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Jables Says, in 3-5-2009 at 19:10:54 from    

That is pretty fast!

kidjonny Says, in 3-5-2009 at 19:21:41 from    

Yeah thats less then 11 seconds i think.

lol Says, in 3-5-2009 at 20:00:18 from    

3 seconds on the round clock

SteveP Says, in 3-5-2009 at 20:07:53 from    

Goulet is rubbish!
how did he ever get a fight in the ufc? everytime i see his fights he is over powered and ko’d.

jakelo Says, in 3-5-2009 at 20:15:51 from    

And… BWAOM !!!

PitFighterZ Says, in 3-5-2009 at 21:03:15 from    

I agree with SteveP! Goulet is the worst, glass-chin, dumb-ass fighter in history. I never saw the guy last more than a minute…

Drummo Says, in 3-5-2009 at 21:08:18 from    

Most UFC fighters are rubbish so I would say Goulet fits right in with the rest of the cans Dana White gets for his star fighters to fight.

FIGHTtheFIGHT Says, in 3-5-2009 at 23:57:46 from    

yep most ufc fighters are rubbish…what a retarded statement…i guess anderson silva, v. silva, rampage, gsp, demian maia, bj penn, kenny florian,etc are all rubbish…YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT…i think you’re just eager to piss people off, or you’re a complete retard…one of the two

HaVoK Says, in 3-6-2009 at 01:57:38 from    

“the rest of the cans Dana White gets for his star fighters to fight.”

You mean all those Pride Fighters? Yeah, your right.

mma Says, in 3-6-2009 at 05:43:32 from    

First of all he’s 4 and 4 in the UFC and 22-10-1 as a professional fighter… not too shabby if you ask me. Yeah he has been knocked out twice in the UFC but who hasn’t been Knocked out?
-PitfighterZ, take a look at his fight with Luck Cummo, it went the distance.. and against Jay Hieron, he got a TKO in the third round

-No disrespect to you guys but know your facts before talking s*** about a UFC fighter, every UFC fighter is in the UFC for a reason, although some maybe boring and some maybe not as good as others, they have all earned their spots in the UFC and if they cant handle it Dana White is not afraid to drop any fighter

thebeagle Says, in 3-6-2009 at 06:25:11 from    

5 sec at the most

dana white Says, in 3-6-2009 at 06:58:00 from    

unlike the championship caliber fighters the pride champs fought? or affliction – a bunch of ufc washups, and fedor? nice head skid by goulet though.

Dman08987231 Says, in 3-6-2009 at 07:40:00 from    

Hey Drummo what a stupid comment that was. But hey I guess it’s ok to talk like that on internet kiddo.

Driez Says, in 3-6-2009 at 11:46:14 from    

lol, imagine them preparing for this fight for months and then after 3 seconds its already over. like a virgin f*cking a hot playmate…

mike Says, in 3-6-2009 at 12:53:08 from    

he looked a little more like robert goulet in that clip

theodoresci Says, in 3-6-2009 at 20:18:19 from    

very fast ko

PitFighterZ Says, in 3-7-2009 at 04:04:32 from    

I didn’t say Goulet never passed the first round. I said I never saw him surviving the first minute. I watched some of his other fights and I think he still is in the UFC for his potential. He’s in one of the best camps around and supported by no one less than GSP, but he hasn’t showed in the octagon what he shows in the training. The fact is, like Rob Lawler, he has a glass chin. That doesn’t diminish his skills as a fighter but is like a football player with a busted knee, it just doesn’t pay.

theodoresci Says, in 3-7-2009 at 20:11:16 from    

that was 4 seconds though

J Says, in 3-24-2009 at 13:49:45 from    

how you figure lawler has a glass chin???


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