats sad 12 rounds mayweather is jus that good
nanny pacman is ganna do nothing dif sorry

glenn Says, in 5-3-2010 at 09:58:16 from    

He got lucky to survive the second round thats what I mean,doesn’t matter pacman itd gonna eat him up kabakabakaba

glenn Says, in 5-3-2010 at 10:06:44 from    

Sephy how the F*** do you know that shane or pacman did steriod,there no exucse now for mayweather to fight pacman no more hiding,mayweather fight only people that past his prime wha a p****

Bobby Simpson Says, in 5-3-2010 at 10:48:44 from    

Yeah if this fight would have happen several years ago, The Steroided Mosley would have beaten him, lets not forget steroids played a big and major roll in most of Mosleys fights except this last one because he was constantly tested for them. So for everyone whos saying oh Mosley would have gotten him several years back, of course he would because back then, he was steroided up in alot of his fights. Now you have seen what someone looks like without steroids, now its his age.How was George Forman when he came back and beat a much younger opponent. Manny Steroid Pacman is the next to get exposed oh he already was exposed when he turned down 40 to 50 million. My advice is he better Trade That HGH in for that 40 or 50 million dollars this time.

Bobby Simpson Says, in 5-3-2010 at 10:52:18 from    

Was George Forman Old with a comeback?. With that said age aint nothing but a number. Grown as ss men dont need excuses made for them.

ac5 Says, in 5-3-2010 at 12:02:43 from    

And the hate continues… Before the fight was “Shane’s gonna do it”, “Shane’s got power”, “Shane’s gonna knock him out”. After the fight is over is “Shane’s old”, “The fight should have been years back”, “Shane is not on roids anymore and that’s what cost him the fight”. The fact is that Mayweather makes all the fighters that stand on the ring against him look ordinary because his style is difficult to solve. He is a pure boxer, defensive minded and that won’t take too many chances to finish a fight unless they’re very clear. I tell you this one thing. If Mayweather and Pacman ever happen to meet, Pac’s chances are just as small as Mosley’s, it’s a punchers chance. He can either knock Floyd out at anytime in the fight, which is not an easy task due to Floyd’s defense, or he’ll be out boxed the entire bout and Mayweather will make him look like a fool just like the other 41.

sledhead Says, in 5-3-2010 at 12:16:50 from    

boring fight, floyd the mouth has NO power…pacman will eat this chump for breakfast. and for the idiots who posted that this fight was better then the last 5 mma fights you have seen, were you high when you watched the fight, or when you posted that comment? give me a break. war Paquaio!!!

Old School NHB guy Says, in 5-3-2010 at 13:16:37 from    

The Shane Roller/Anthony Njokuani fight was better than this. This fight was a peanut compared to all of the last WEC. My favorite fight was between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Jose Miguel Cotto. That 19 year old kid from Guadalajara Jalisco throws right cross power shots like an engine piston.

Chuck Says, in 5-3-2010 at 13:20:13 from    

pac-man has never even been close to be proven to use steroids. pac man said he would do the boxing commisions steroid test which makes sense, if he were to do them then they would take blood directly after the fight in his lockerroom. mayweather is just making stupid business demands to avoid things.

cloudst Says, in 5-3-2010 at 14:13:34 from    

i saw this coming from a mile good fight overall but you have to mayweather props where the props is due he pulled it off in the end a lil dissapointed in mosely gassing but oh well what can you do but i will throughly enjoy the 2nd round of this fight for a while :P

Machete Says, in 5-3-2010 at 16:54:13 from    

Zzzzzzzz…wake up me up with the decision.

rza808 Says, in 5-3-2010 at 17:09:57 from    

All you Mayweather nut huggers need to watch and actually see what is there. Shane doesnt even punch after the 2nd round. His arms are dead or something plus he is breathing through the mouth. Fatigue! How the hell is Mosely that gassed and for the duration of the fight? I have NEVER seen a prize fighter do that in the lighter weights. Looks really suspect and I cant help but suspect Mosely was using ped’s. It wasnt that Mayweather was so great and turned it up. Mosely turned it down lol. Get it straight

joeboxer Says, in 5-3-2010 at 17:57:13 from    

Didn’t want mayweather to win but gotta give him just due. Kicked it up a notch and became invisible after the second round scare. Don’t think it would make a difference when they fought the outcome would have been the same. Pacman is a different story. Pacman agreed to USDA testing up to 24 hours before the fight, and immediately after, which was still not acceptable to floyd which means he’s ducking pacman straight up. Giving blood and urine 24 hours before the fight should have been good enough to make the fight but mayweather said no. I think Floyd don’t want to fight him plain and simple. Pacman doesn’t want to give blood the day of the fight, and why should he cause mayweather says so. Excuses Floyd should fight him under the current RULES plain and simple IMO.

glenn Says, in 5-3-2010 at 21:14:51 from    

joeboxer youre freaking right i hear almost the same thing

akd Says, in 5-5-2010 at 01:02:26 from    

mosley seemed tired late 2nd round…he suddenly stop attacking. i think he got tired trying to finish floyd. either he’s age caught up with him or the blood test weakened him.

akd Says, in 5-5-2010 at 01:04:30 from    

if nevada state comission mandate full blow olympic style testing..im sure manny will accept..he and arum said it themselves…they will agree to the commission but not to floyd…i think we should all call or mail the commission, demanding to do this and save the fight. floyd nor pac will want to say yes to each other.

Aguinaga Says, in 5-5-2010 at 11:56:00 from    

“Pacman agreed to USDA testing up to 24 hours before the fight”

JoeBoxer… get ur facts straight dude. Go research a bit then come back here a re-post. Thanks.

ymbsnakeeye Says, in 5-6-2010 at 21:38:02 from    


Man I need a cup of coffee after that fight.


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