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gymflex Says, in 5-8-2012 at 11:48:59 from    

wow,that flying knee was brutal

lobosamurai Says, in 5-8-2012 at 12:27:19 from    

And he the Zuffa didn’t won’t to renew his WEC contract why….

Josip Says, in 5-8-2012 at 13:30:09 from    

Awesome finish, thanks for posting Bruno, you have a big hug from mma fan from Croatia, all the best

Twana Says, in 5-8-2012 at 13:56:27 from    

One of the best fights ever..

SlickRick210 Says, in 5-8-2012 at 13:56:37 from    

That announcer man…wow

Lando Says, in 5-8-2012 at 14:13:17 from    

Maybe he would have won if he just had one more tattoo…

wcoastassassin Says, in 5-8-2012 at 14:17:32 from    

SFL ownership is actually going about this very smart. They are not breaking the bank by getting the top talent, but giving fighters looking for a place to go a shot to earn a little money. Recognizable names and as far as I know the only game in India. 10,000 people at the gate, this thing has a good chance of taking off and will acquire more talent as they bring in revenue, the smart way to build a business. Much props to the creators. Very surprised though to see Doug Marshall get handled like this.

jack.perpetual Says, in 5-8-2012 at 15:05:36 from    

lobosamurai good at english he so not much is…

It’s all good though, I get what you’re saying and agree. The Rhino is gun shy and Zelg looks like a beast. Wait, isn’t this guy, Zelg, the deity of Scientology or something? I wouldn’t mind seeing him against some more skillful opponents in the near future.

BigPapa Says, in 5-8-2012 at 15:38:44 from    

Doug Marshall… what can I say that isn’t obvious???

Roe Jogan Says, in 5-8-2012 at 16:14:20 from    

Those two guys are in the same weight class?

Doug Marshall… dude, you have to throw something if you want it to land. The punch stats would be funny on this fight.

DavidJones Says, in 5-8-2012 at 16:50:35 from    

very nice attack he was all over him and he threw everything.

Axe Murderer Says, in 5-8-2012 at 17:44:29 from    

Wow he completely destroyed Marshall and Marshall’s no slouch. Ufc needs to sign this dude.

libo Says, in 5-8-2012 at 18:06:07 from    

is there any weight classes in this league? the difference in size is staggering

Pope Says, in 5-8-2012 at 18:19:37 from    

Beautiful combination by Galesic. He threw so much variety and Marshall had no idea what to do about it.

ratchola Says, in 5-8-2012 at 20:23:23 from    

CMONNNN….that galesic dude was like 25 punds heavier!!!….and the other guy was scared like hell…his face before the fight starts was priceless….

juniordoslightsout Says, in 5-8-2012 at 20:47:15 from    

wow That guy looks double his size on top of that baroni sucks I’m moving to india to save this leagues foreign potential and speak eglish instead of Jersey shore more like new your punk ass.

kidfrosty Says, in 5-8-2012 at 22:17:24 from    

That was brutal. Doug is a bada$$ which makes that last 12.5 seconds of the fight even more eye-popping. Yeah, I can’t believe there is only 2 kg. difference in those two guys.
So this Zelg guy, has or hasn’t been in the UFC? Looks like he could be Cowboy Cerrone’s big brother, but crazier.

iWay Says, in 5-8-2012 at 22:48:08 from    

dang, Rhino got tore up. that was a mismatch

wow Says, in 5-9-2012 at 08:10:04 from    


yo mane Says, in 5-9-2012 at 11:22:07 from    

Zelg aka Lil Cro Cop is so nasty on the feet but his submission game sucks pretty bad – anyone who gets tapped in the first by Shlemenko will probably never be an elite fighter. But Im a fan, and his striking alone is good enough to get him wins against solid competition with the right match ups but so far it hasn’t really happened. Hope he continues to improve. He looked extremely hungry and aggressive here, even more so than usual, so maybe we’ll see a new and improved Galesic from now on.

And as far as the size, Zelg’s a big MW and all but I was a bit surprised at the difference just cuz Rhino fought at LHW for so long. This looked pretty similar to Rhino’s fights with Brian Stann and James Irvin, both in size disparity and outcome.

Sunfish Hero Says, in 5-9-2012 at 22:18:19 from    

Who’s the meat head commentating Phil Baroni?

MuayThai Care Bear Says, in 5-9-2012 at 23:43:21 from    

Doug Marshall was the LHW belt holder in WEC, before losing it to Brian Stann. This guy Zleg could be a potential challenge for bones jones. Sign him up Dana.

OD Says, in 5-10-2012 at 12:00:40 from    

f****** Ustasha scum…


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