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Joe Dod Says, in 6-3-2013 at 11:31:47 from    

This time I’m not going to say anything about Ester Lin’s unnecessary narration. I’m not going to say how good photography speaks for itself. Nope, not this time…I’m only going to say, “Good photos” (Sound muted).

Joe Dod Says, in 6-3-2013 at 11:33:06 from    

^^^Joe Dog g g g g g g

AOPrinciple Says, in 6-3-2013 at 13:31:08 from    

I really enjoy these things. Thanks for the post, Bruno!

Vance Says, in 6-3-2013 at 14:35:48 from    

Hit mute then watch.

kao Says, in 6-3-2013 at 17:45:54 from    

Just take the pictures and STFU. Mute button is great.

inverteddickkick Says, in 6-3-2013 at 19:47:55 from    

listen b-itch, u took some photos of guys fighting, enough with your artsy “im sooo creative narration sh&t” anyone else could have taken the same pictures and not acted like a pompous moron.

Ground St. Pound Says, in 6-3-2013 at 23:08:14 from    

Wow. Some bitter ass folks here. People must be far more unfulfilled than you’d think. I can understand preferring silent photos to narration but I can’t understand being so upset at an artist speaking about their work that you have to post hateful comments!

Really…..it’s THAT upsetting to you guys that she had the nerve to have actual thoughts and reflections on her own work??

You guys realize she’s an artist right???


Vance Says, in 6-4-2013 at 00:02:39 from    

Great post @Ground,we really give a F@a%&!!!!!!

Chicago Says, in 6-4-2013 at 00:39:12 from    

Ground St. Pound right on the $…..

Dharmaboy Says, in 6-4-2013 at 02:05:09 from    

I don’t get the big deal with her photos. Her angles are meh and very road side touristy. I think many of her photos are amateurish and could be done better by more skilled photographers. I think she is hyping her own shots as if to sell her skill. only my opinion.

GreatestEver Says, in 6-4-2013 at 04:50:08 from    

Bunch of d bags in here! I love her work and calm asain voice!

high stakes Says, in 6-4-2013 at 15:21:53 from    

@ground st

2 bad no one here cares about art?! this is not an art site!


yea and we are proud of that! this is a FIGHT site ! we don’t like art? WE LIKE TO FIGHT!

Ground St. Pound Says, in 6-4-2013 at 18:14:33 from    

Oh sh*t, Vance doesn’t give a f**k.

Neither does honey badger, but he’s more relevant overall.

Whitedragon Says, in 6-4-2013 at 21:34:31 from    

OW SHUT UP ESTER LIN! Too bad your not getting much attention!

JonAteTheBonesJones Says, in 6-4-2013 at 23:21:29 from    

enjoy the photos and chill the F*** out


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