Floyd Mayweather Jr Ordered By S.C. Judge To Do Community Service Work

A U.S. District Court judge in Columbia, South Carolina has ordered boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., to perform 40 hours of community service after missing a deposition in a lawsuit by an Orangeburg music producer.

This is related to a copyright infringement case filed against Floyd Mayweather, his production company and World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. by Orangeburg’s Anthony Lawrence Dash.

Mr. Dash, who is a music producer, alleges that a rhythmic music sample he created called the Tony Gunz beat was unlawfully used by Mayweather at two WWE Events.

As part of his entrance into the ring at the two events, Floyd Mayweather played a song called “YEP,” a song Corey Harris, manager of Philthy Rich Records, testified he created in 2007. Dash alleges “YEP” infringes on the Tony Gunz beat, which he said he created in 2005.

On Sept. 30, Dash filed a motion for sanctions, submitting video evidence that Mayweather appeared at an Atlanta club on the night of Sept. 29, the date of the rescheduled deposition. He appeared at another club the next day. In the video, Mayweather was seen throwing money into the crowd. He is also seen burning money.

“The court finds that his actions in this case justify sanctions and that such sanctions are necessary to deter Mayweather or similarly situated parties from ‘trampling upon the integrity of the court’,” wrote Judge Joseph F. Anderson, Jr., who cited another case where Mayweather was sanctioned for failing to appear.

Floyd Mayweather must complete the service at the Las Vegas Habitat for Humanity project by January. 31st.

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