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inverteddickkick Says, in 9-30-2013 at 19:46:54 from    

Can thid bitch just f****** die? She aims a camera and presses a button then talks about her pictures like it took some type of grand effort like a f****** michaelangelo painting to get it just right… anyone can take a picture, just have a guy do it so I dont have to hear some retarded artsy bullshit from this button pressing C***

anti-inverteddickkick Says, in 9-30-2013 at 22:08:05 from    

All I hear from inverteddickkick is “I hate my life, I can’t accomplish anything great in life so I’ll just be a bitch and stomp over someone else’s accomplishments that I can’t even comprehend to even try doing.”. Stop hating your life and go do something useful instead of being a ignorant complaining sack of NOTHING….because nothing is what you’ll accomplish if you keep this charade of a life up.

Chicago Says, in 9-30-2013 at 22:50:51 from    

Does anyone else live the fact that this woman pisses off people so bad that they sound like c*nts themselves?

Benny Says, in 9-30-2013 at 23:04:00 from    

^^^^^^ Get help dude! you need it!!!

jmtile Says, in 9-30-2013 at 23:18:28 from    

wow dude that was hard core, what do you do for a living… garbage man? Some of us made it through high school and don’t mind seeing it from a different perspective.

Jose Veyna Says, in 10-1-2013 at 00:29:31 from    

I wonder who wrote that for her to read?

Schtuppin’ Hawking the F*ing Genius Says, in 10-1-2013 at 00:35:55 from    

@inverteddickkick. If you’re pulling our leg and trying to get the faux troll of the decade award…you win. If you’re not pulling our leg and this is your real opinion…you are the definitely pound for pound the biggest idiot on the internet. Either way, great post dude!

DanielMcfate Says, in 10-1-2013 at 00:58:14 from    

Hey Dickkicker..as a former photographer I can assure you that it’s a little more complicated than aiming a camera and pressing a button. I’m sure you have taken countless photos that no one would ever take the time to look at because they are snapshots, not professional photographs.

Lin’s composition is pretty magnificent and some of us actually find her thoughts about her photos interesting.

Guess what? If you don’t, then don’t click on the link to watch the video! It’s that easy!! And then the rest of us don’t have to read your whiny, uninformed drivel!

B-Real Says, in 10-1-2013 at 02:21:42 from    

Great photos and commentary! This guy’s comment above is clearly someone who hasn’t made much of his own life that he has to hate on anything different. Art is art and you’re a great artist Esther!

If he only knew where your beautiful name came from, he’d understand the force behind your work.

Don’t stop blessing us with your unique gift!

alexnexus Says, in 10-1-2013 at 02:34:10 from    

inverteddickkick is the reason why “white trash” is called white trash -they say incest kills neurones…

Insoluble Says, in 10-1-2013 at 02:36:25 from    

After reading your comment, inverteddickkick, I realized something quite profound.
Being 25 years old now, I am by no means an old guy. But I have just realized how one can change.
I remember being just like you, insulting something gives you pleasure for some reason. Not being able to appreciate things that others held dear, I would just make fun and swear/insult.
Now I know that with time your ability to behave and coexist with others will develop and you wont always be the angry childish person you are today.
My only disappointment is that I will not be there the day people like you finally come to the realization and appreciate things others have done for you.
It will happen..

fuckthatguy^ Says, in 10-1-2013 at 04:06:26 from    

Ignorant douche ^

TheGMan Says, in 10-1-2013 at 12:32:37 from    

I think her commentary is beautiful. I look forward to clicking each link to one of these Esther Lin depictions.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 10-1-2013 at 16:15:34 from    

It’s called a mute button, moron.


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