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Goomba Says, in 5-12-2012 at 21:27:22 from    

I love Ghita but that was kinda strange. He looked sick–like he had the flu or something.

Mexguit Says, in 5-12-2012 at 22:33:59 from    

Nice short hook.

bcizzo Says, in 5-12-2012 at 22:58:57 from    

hey bruno, longtime mmatko user here, thanks for all the vids these last few years man, this is my go to site for mma vids. Are you posting the diaz x estima match? Thanks again for all the vids, take care man!

Bruno: Did not happen. Nick was a no-show.

PitfighterZ Says, in 5-12-2012 at 23:36:07 from    

What makes this guy brilliant is his ability to always throw very precise and hurtful shots. His efficiency is uncanny!

Lando Says, in 5-13-2012 at 01:07:00 from    

holy ghost punch

KungFuLowKick Says, in 5-13-2012 at 02:05:23 from    

That was a fast punch.Even a lightweight punching that fast wuld be impressive.I had to rewatch it 4-5 times to see it well.

Shogun-Rampage 2 Says, in 5-13-2012 at 02:45:28 from    

@bcizzo yeahhhhh, diaz no showed, so dissapointing, estima was so pissed he said diaz is all talk, he came from the UK n cut weight like a professional and that hell fight diaz in a pro mma match haha reallly dissapointing though

Jon Says, in 5-13-2012 at 08:11:54 from    

WOW – he knocked him out whilst getting punched in the face!

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 5-13-2012 at 20:48:38 from    

Every Ghita fight is the same. He takes some punches, some leg kicks, waits for dude to tire, and BAM!

Survival Lobby Says, in 5-15-2012 at 02:00:00 from    

*waits for the token “fight was a work” comment.

robj4y Says, in 5-16-2012 at 18:47:12 from    

ligtning punch


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