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Fedor=GOD-4 Says, in 5-30-2012 at 15:36:51 from    

You know I love it, just look at my name…

Twana Says, in 5-30-2012 at 15:46:21 from    

Fedor rocks

sticky Says, in 5-30-2012 at 16:26:37 from    

I love Fedor’s permanent half smile. He looks just like I do when I’m stoned and watching Adventure Time.

Freaklegion Says, in 5-30-2012 at 17:03:21 from    

Finally a fight Fedor can win.

Genghis Khan Says, in 5-30-2012 at 18:00:03 from    

THe pride of mother Russia

T’Challa Says, in 5-30-2012 at 21:53:38 from    

Still a legend in my book… F the haters..

Marc Says, in 5-30-2012 at 23:53:43 from    

he was great about 7 years ago…then he milked it. he might have been able to compete better at light 205

haha Says, in 5-31-2012 at 00:14:41 from    

wow shitty 3d and bad cutting…and that from mercedes..wuiiiii

paddedummy Says, in 5-31-2012 at 02:12:02 from    

Phuck the UFC, this is how you get paid. DW would have wanted a cut of this sponsorship deal, that no balnace inner ear problem havin motherphucker

Yh3d00d Says, in 5-31-2012 at 03:57:20 from    

Dude….. Fedor has too much f****** money! no wonder this bastard started sucking.. no motivation to train when you get paid to do commercials like this…

greengiant Says, in 5-31-2012 at 04:51:32 from    

to say fedor is not the best hw of all time is like saying we don’t need air to survive.its just haters talking.

Shaikan Says, in 5-31-2012 at 10:51:41 from    

Fedor is and will always be a legend. But I agree with Yh3d00d, its hard to stay fully motivated when you already have so much money, fame, and power. All the best to Fedor in his retirement!

inanebignate Says, in 5-31-2012 at 13:23:50 from    

I agree with Shaikan. I remember a pretty old fedor quote when someone ask him something about what he is thinking about when he steps into the ring and what he thinks about his opponent. He said something like he thinks about how him and his family used to be poor and not have much, could barely make ends meet and how the person across the ring from him is trying to send him back to those times and he most be stopped. Dude used to be a freakin terminator. I remember when he was first heard he was going to fight werdum I thought it could be a bad match up if he tries to stay in werdums guard like he did big nog. I Still thought fedor would win until like 2 weeks before the fight in an interview fedor was talking about retiring… I then changed my mind and thought werdum would win. My cuz thought I was crazy and wanted me to bet a 100 against him that werdum would win… I did not do it I would have felt horrible betting against fedor lol.

wow Says, in 5-31-2012 at 17:00:27 from    

@ inanebignate

…cool story bro!?!?

tonysnow Says, in 5-31-2012 at 19:31:45 from    

dope commercial

Jack Says, in 5-31-2012 at 19:37:09 from    

GOAT nuff said haters!!

ironfist Says, in 5-31-2012 at 20:58:56 from    

Fedor will always be the man and GOAT…
Douche bag White still fears Fedor.

gingjok Says, in 6-1-2012 at 03:35:48 from    

That would be rocking a Tuxedo.

A suit is something different.

Jeff Says, in 6-1-2012 at 12:37:22 from    

Fedor Looks like he never had a fight in his life LOL!! Thats a good fighter!

Darren Says, in 6-1-2012 at 15:23:39 from    

I love Fedor,But dont like euro trash auto’s


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