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Roe Jogan Says, in 8-19-2013 at 17:15:45 from    

lol… funny as F***.

I nearly had the exact same event happen with me so it’s even funnier. Pool Playing Guy got all agro on my super drunk little buddy. I didn’t nut shot him, but I did duck his over exaggerated hay maker, he spun and I jumped on his back with and RNC. He panicked and went right to sleep. Everyone was stunned, because that was 17 years ago before many knew about the move. (Taxi’s Bar Huntington Beach, CA – USA) – No longer Taxi’s now some bad Mexican food joint on Main Street.

bagboy Says, in 8-19-2013 at 17:46:38 from    

Hilarious!!!! I hope to see a LOT more videos like this!!!

stu11 Says, in 8-20-2013 at 10:05:21 from    

Drunk guy twice my size. I spilled a drink on him turning from the bar. I said sooo sorry. Let me buy you a tee shirt from the bar. He poked me and said F you. I said Let me at least pay for your dry cleaning and buy you a drink. He poked me again and said F you. I said look at all these pretty girls, you want to fight me and get kicked out? He poked me again and said “What are you saying? I’m a f**?” I said Okay, I can’t help you. But, you get one more poke, he double poked, I wrist locked him (11 years of Japanese and BJJ), pushed his palm to the ground, swepted his leg out and snapped the s@$t out of his wrist (bone poking out). Bartender who witnessed the whole thing stopped the bouncers, allowed me to stay and he got kicked out (presumably to go to the hospital). Don’t be a DICK!

tallandsincere Says, in 8-20-2013 at 10:58:42 from    

Can not wait for all the bullsh*t I beat up a bully stories :)

Stu11 yours is winning so far

sweero Says, in 8-20-2013 at 17:36:01 from    

Similar story. A d-bag and his crew had scraped one of my friends car outside a bar just after closing times- Alot of people alot testosterone and somethin just waited to happen. One of my drunk buddies confronted the guy that did it. Older bigger etc. And he was ofc being all aggro. I knew my friend couldnt take him in his state he was in (too drunk) so I stepped in and tried the universal “peacetalk”. It worked for a while but then all of a sudden I got all the aggro attention. I´m a friendly guy but it gets to a point where its too much. Usually I would go away but he blocked my path so I laughed and said to my friend “seriosly I tried it all should we take him”…? Just to turn around and see that my drunken buddy had disappeared on me and I was all alone. 0_0… Just when I turned around again I was suckerpunched like hell but I managed to see the punch come 1 millisec before it landed so I rolled with it.. A little to much (drunk) so I flew like 3 meters and landed on the street. The d-bag thought he was the MAn and screamed s*** llike stay down. I lay on the ground for like half a minute seeing him walk up to his crew laughing and bragging and s***, I wasnt hurt >rolled with it. He ofc thought I was scared of him being knocked down like that and all alone… So I got up. Duseted myself off and made run towards him and his crew. He saw me comin and was ready and smilin and sh-t. I did a body faint “ala Troy”and jumped over his friend using his head as a springbord with my left hand and Supermanpunched him right in his smug face decking him. then all hell broke lose but I+m still proud off that one =>. Only 18 at the time.

DirtySue Says, in 8-21-2013 at 08:13:16 from    

schoolies at stradbroke (island off the east coast of qld, australia).. 4 of my mates (2 are surfers, one is a skinny little indian dude/nerd and one of the nicest guys ever and my best friend who is also an australia champ in karate and placed like 10th or something at worlds) they get jumped by about 10 local surfer dudes at this night beach party (I only really remember one guy in particular cause he was being a douche before this and was wearing this horrible sombrero).. I was down the beach and all i hear is my idian mate yell ‘Butternut! Butternut! help us Butternut!’ in the thickest indian accent (it was a super girly type scream too still makes me laugh thinking back) so i run down there to check out what the fudge is going on (had a few drinks and never really been in a real fight before so i don’t know what i was thinking i’d do apart from also get beat up)… Get there and the 2 surfer dudes are getting wailed on by 4 guys each, my indian friend is standing in the middle of the fight crying and screaming like a girl with his eyes closed and i look up just in time to see my best mate head kick sombrero douche right in the face. He goes down and i proceed to run around pulling guys off my friends and running off in a big circle before they can hit me yelling ‘just trying to break it up man’ (guess i was just trying to buy my mates some time to get out cause we were way outnumbered).. anyway i can’t really remember much after that except running on the road with my mate back to our camp. we get back and he tells me they just got jumped from no where and only remembers decking a guy with a punch and having another dude pull at him from behind, he turned around and put his hands up (surrendered) and said ‘hey man i don’t know whats going on i’m trying to break this up’ dude was like oh and put his raised first down and that when my mate king hit the poor bloke (he admitted it was a douche move but at that stage he was plastered and said he thought there were at least 20 dudes there yelling we’re gonna kill you faggots so he didn’t feel too bad – he also did get punched in the back of the head in the same fight).. anyway so everything chills out then the 2 surfer dudes roll back into camp with some bumps and cuts (not too bad considering they were getting kicked on the ground by 4 dudes each at least when i saw them) and one said he was able to get a stick and they all bailed.. the other surfer dude was crying like a baby still (even our indian friend had calmed down, it’d had been an hour or 2) which is funny cause he was super tough guy for the 3days up until that fight happened… now that i’ve trained in bjj, karate, boxing, muay thai and mma my fight strategy hasn’t changed much lols cause i know anyone can king hit you when your not looking and then you be f’ed… geez rant much lols, once i get going..

DirtySue Says, in 8-21-2013 at 08:20:55 from    

oh butternut was my nickname at the time..


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