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chaelpsonnen Says, in 1-28-2012 at 23:04:26 from    

something is wrong.

froshow Says, in 1-28-2012 at 23:26:32 from    

why wrong? i had him winning the first two rounds and the third maybe to maia

straightAhead Says, in 1-28-2012 at 23:38:50 from    

@Bruno… the vid is not viewable in certain countries (I happen to be in one of them). Any other links? and I can’t use Tor as i am at work.

Bruno: Works for me in France and for USA. Sorry, will put up better when available.

donkeyboner Says, in 1-29-2012 at 00:34:50 from    

i agree with the decision here, Chris did just enough. he wasn’t spectacular or anything but, considering the situation it says a lot for him and very little for one trick pony Maia

Dave Says, in 1-29-2012 at 01:08:21 from    

both of them sucked. at least Chris has a bit of an excuse. but Maia was sloppy

straightAhead Says, in 1-29-2012 at 03:46:58 from    

Damian has regressed.

In his pursuit to improve his striking he has lost some of his grappling skils. He had several opportunities to take Chris down and land in side-ctrl or mount but he insisted on standing with the guy.

Plus, why did he gas so badly? His hopes of ever making it back to fighting for a title are over unless he learns to use his entire skill set when the opportunities present themselves. His striking will never be elite so he has to use it to go to his strength which is to get close and take the opp down and drop the BJJ on him. Chael does that to perfection: just enough striking to set up the takedown and wrestle-phuck (or seize the sub if its there) the opp for the “W”. At the end of the day thats all that matters, the “W”

straightAhead Says, in 1-29-2012 at 03:47:36 from    

oh, and Bruno: thanks for the alternate link!!!

Greaz Says, in 1-29-2012 at 05:05:56 from    

this was the sloppiest fight

Vin Says, in 1-29-2012 at 07:13:13 from    

Why doesn’t Maia take people to the ground anymore? It’s as if he thinks he’s a boxer now ( with one punch).He was so exciting when he first arrived to the UFC and now he seems intent on proving he’s a well rounded fighter even if it causes him to lose.

btw Says, in 1-29-2012 at 11:16:53 from    

If you saw the pre-fight interview with Karyn Bryant Maia obviously had a bad cold days before the fight so that might have gassed him a bit. He was sniffling and sneezing and didnt look like he was 100%..but he showed up to fight like a man. Anyway, it was a bad match up for Demian either way.

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 1-29-2012 at 11:39:54 from    

the prelims were way better than this main card. Who’s bright idea was it to put this fight on FOX?! I was cringing the whole time.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 1-29-2012 at 12:00:23 from    

Wow Maia has some great boxing feints.Fake jab left staright,fake jab left straight.His coaches must be mad at him.Because he only threw a straight with not real setup except that fake jab.But a jab feint is useless until you hit the guy a couple of times with real jabs.Maia landed a big left straight on Munoz and now he thinks he can only strike with guys and still win.I like it that he doesnt want to be a grappler with no striking but that doesnt mean he should abandon what makes him a top fighter.

WhereIsTheBjj Says, in 1-29-2012 at 18:52:58 from    

Where is the Jiu Jitsu Demian?!, When you first got in the Ufc, you were on a tear. You submitted everybody!!!,Yes you got caught by Nate and yes Anderson was so scared of the ground game, he played keep away with you, but don’t think you’re a boxer now.Set your strikes up with take downs, foot sweeps and submit these guys on the ground!, they are not on your level! Bring back Jiu-Jitsu!!!!!!!!!

PitfighterZ Says, in 1-29-2012 at 18:59:29 from    

I hope that was the cold. Maia looked like he was in slow-mo and not very smart the whole fight. It seems like he was just content with surviving the 15 minutes.


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