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greengiant Says, in 7-15-2013 at 12:06:24 from    

Well that said you can bet anderson will be more ready this time. If he wouldn’t have clowned so much last time he was on his way to winning for sure.

glenn Says, in 7-15-2013 at 12:25:17 from    

I think Anderson got bored, this lose was good for him

Crocography Says, in 7-15-2013 at 15:32:29 from    

I think Anderson got tagged and fell hard on to the canvas, this loss was good for me.

MMAMessiah Says, in 7-15-2013 at 15:37:39 from    


Which part of that fight was Anderson his way to winning? The first round that he lost 10-9 or the second round where he got knocked out???

grzesiek86 Says, in 7-15-2013 at 17:22:28 from    

got bored? watch the first round.. anderson tried to take chris weidman’s head off .. he just was unable too because chris didnt fall for any of his tactics.. and anderson kept humiliating chris in hopes he would screw up.. but he never fell for s*** and ended up knocking out silva.. silva is no longer champ meaning he has to attack weidmans not vice versa.. and anderson is a counter-puncher not the agressor in any of his fights.. anderson is in for a rude awakening

brn Says, in 7-15-2013 at 18:20:20 from    

weidman will get knocked he was looking frustrated and got lucky but hey good on him he wont be champ for long weidman is over hyped

BiteMyBird Says, in 7-15-2013 at 19:03:11 from    

If Silva didn’t lose,he would have won?
Can’t you make that argument with any fight?

BiteMyBird Says, in 7-15-2013 at 19:05:53 from    

He lost the first round and was knocked out in the second round,yet some people think Silva was on his way to winning the fight.
What part of that fight would make anyone think Silva was about to win?

inverteddickkick Says, in 7-15-2013 at 20:02:27 from    

mma noobs should go the F*** home. has no one seen what anderson has been doing the last 10 years? its called getting into someones head, mentally defeating them, he was well on his way to doing that, you could see weidman was playing into his mental games by his expression and the fact he completely stopped his takedowns which actually worked well for him. Anderson has been bored in the ring his last bunch of fight and pushed his limits too far last weekend, time to reinvent himself and stop f****** around.. did he taunt leben or franklin in his fisrt 2 fight? F*** no he put them away with ease because he was focused. stop sucking weidmans nuts u fairy ass americans nut huggers

Massif bonar Says, in 7-15-2013 at 23:44:16 from    

I was liken it when he got maket look like a big old p****.

Moedawg Says, in 7-16-2013 at 01:21:16 from    

It may be too soon to say this, but I think Weidman has Anderson’s number.

shocktime Says, in 7-16-2013 at 04:44:10 from    

@grzesiek86 Are you blind or what? It’s like you think Anderson is some bum D-Level fighter. The dude is still easily top 10 fighters of all time. This includes boxing, kick boxing, muy thai, BJJ, etc. How about you show some respectfor one of the best that’s ever done it. If you think Weidman is going to be able to match Silva’s record as middle weight champ your crazy.
Silva loses one fight in 7 years and all of sudden all the haters say I told you he sucked. You guys are a Joke!

grzesiek86 Says, in 7-16-2013 at 11:09:51 from    

@shocktime did I say silva sucks? no so stfu. I said what happened in the fight and that silva is a counter-puncher not an agressor.. if u know anything about fighting you’d know for the rematch silva is out of his realm.

mike malo Says, in 7-16-2013 at 13:20:23 from    

silva didn’t throw the fight,get bored or anything else. he got caught clownin plain and simple.case closed.and he will lose again.


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