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axepittbull Says, in 9-10-2012 at 08:56:07 from    

ty bruno.

On Tape Says, in 9-10-2012 at 12:17:10 from    

I think that is episode 3

Stranger Says, in 9-10-2012 at 14:57:34 from    

Nuvo confused me at first.
There are 5 episodes out but they named the first “The Premiere”. So the episode numbers are screwed

Fight Factory Premiere
Ep. 1 – Breaking Bad
Ep. 2 – Divide & Conquer
Ep. 3 – Chaos in the Cage
Ep. 4 – Dethroned

Jimmy Says, in 9-10-2012 at 16:27:13 from    

Wow, the bad ass wife crying was heart breaking. Starting to like the guy. Hard life.

scottc Says, in 9-10-2012 at 17:50:06 from    

I actually felt bad for Baroni…not for Koscheck, haha.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-10-2012 at 17:50:22 from    

I can’t feel bad for that douchebag Baloney.

CJ Says, in 9-10-2012 at 19:04:33 from    

upload more please

tonysnow Says, in 9-10-2012 at 19:11:26 from    

you guys see the butt on koschecks girl?

dave Says, in 9-10-2012 at 19:12:06 from    

I have to admit I felt really bad for Phil. the problem with him is when he gets hit he just freezes and lets the guy keep hitting him. he could have won easily if he just had more head movement and some strikes but he just stood there. the other big issue is gas tank he gasses out.

jona Says, in 9-10-2012 at 19:23:15 from    


asdf Says, in 9-11-2012 at 00:33:10 from    

javier mendes is an absolute doucher

straightAhead Says, in 9-11-2012 at 02:36:28 from    

@tonysnow: hell yeah! I saw it, DAYMN!!

ramrod Says, in 9-11-2012 at 04:30:46 from    

do you guys know if this video is old? josh koscheck left AKA i thought??

ramrod Says, in 9-11-2012 at 05:18:47 from    

man jav mendez sounds like a jerk but it might be tough love

JJ Says, in 9-11-2012 at 20:25:28 from    

Phil won the fight I believe?

JJ Says, in 9-11-2012 at 20:46:51 from    

sorry – Phil won his last one, not this one. He’s a bit of a poser etc, but I have an utomost respect for him, for fighting in the cage. Injuries make it super hard. His wife is right, people watching rarely have any idea what these guys are going through. Koscheck did very, v ery, very well against Hendricks btw – looks like training at Dethrone didn’t make him any worse

baller Says, in 9-14-2012 at 04:47:27 from    

feel bad 4 phil, he cant keep doing dis thou. 2 more yrs n he might be completely done. dis is a young mans sport n once injury sets it gets difficult. if i was him il just go back to the regular life. he should join his wife in nursing skol or look 4 a career. fighting is not the only way to make money.


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