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Vinz Says, in 2-10-2012 at 08:22:33 from    

feel sorry, for the future boyfriend of fedor’s daughter… gonna be tough at the breakfast table on sunday mornings

Danby Says, in 2-10-2012 at 09:20:39 from    

My father can beat up your father…….no he REALLY can beat up your father…..

What with all the smiling fedor and diaz moments. 2012 really must be the end of the world.

Bernardo Says, in 2-10-2012 at 10:36:41 from    

Great vid Bruno!! Its great to see Fedor happy and showing emotions. You can tell he really loves his daughter and is actually human. I bet he’s a great dad.

Manfred Says, in 2-10-2012 at 11:23:09 from    

Werdum Jr to miss Emilianenko: My father choked your father out.

Henderson jr to miss Emilianenko : My father knocked your daddy back to Russia.

Silva Jr to miss Emilianenko : My dad f***** your dad up.

Enscribe Says, in 2-10-2012 at 11:53:13 from    

Fedor’s whole life is a publicity stunt. Cool looking indoor water park.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 2-10-2012 at 12:14:34 from    

hahah awesome!! I can tell this is going to be a good day. cheers bruno and all my mmatko bros

ChillB Says, in 2-10-2012 at 14:32:15 from    

@ Manfred

Miss Emilianenko to Werdum Jr: Your father knew he knew he couldn’t stand with mine.

Miss Emilianenko to Henderson jr : Your Father got lucky, i understand why you couldn’t do it in pride.

Miss Emilianenko to Silva Jr : Mommy!! what are we doing in a cave?

Twana Says, in 2-10-2012 at 15:03:28 from    

little henderson is a coward who was running like a chicken from Fedor..but what can you say to a lunatic like herb dean…

one more thing…everyone can F*** your father up, dana white, herb dean, and dan F*** henderson..

Doyle Brunson Says, in 2-10-2012 at 16:56:46 from    

@ ChillB

Me to your family

Your son/husband/whatever you are is making excuses for Fedor and is delusional

failsonnen Says, in 2-10-2012 at 17:24:07 from    

Should have invited Dana White

rawforce Says, in 2-10-2012 at 18:35:23 from    

Fedor is no good, Sambo is no good.

ouachita Says, in 2-10-2012 at 19:07:15 from    

A real legend and great ambassador for the sport. Unfortunately, this is a young mans sport and most of the time, young men are mouthy dip shits as evidence by 3/4 of the comments on here.

dana whites mom Says, in 2-10-2012 at 19:14:01 from    

at his peak he would never do this. all he thought in his pride days was “TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN” now he is a multimillionaire and fighting is his hobby. But great guy. just hate seeing him lose.

Cro Cop Fan Says, in 2-10-2012 at 21:36:22 from    

Awesome, I wish I could have a whole water park to myself for a day.

steamer Says, in 2-10-2012 at 21:55:39 from    

Hendo is the man. No doubt Fedor would have smoked him back in pride. And had Fedor been doing all that slick ass testosterone replacement therapy when him and Dan fought, it would have been a different story. No excuses for the Werdum fight. Fedor just f***** himself there. And the silva fight…well age and size catch up to you sooner or later. I’m not making excuses for Fedor though. Anyone else think those recent Sambo fights looked fixed?

Randy Couture Says, in 2-10-2012 at 22:34:35 from    

Really? Delusional? The only thing that got to Fedor was his age and nothing else. I dont care if Danna never considered fedor the top fighter, he was proven worng once before when chuck was smoked at pride.

MangyMongoose Says, in 2-11-2012 at 03:46:05 from    

Private is good, the communist swines in Russia are learning, it only cost tens of millions of lives via forced collectivization (sarcasm). I hate communism.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 2-11-2012 at 13:09:51 from    

They were fixed.Before the fights started both Baby Fedor and Alex agreed to let him win.So they basicly fixed fights.


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