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throdoresci Says, in 2-9-2009 at 13:06:01 from    

Cain’s boxing is hella crisp, in the future, i can see this dude beatin’ brock

DeltaSigChi4 Says, in 2-9-2009 at 13:21:02 from    

Outclassed. Horrible matchmaking by ZUFFA yet again.


toño Says, in 2-9-2009 at 14:21:28 from    

ive seen denis in other fights and he lookes totally different…..he was ttally unprepared for this fight……ths fight wass only to make cain velasquez look good….and he knows….thats why he was kinda unhappy at the end of the fight….ufc p**** matchmakers….

Mike Says, in 2-9-2009 at 21:47:05 from    

This is a tune up fight for Cain. Its suppose to make him look good. Also, he is only 4-0 he doesn’t deserve to fight in the big time yet. He has to put his time in. This was suppose to be a harder fight for him since Dennis is a good striker but unfortunately Dennis did not oblige.

PitFighterZ Says, in 2-9-2009 at 22:24:18 from    

The whole thing smells like arranged bull sh@t…

Cain is obviously a good fighter, but Denis didn’t even tried. I think hey are trying to beef up the weightclass to have some better competitors in the future. After all, nobody deserves to watch Tim Silvia fighting again. But, Brock is absolutely overrated, Minotauro has passed his prime by a mile and Frank Mir won’t cary the class by himself.
Time to bring in Fedor…

sibel Says, in 2-9-2009 at 23:40:27 from    

Not bad at all for a 3-0 fighter, but he has no killer instinct; and thats something you cant develop. In any case, hope for good things for him in the future

lovethemfights Says, in 2-10-2009 at 03:47:01 from    

I think a lot of people commenting here don’t know what they are talking about. Tune-up fight…yes, but still worth while for the ring time. Now in regards to the comment about Cain not deserving a shot because he is only (4-0), well that is plain stupid. I suggest whoever wrote that go and look at Brock Lesner’s record before his fight with Randy. It is all about selling the big show “PPV.” All the UFC cares about is selling the most PPVs and making the most money. Why has it taken this long for Lyoto to get a shot at the title (14-0)??? Because some people don’t find his style entertaining? All I’m saying is that it is not about who is winning anymore, it is just about who will bring in the bucks…for the most part.

paddedummy Says, in 2-10-2009 at 18:12:00 from    

Who would have thought that the guy with sagging man boobs would have lossed.

smack Says, in 2-10-2009 at 18:41:12 from    

hes only had 4 fights that was a really good performance, his punches seem to lack power for his size but he throws alot of them so its all good. look forward to see him develop, i wouldnt want that label on me and all the hype waste of engery thinkin about it all the time and having peoples expectations thrown at you

looks like a good dude, good luck to him

Drew Says, in 2-11-2009 at 00:07:31 from    

Stojnic had no business being in there with Valasquez. Clearly a mismatch. That being said, Cain is the real deal who is going to be tough to beat.

BakaSurvivor Says, in 2-11-2009 at 01:00:18 from    

Early stoppage

galvanize Says, in 2-20-2009 at 22:19:12 from    

I think this is arranged bull sh@t,Cain is not bad but Denis is much better fighter, he didn’t even tried :-S in this match.. why?? who knows…

Bigcat Says, in 3-10-2009 at 13:40:48 from    

WHoever thinks this was arranged is clearly not sure of what they are talking about. Alot of you people say stojnic was a bum, but look at his record he was 12-1. That means he beat 12 ppl and only had one loss. This guy was no bum, that being said, what great things can we expect from Cain?


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