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Scottc Says, in 10-2-2011 at 00:18:08 from    

What a friggin fight both guys put on! The pace that these two kept up for five rounds was insane!! Congrats to the champ.

azzy09 Says, in 10-2-2011 at 00:32:40 from    

even though that went 5 rounds , that was bloody exciting man!!

jbeckcer2 Says, in 10-2-2011 at 00:54:28 from    

Wow…couldn’t even eat my doughnut…just keep watching…

kennypowers Says, in 10-2-2011 at 01:29:16 from    

Congratulations Cruz! You beat a dwarf.

Who’s next? a girl?

Bellend Bisping Says, in 10-2-2011 at 01:30:41 from    

i smoked like 5 cigs durin this fight. was so nervous wantin mouse to win. oh well. cruz is champ for a reason

ami Says, in 10-2-2011 at 01:41:51 from    

Great fight. Don’t know why this wasn’t fight of the night. Don’t get me wrong, the Wiman and Danzig fight was good as well, but Cruz and Johnson fought with the same amount of intensity and with the same incredible pace in all 5 rounds. 5 rounds!

Ibunn Says, in 10-2-2011 at 02:35:10 from    

Not a bad night of fights at all

straightAhead Says, in 10-2-2011 at 04:03:09 from    

Should have won fight of the night…. they were robbed… I am now officially impressed with Cruz. He needs to be marketed better. Also, is it just me or does anyone else think he resembles a young, skinny Frank Shamrock?

Bruno, can you come up with a side to side pic of each of them?

I think i heard that Frank was adopted so maybe Cruz is his long lost brother?

JJ Says, in 10-2-2011 at 07:49:46 from    

I got tired from watching it. It was some really sick pace. Was rooting for Mouse, but Dominick really fought well under the constant fire. Johnson will be back better and meaner

MMAGiantSilva Says, in 10-2-2011 at 08:34:49 from    

This was an awesome fight but no way in hell it was 50-45 which two judeges scored it MM won at least a round.

matt f Says, in 10-2-2011 at 08:36:06 from    

Thanks for the uploads Bruno. :-)

James Says, in 10-2-2011 at 08:46:38 from    

The pace was great! Cruz showed here that he has variety in his game, since it was obvious from the start that Johnson would be too fast in the stand-up. It good to see that the champ was able to show that he has a diverse game in order to keep his belt. His next step is to finish someone. If he can pull that off, he is on his way to being in the PFP top 10.

mr42069 Says, in 10-2-2011 at 10:24:35 from    

good fight, not overly impressed with cruz though. all he could really do was hold down mighty mouse, otherwise he was outclassed by johnson

chiroguy Says, in 10-2-2011 at 10:27:03 from    

Johnson’s footwork was simply amazing….Mighty Mouse could not stop the takedowns by Cruz and admitted post fight that Cruz was stronger than he thought..what a pace these guys held for 5 rounds. Great fight!!! Cruz is going to be the champ for quite some time…

sticky Says, in 10-2-2011 at 11:03:40 from    

Mighy Mouse came out with the best game plan yet against Cruz. He’s just too dang small. Get’s taken down like nothing. Great fight. I think Cruz’ stand up was exposed a bit.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 10-2-2011 at 11:07:40 from    

Cruz looks like he’s almost begging for a head kick sometimes.

Ozinator Says, in 10-2-2011 at 12:05:04 from    

no blame to Cruz who did at times try to finish after a takedown (let’s be honest, little guys can always disguise riding as “busy”)but the judging criteria for takedowns suck!

In this fight, a lot of energy was expended by mouse to get up when he wasn’t (for the most part) in danger….if takedowns that don’t cause damage were ignored by judges, mouse could have relaxed and waited for the humping to end and it would have forced more threats from Cruz as well.

It should be if you have a dangerous top game, go for a takedown and go for your strengths there but not expect points for just getting there.

The way it is, the guy who wasn’t hurt by a takedown or being ridden has to panic and expend energy to get up and try to get points to offset the otherwise meaningless takedown, so it hurts in more ways than just losing points.

I love boxing but this is supposed to represent reality of fighting as close as we can safely get and unrealistic scoring should be kept to a minimum.

(although on the street, a good suplex would kill someone hahaha…never mind)

agent002 Says, in 10-2-2011 at 14:50:33 from    

mighty mouse got robbed…all cruz did was take him down..not saying he didnt do anything just he Couldnt do anything after that. most of the fight was on the feet where mighty mouse dominated.

agent002 Says, in 10-2-2011 at 14:51:57 from    

but mighty mouse needs a s*** load of work on his takedown defence

chrismondo Says, in 10-2-2011 at 16:28:48 from    

If his hand wasn’t broken I wonder if Cruz would of won sooner instead of by unanimous decision. Good ass fight though.

Pope Says, in 10-2-2011 at 17:33:36 from    

I guess im one of the only people who didnt like this fight. All that dom and johnson did is move around fast and go for takedowns and miss punches. It was fairly uneventful besides sum takedowns and brief flurries. At no point was anyone in danger of being finished except for the rnc attempt. I am usually a big fan of the smaller fighters, but this fight did not get my mma nut for me.

genkimachina Says, in 10-2-2011 at 20:04:53 from    

I think Johnson should have earned an honorary 125 lbs championship from that performance.

jaydog Says, in 10-2-2011 at 21:21:22 from    

Not impressed with Cruz at all. Got outclassed by a much smaller opponent. The ONLY reason Cruz won is because MM was just too small to stop his takedowns. Cruz had one, maybe two; instances where he actually did something on the ground afterwards. Otherwise, MM would get back up. Bad coaching on MM’s side. After seeing the takedown issue, they shouldn’t have kept him pressuring Cruz against the cage. JMO.

ramrod Says, in 10-2-2011 at 22:51:45 from    

bullshit fight i would call that fight even but F*** unanimous WTF?

ramrod Says, in 10-2-2011 at 22:52:35 from    

they need an immediate rematch

eric R Says, in 10-3-2011 at 02:07:19 from    

kennypowers i bet that dwarf would put your ass on the floor and pound your head and put you to sleep whit his tiny hands… dont even had to say that you wouldn’t even be able to touch the Dominator

PitfighterZ Says, in 10-3-2011 at 19:52:42 from    

Mighty Mouse is amazing, but his size didn’t help him here. He just doesn’t wait enough to stop any TD attempts. Although it was beautiful watching him toss Cruz on his ass a couple of times.
Maybe at 125… or if he improves his striking, especially kicks.


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