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MowHammer Says, in 11-27-2013 at 20:00:04 from    

So awkward

drewblood Says, in 11-27-2013 at 20:51:27 from    

i love Coleman… just a good ole Ohio wrastler who fought all over the world back in the day when there was little fame or money to be had from it. He never was comfy in front of the camera unless he just wont a fight or had a bunch of drinks. Who cares… he’s as old school legit as they come.
Headbutts bro…. headbutts…

smokes Says, in 11-27-2013 at 22:20:15 from    

living the dream awake? i wonder what coleman is on

paddedummy Says, in 11-27-2013 at 23:19:54 from    

OMG Coleman looks and sounds like the 80 year old homeless alcoholic hobo who sleeps on the bench I walk past everyday who asks me for spare change

Ozinator Says, in 11-28-2013 at 03:05:49 from    

he’s drunk, who cares how old he is? I laugh more at 20 year old idiots drinking because they’re scared to talk to p****, than I do a guy who’s already been there and could give a fuch. I’m drinking right now! lol

0bobmar Says, in 11-28-2013 at 06:23:20 from    

@smokes and paddedummy, got me rolling in laughter in the office over here. I best get back to work. HAHA!

dynamicsolid Says, in 11-29-2013 at 19:34:32 from    

Thanks for the video Bruno. I always rooted against him, but Coleman is a f****** legend. Only fought in one direction — straight forward. And for him to be trading tricks with Buchecha is a magical thing. This, plus nostalgia (plus the booze) is why he’s so happy and sentimental.

Buchecha is 23 and already one of the best, if not the best, gi and no-gi players in the world. And he already has an insane blast double! Him fighting MMA would be like a mix of healthy Brock, Roger Gracie, and Paul Harris. Pure beast.


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