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failsonnen Says, in 10-11-2012 at 17:02:56 from    

“My apologies I just got off the plane” — Shuuuuuuuuuuut upppppp

AOPrinciple Says, in 10-11-2012 at 17:10:52 from    

lol, he thinks he’ll submit Nog without training, because, “how hard can it be?”? omg. He must have been high during the interview. I really do hope he tries to do just that in round two. He’ll get his own arm broken.

UnbanNickDiaz Says, in 10-11-2012 at 18:21:02 from    

get this dude out of the UFC…hell I could beat him, and i have cancer spreadin thru my body

fightdontbefake Says, in 10-11-2012 at 18:42:54 from    

this guy is just f***** around, he knows he doesnt have a ground game and talks s*** about bjj all the time…lighten up f******, the dudes just joking around, hes prolly getting sick of “so whats your game plan?” well no s*** hes going to strike

muppetoflove Says, in 10-11-2012 at 18:53:35 from    

i would like this guy so much more if he never opened his mouth. I am not too impressed with Nogs jiu jitsu, but at least he has jiu jitsu unlike this clown. Really f’ed up to his jiu jitsu and grappling coaches to keep making statements like this.

josh Says, in 10-11-2012 at 20:41:44 from    

hermans a goof but a fun fighter i got $30 on him with a friend lol

BigPapa Says, in 10-11-2012 at 21:03:55 from    

I got money on Dave Herman

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 10-11-2012 at 21:12:17 from    

He was just kidding but still such a stupid thing to say. I dont think the stuff he says about BJJ is very clever either. I do think he is a big athletic guy and he will have the athleticism advantage. but Nog is better everywhere.

Dick Diaz Says, in 10-12-2012 at 04:19:24 from    

Hey UnbanNick, did you get your “protein shake” today. *gulp gulp* tasty!!! queer bait.

greengiant Says, in 10-12-2012 at 06:04:14 from    

come on people he is obviously joking.he has a different style of joking that a lot of people don’t get.


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