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Iconoclast Says, in 1-16-2012 at 09:43:21 from    

“What we’ve done is exactly what America is all about.” Yes sir, buy out a superior product and ruin it simply because you were born a billionaire. Sadly, that is what America is all about.

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 1-16-2012 at 09:56:25 from    

I look at the SF purchase like when the NBA absorbed the ABA.
As far as pay scales go, the bigger your name, the better your skills are…the more money you’ll make. Such is life.♠

london_Jones Says, in 1-16-2012 at 09:58:17 from    

i would love to be Jewish!….they own it all….even america!….do your homework!

Joe Says, in 1-16-2012 at 10:06:38 from    


you cant be serious? What Pride? that was so corrupt and going bankrupt. WEC? Strikeforce? Strikeforce was losing money and going to be bankrupted within this year if not for the UFC.

TheViciousone Says, in 1-16-2012 at 10:15:07 from    

@ Iconoclast grow up a little and here’s a tissue to clean the tears from your eyes. Perhaps you are one of those people waiting for your check to come in the mail. Or maybe you took to much time staring at the stars waiting for something that will never come.

What is wrong with a company, taking a risk, making huge investment and running with it. They made the money. They made the market. Now everyone has their hands out like they do at the welfare office.

It’s called capitalism and the only people who have a problem with that are the lazy degenerates of society who are waiting for free cash donations when they themselves don’t do s***.

Wonder what would happen if you were the owner? How fast would you share what you earned and created.

So what if his parents were successful. That’s there fault too right? What your pissed off about is that the Fertitta’s did’nt squander their money on hookers and cocaine like most other rich kids do. What they did do, like any other smart business man would do, is make more money with it. That’s not the US. That’s the way the world turns.

Maybe we should get angry at people who spend 5 bucks on the lottery and walk away with millions and don’t share right? I mean they have so much of it now right? You must feel entitled to that too I guess.

Point is if you don’t play and take the risk then stop your blood clot crying. Big risk reaps big reward.

You sound like a degenerate cry baby who spent the last 5 dollars the government sent you. Grow a back bone, get an idea, clean your best suit and get a job at mcdonalds, because obviously your sights are set according to your brain activity and jealously. But at least you can wake up everyday and look at yourself in the mirror. Just sayin!

Ryangball Says, in 1-16-2012 at 10:29:45 from    

I would suggest if people hate on the UFC then quit watching them. You wouldn’t see any fights without them you morons.

millcat Says, in 1-16-2012 at 10:42:13 from    

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IS THIS….stop all the p.c. bullcrap and have the top tier guys tell it like it is….they get paid the best becuase they are the best and have the biggest draw that allows an income to made by the ufc to in return be able to pay the undercard/developing fighters the money that they do and give them the opportunity to show and prove….and its somehow the ufc’s fault that these guys sometimes show but have hardly proved….those undercard/developing fighters are well overpaid in some respect because they truly arent worth 6k to show…lets be honest..how many of these fighters really show true professional athleticism and top notch skill that deosnt have the massess saying ” I could do that, or I could take him” the real issue with mma is that they let anyone fight and there is no true standard or measuring statistic that can truely define what a pro mma fighter should be..literally anyone can walk off the street and work there way to being a pro fighter within one years time….and they are not pro becuase they are legit athletes with high level martial art skills, they are pro becuase they took 50 bucks and a free tapout shirt to fight….seriously why should the ufc overpay and reward these guys with high payouts just becuase they will fight….do you know any other major sport league or organization that anyone off the street can just walk in and have the chance to make the team or go pro????? exactly….these bum ass bottom tier fighters need to step there game up and make themselves worth the money……but we are in america where the growing entitlement mentality is taking over and guys think they should be paid just becuase…kind of like our american auto workers union…lmfao….fighters are a product..the better the product..the more value it has..like a hooker for example…these guys are 5 dollar hookers but bitch becuase they are getting paid 20 and want 50…but they forget they are only a 5 dollar hollar. The ufc has by itslef made mma a real professional sport that gives real athletes and highly martial artists an avenue to make money at their expertise…without the ufc…mma would just be another toughman contest with different rules. Either way those guys who complain and bitch arent that unhappy with their pay or they could really work hard and get a college education or a skilled trade job and work like the tax paying americans do.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 1-16-2012 at 10:43:31 from    

@vicious Perhaps it is you who need a tissue.

neovvl Says, in 1-16-2012 at 11:09:54 from    

lol i love it lorenzo shutting him up, your above my paygrade right now hahaha

cigronne Says, in 1-16-2012 at 12:01:33 from    

I heard the NBA also absorbed ABBA

Rugburnbob Says, in 1-16-2012 at 12:10:28 from    

I fought in toughman fights by various promoters and trid my hand at sparring with boxing pro’s. Never made over 1k and always suffered in pain for days after each event. Now boxing might pay more at the upper levels, but you have to pay for; managers, trainers, clubs, sparriing partners and promotional items out of that. That alone differs from the UFC as it has not begun to see the greed levels that boxing and other major pro-sports have. I like the honsty of fighters that want to win , when the UFC starts having 5 belts in each weight class and the match making skills of pro-boxing I will be off this bandwagon too!

k91st Says, in 1-16-2012 at 12:12:31 from    

This is not a good comparison to compare to football boxing and so on. These guys took a failing company and made it what it is now. The old model did not work but this one is and they are giving us or the fans what they want. Much like many companies the workers may want the money the owners make. This isn’t GM go in and do your job, and do it to the best of your abilities and get paid for it.

Tg Says, in 1-16-2012 at 12:15:53 from    

Just like the nba nfl hockey etc. time for a fighters union, UFC get ur money while it lasts cause the fighters need to b compensated and not by sponsors by dollars, fighters stick together and b smart about it

k91st Says, in 1-16-2012 at 12:18:05 from    

Who wouldn’t invest in the UFC when or if it goes public. I would.

Death Grip Says, in 1-16-2012 at 12:58:24 from    

We cannot dog the UFC for the pay scale. The fighters are willing to take it and fight and thus that is the market. Now, if another group wants to make the investment like the UFC did and pay the fighters MORE, then more power to them. This is straight up fair business. No once is forced to fight, no once is excluded from competing. These guys have taken a risk, built a business, and created jobs!

Good for Zuffa Entertainment.

ginko biloba Says, in 1-16-2012 at 13:09:17 from    

IF the UFC is a monopoly then so are the NBA, NHL, NFl, MLB. With the new health insurance the UFC offers their payscale is not so shabby anymore and obviously the top fighters make a ton.

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 1-16-2012 at 13:09:55 from    

I tend to believe Lorenzo but I would like for the lowest pay scale guys to change like Nick Pace made 6000 to fight Miguel Torres? Either way Lorenzo is right.

JBone Says, in 1-16-2012 at 13:42:05 from    

Bullshit piece by ESPN. If i was a fighter and the UFC came knocking at my door, I would be over the f****** moon. What an experience it would be. What else is out there for fighters? Without the Fertitta’s MMA would be nothing. They’ve built this sport.

nogi_revolution Says, in 1-16-2012 at 13:47:05 from    

@TheViciousone, jesus what an annoying ass rant!

BigPappa Says, in 1-16-2012 at 13:50:31 from    

I don’t see why anybody is crying.
Every fighter knows how it is: You need to be very exciting and very marketable to make big paydays.
It is really that simple.

And the numbers that ESPN threw around about how much hockey players and football players and baseball players make… there are so many times when people think some players make too damn much.

Anon Says, in 1-16-2012 at 14:23:17 from    

Funny how ESPN is so interested in comparing The UFC to the 4 major sports (NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL) when the youngest of those sports was formed in 1946. But even with the UFC in it’s infancy, look at how far they have came. UFC 1 paid it’s winner of the entire tourney 50k.

coutura Says, in 1-16-2012 at 14:35:54 from    

now everyone wants money from ufc americans are leeches the fertita brothers are the best in the business they can do waterver they want if the fighters don’t like it they can quit the only fighters crying for money was tito ortiz

Swordsmansmith Says, in 1-16-2012 at 15:33:51 from    

Before the UFC there was no MMA. Fighters couldnt make a good living at it. Now you can et rich as a fighter. Yeah what the UFC has done is terrible. Take a sport that was nothing and make it a real business and in demand. If other promoters and companies cant compete too bad. You mean to tell me other leagues could compete with the NFL,NBA,NHL??? No way so why the backlash on the UFC for being successful? Or is it that ESPN is jealous of the money theyre not getting?

lowly Says, in 1-16-2012 at 15:40:07 from    

TheViciousone, dude, that’s mob money that ‘risk’ was being taken with. It’s not like the Fertittas got their start as barbers and saved and scrimped their way into business.

Marc Says, in 1-16-2012 at 15:55:16 from    

I love how ppl enjoy bashing America or blaming it for all their\world problems. Not realizing the problems their own country produces. My car broken, its America’s fault. Some toddler gets run over in China and not one of its citizens care to help…must America’s fault. Some dictator in a foreign murder’s thousands…it’s also America’s fault…american soldier’s urinates on taliban insurgent…never mind all the innocent be-headings at their hands or the laws they place to oppress women in their ass-backwards society.

Savage Says, in 1-16-2012 at 16:08:12 from    

its a baby sport, the pay these fighters are making will increase as the popularity increases. its been around for 20 years…that is nothing!

casyboy Says, in 1-16-2012 at 16:15:27 from    

flipped the script and shut him down, nice fertita fertada fajita!

JoeDog Says, in 1-16-2012 at 16:17:41 from    

Want to compete with the UFC? Start a fight promotion. Surely, it will be weak and unpopular (Tim Silva and Butterbean are available fighters). Watch the business fester and bleed you dry. Try to make it work until you are flat broke. Then, find yourself a billionaire to prop up your failing company with millions in cash. It’s easy! You too can be successful. Good luck.

fighterunionfuture Says, in 1-16-2012 at 16:23:31 from    

I know the future of mma, i’ll break it down, but it takes a real experienced person in the industry to understand…

fighterunionfuture Says, in 1-16-2012 at 16:27:22 from    

do you want the champions to make real money, like the boxing champions, then you will take note…

fighterunionfuture Says, in 1-16-2012 at 16:30:51 from    

but I want credit for propelling this forward….and I need all to hear me…

jon Says, in 1-16-2012 at 16:35:04 from    

Where’s the video from ESPN? The 9 minute video they put out? Bruno? :)

Reallynow? Says, in 1-16-2012 at 17:39:28 from    

Some careers are not for everyone. Look at how many people want to fight mma now days. A whole galaxy of people, but guess what? It’s not for everyone.

murell Says, in 1-16-2012 at 17:40:58 from    

london jones,that sounds racist,but coming from you thats normal.

Thanewage403 Says, in 1-16-2012 at 17:46:20 from    

Pay UFC FIGHTERS MORE,,.. that is all, Everyone of them is under payed, as far as professional sports are concerned.

MangyMongoose Says, in 1-16-2012 at 17:56:31 from    

F u c k you communist/socialist bastards. Dana and the Fertitta’s are examples of the best men in the world. It’s despicable how much people hate other men’s achievements, or at least rationalize theft in order to get what the great men produce.

And I don’t want that fat parasite manager to have any ammunition to wage a PR campaign against the UFC. The media is especially culpable for this Marxist crap that is ruining this country and so many others.

MangyMongoose Says, in 1-16-2012 at 18:02:15 from    

If the media and legislators take this monopoly crap to far, then don’t be surprised to see the UFC moving their base of operations to Dubai. No taxes over there and few regulations, not to mention they already have an oil sheik that owns 10% of the company.

Iconoclast Says, in 1-16-2012 at 18:04:43 from    

Man, I get the first comment, and people sprain their vaginas trying to comment so quickly and incoherently. Please keep it coming.

tobes Says, in 1-16-2012 at 18:06:58 from    

BS journalism. I think the UFC should pay their fighters more, but this was a targeted piece. At least they gave Fertitta the last word.

whitekimbo Says, in 1-16-2012 at 18:48:57 from    

ufc is run by middle aged d-bags strung out on ego and HGH. drama, hype, production and no substance. can’t wait for their empire to crumble .

coutura Says, in 1-16-2012 at 19:00:39 from    

why don’t espn goes and interview k’1 leaders or pride in their times you know how much they owe alistar overeem almost 4 millions … espn sucks and ken shamrock too..

baller Says, in 1-16-2012 at 19:06:28 from    

top guys make good money but to alot of other guyz, the dont make s***, e.g cain velasquez made only $100,000 in his jds fight, which was the only fight he fought in a year. bisping made $425,000 over mayhem. to sum its good but to many not at all. ufc do needs to improve the pay

baller Says, in 1-16-2012 at 19:13:11 from    

verdum left for a reason, the wanted to cut his pay in half after he lost to jds but he wasnt havin it. if u keep winnin its gud but if u loose ur left with little, its the truth here alot of ufc fighters hv other jobs n not happy with their pay but cant talk abut it. dana cut jon fitch years ago cuz he wanted more pay n threatenin to cut cain n kos.

millcat Says, in 1-16-2012 at 19:48:03 from    

Actually @baller…verdum was cut becuase he was no living up to the hype….and fitch ws cut becuase he was goin to be in the ea sports mma game and wouldnt do the ufc game becuase he wanted more than flat pay becuase he thought somehow he was a draw for the game.lmfao…and the threat trickled down to all the aka fighters. and valesques and jds got behind the scene bonuses that would have mimicked the pay per bonuses they got….bisping gets paid like that becuase he is a huge draw(as everyone wants to see him get hendo’ed again) and cuz he is the biggest draw for the europe/british market..plus he won the tuf show…and on top of that you cannot argue mayhem’s performance worthy of the 30k he got paid..i mean come on that was a prime example of a professional fighter looking like an uncoordinated misfit that had everyone saying “i could take him”..and the other guys dont make s*** becuase they havent proved they arw worth it…and 6k is high pay for guys who look and fight like they train out of their uncle’s garage who fought golden gloves once and wreslted in high school. people keep forgetting and negating the fact that without ufc and dana/frank/lorenzo…there would be no MMA. but it obvious to see by reading these post who voted for obama and have the hand it me now i might work for it later attitude.

The Llama Says, in 1-16-2012 at 20:23:49 from    

ten years ago I fought not to make money, but it was who I am..Now I’m very glad we make money doing it now but s*** stop bitching..It’s still a business. And no I don’t fight anymore but never wanted millions to do it…

^^^^ Says, in 1-16-2012 at 21:13:47 from    

Stop f****** comparing MMA to Boxing or the WWE. I’m so sick of it. Boxing has been around for over 100 years and only the top guys are getting paid huge amounts of money. 6 years ago, the UFC was in debt and now everyone is expecting big paydays. The UFC recently gave their fighters medical insurance and just became more mainstream from signing with Fox. Give it some time. At the current moment, the only thing I wish is they would change is give the prelim fighters more than 4k. Maybe a 10k minimum wouldn’t hit them too much. Sponsors should never be brought into pay discussion, the UFC doesn’t help the fighters with sponsors, the fighter looks for sponsors themselves.

Sans Says, in 1-16-2012 at 21:28:52 from    

Seriously, if Fertitta and White somehow meet your definition of great men, you’ve got some lame standards. Granted, they’ve worked hard and made a lot of money from young men and women beating each other silly. It sounds like they share some of that wealth with a few top fighters, and even the lower paid fighters get more than they did in the past. However, by buying up much of the competition, they’ve also made it more difficult to be able to fight professionally at all. There are just so few spots available. Regardless, most elite athletes are overpaid, and the downside is that you have no choice but to pay for it since much of the money comes from sponsors (and therefore the products most of us buy). Such is life, but I’ll never understand the people who plunk down several hundred dollars to go watch a bunch of men chase, hit, or run with a ball/puck/whatever. I get a kick out of MMA, but it wouldn’t bother me at all if it were gone tomorrow.

MangyMongoose Says, in 1-16-2012 at 23:18:11 from    

They grew a 3 million dollar company to a billion dollar company in 11 years. Along the way dozens of fighters have become millionaires, thousands of people have jobs because of the UFC. They have grown a market where none was recognized before. These are great men. How many others have done this? While the government is destroying with taxes, men like Dana and Fertitta’s are creating/producing.

Genghis Khan Says, in 1-17-2012 at 01:50:23 from    

Makes it sound like he went from rags to riches.
If it wasen’t for his father’s mob money this guy would be a low level street bum.

phil9999 Says, in 1-17-2012 at 02:07:41 from    

Kcuf ESPN… if it wasn’t for UFC I wouldn’t be able to watch follow this gr8 sport.
kcuF you BARR… suck my white kcoC.

Powertele Says, in 1-17-2012 at 06:06:30 from    

@Sans-you are like a Jedi. “Attached to nothing you must be.” I admire that.

london_Jones Says, in 1-17-2012 at 06:10:32 from    

@murell look sheep racist you say i am ……HHHMMMMmmm nah i love my mum she is white(Jewish) and i love my dad he happens to be black! and Jews are not a race of people! do your homework. oh and big business is whats got america on it’s knees right now, or didn’t you know that lol? sheep like you speak on things you know nothing about, not that i care….i’m mean if your a sheep and you like being one that’s up to you…but don’t act like you know what your talking about sheep. i eat little dumb kool-aid drinking sheep like you everyday.

mental wimps that never have a real good point to make just bitch on and say things like your “a racist!” no i don’t hate people for the colour of there skin just there unjust actions., but you wouldn’t know anything about that…that’s what we call in the real world of the living having some resolve and a backbone!
so you just get back to your fairy tale land that big business give a s**t about MMA you or your lame ass point of view lol…..it’s only about money you lost slave to the so-called powers that be lol. good luck little sheep, you’ll need it in the coming years.

london_Jones Says, in 1-17-2012 at 06:17:38 from    

Greedy BIG business that must own everything!….have killed america tell me i’m lying anyone of you?
then again by looking at 70% of these comments what would they know about an economy or politics….oh well just get back to loving Dana then!

have a nice day all!

london_Jones Says, in 1-17-2012 at 06:24:04 from    

no one blames america for everything wrong in the world to day just most of it! and that seems about right! the american government don’t even like the american people my little sheep!

google: NDAA

laws by Americans to kill Americans.. then tell me if your lovely america is some blameless captain-america lol!

Licks72 Says, in 1-17-2012 at 07:32:21 from    

Maybe Dana can watch Lorenzo speak and learn how to get his point across like a professional. The UFC needs a more polished representative than Dana now that it is becoming mainstream. F-Bombs alienate mainstream adults. Very well done Lorenzo.

london_Jones Says, in 1-17-2012 at 08:22:25 from    

anyways this is about MMA not the fact that your country hates it’s people.

fighters should get as much money as they can otherwise there just new age slaves to be used and dumped when need be ….FACT! Dana could pay them more, his got enuff left over after one of his so-called events to eat well and still pay them a whole lot more…but that’s Greedy for you.

@murell LOL!

Rico Suave Says, in 1-17-2012 at 08:39:48 from    

Smart move for Lorenzo to speak instead of Uncle Dana, ESPN would have picked Dana apart, also, smart to have brought their own camera as well! As far as the pay scale? I have always thought the fighters should be paid more, especially the entry level fighters, there is small promotions on the east coast that pay 6,000 & 6,000, the UFC can adjust their pay scale accordingly!

Lodovik Says, in 1-17-2012 at 12:22:38 from    

I was kind of disappointed they did not mention affliction. They tried to pay their fighters more and went broke.

The Issue Says, in 1-17-2012 at 13:12:54 from    

The issue is not ESPN who are the usual Corporate Scumbags like any Corporation who exist solely for Profit and nothing else.

The issue is that the UFC Fighters have NO UNION like NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA etc.

ONLY when the UFC Fighters have a Fighters Union can they negotiate a FAIR Percentage of Revenue, 50-50 Split with the UFC, like the NBA, NHL & NFL.

Lorenzo pretty coy about revenues “it’s close to or it’s in the ballpark” bullshit.

The UFC ain’t splitting 50-50 until they are forced to and they should be since they have a MAJORITY MARKET SHARE in their Sport like the NBA, NFL, NHL etc.

TheViciousone Says, in 1-17-2012 at 13:27:16 from    

To all you haters who can’t grasp the concept of good business, continue holding your hand out, wishing for money to drop from the sky.

Don’t worry, self proprietors like myself who made and still make big money will continue paying taxes so that you can have the 50 bucks to watch something that you hate so much. It really isn’t a hard concept to grasp. Better yet you are the ones that are to cheap to use free money and probably just stream it anyway.

Then you have the real super idiots who claim that they know how people made there fortunes. The Mob? Really? Is that the best you have. Perhaps the entire Hollywood industry should be shut down then right? Some proof would be nice before you open your trap again.

Some of you need to get your mommma’s titty out of your mouth and grow some balls. Stop blaming your country, the mob or others for your laziness or aspirations of being a hamburger helper.

Guys making 6 and 6 in smaller shows is all they are ever going to make. The endorsement deals fighters get from fighting in the UFC is well over what the UFC is paying them. The UFC spends a lot of marketing money to promote these fights. Perhaps they should ask for some of their “investment” money back every show. If it wasn’t for UFC there would be no stage that these guys could make real money with. That’s why no one knows about these small shitty little shows and everyone knows who the UFC is.

Marc Says, in 1-17-2012 at 14:26:52 from    

@london_Jones…you sound like a typical modern hipster…or one them occupy wall street fools…your intentions meaning well but know nothing of the real world…just like the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s…eventually you’ll grow up…as for the NDAA…every country in the west has or does something similar now days…even if they don’t broadcast it….countries in the east do the same or are evening worse…ie….China\N. Korea….some of those countries hide behind God\Allah or religion to do whats described the NDAA…i guess you wouldnt know anything about that…just get back on your Apple computer and listen to you iPod and blog about whats trending in the world today!

rza808 Says, in 1-17-2012 at 14:28:06 from    

Some of you people are simple minded. Its not the UFC we hate. Its the politics and business practices behind it that are annoying. Let me see you train half your life to get paid peanuts or injured permanently. Then we’ll see who needs a tissue

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 1-17-2012 at 17:49:56 from    

I hate everyone!

noseel Says, in 1-17-2012 at 19:04:09 from    

MMA Live, and Gross Point Blank are good stuff.


bigtigger Says, in 1-17-2012 at 19:43:16 from    

I watched the full 45 min interview then this chopped version. What a joke.

Arod Says, in 1-18-2012 at 00:14:24 from    

The pay is good for the fighters if you compare to any other sport because the NHL, NFL, NBA, And MLB ect……. These make more because they play more break down a athletes pay and divide it by how many times they compete in a season and the pay is actual wat all these none title fighters are making GSP makes more in one night then micheal Vick, Tim Tebow do in one game combined so maybe the fighters should fight 10 to 16 times a year or more like MLB these other sports have to compete almost every other day aside from practicing so they should stop comparing and be happy they got a job and be one better to make that money

paddedummy Says, in 1-18-2012 at 02:28:51 from    

London Jones mamma be lovin that BBC, she be known as london tunnel vage and TheViciousone can relate to Zuffa because he owns a hotdog stand

FailSonnen Says, in 1-18-2012 at 05:43:24 from    

@MMAGiantSilva: Actually, Nick Pace got paid only $3000 to fight Miguel Torres, not 6000.

london_Jones Says, in 1-18-2012 at 08:01:00 from    

@Marc i know who you are now!BBBAAaaah BBBAAaahh little sheep your government say jump you say?…….LOL.
i need not say much more bar remember my words when your family have nothing…the clock is ticking for you little sheep and in the in you will feel let down and very very very silly about how you once thought! don’t take my words for it watch and see…

london_Jones Says, in 1-19-2012 at 12:41:20 from    

@paddedummy hahahahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaa…..oh….hahahahhahahahhahahahaaaaa….hold on hold on!… you are so funny…hahahahahahahahahahaaaa..you are to funnny….hahahahahahahahahahhaaaaa….OMG you are funny!!!……………no really you are so funny!….so so so so so funny!the bit about my mum owning a hotdog stand hahahahahahahahahaaa!! you should do stand up you really are that funny!….yeah Padde my mum is a real lover of black dick!…and you just know the funniest ways of taking the piss out of that fact! oh padde you are a funny guy!……….(silence)

Marc Says, in 1-19-2012 at 22:15:48 from    

@london_Jones…do us a favor…go get laid…even if you have to pay for it…and stay off them Harry Potter forumns…how old are you?…freaking loser!…and no, you don’t know who I am.


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