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lowly Says, in 1-31-2012 at 16:55:04 from    

Why is there a gun in the background?

Ole douche pulled a Gingrich and dumped his gun related advertisers for the Fox contract. One of those “Yeah, we grew with y0u, but we don’t need you anymore. So, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.” deals.

Ass Booten Says, in 1-31-2012 at 18:14:25 from    

DAT ASS at 8:21

Bjjgearjunkie Says, in 1-31-2012 at 18:32:23 from    

How can you NOT get pumped up when that dude yells out “WE ROOOOOOLLIN!!!!”

ramrod Says, in 1-31-2012 at 19:25:31 from    

i hope the pats lose just cause dana likes them dat ass 1:31 but dang 8:21 woow

I might be too white but Says, in 1-31-2012 at 19:29:03 from    

I personally hate it when Burt starts yelling “We rollin’! Blahbitty blahbitty”. If you’ve trained all your life to fight and you’re not ready, 30 seconds of this guy screamin’ ain’t gonna get you there. He should at least ask if you want yellin’ or no yellin’.

cokezero Says, in 1-31-2012 at 20:13:03 from    

Damn that woman in the medical room looking at phil davis has a great ass

Mexguit Says, in 1-31-2012 at 20:25:20 from    

Dat AaAASSSS. Damn hot!

Randy Couture Says, in 1-31-2012 at 20:36:47 from    

whats with the cut on the shin, how did he get thay

Genghis Khan Says, in 1-31-2012 at 22:38:21 from    

Oh that booty…

GrapplingJ Says, in 2-1-2012 at 09:04:07 from    

Dear Anthony Johnson:

Chris Weidman cut 32 pounds in 10 days. It can be done.


Dana White

yourmomsucks Says, in 2-1-2012 at 11:10:05 from    

Phil Davis looked scared before he walked out to fight

d12ae Says, in 2-1-2012 at 12:17:00 from    

good eye brotha ,good eye

dazzers Says, in 2-1-2012 at 13:19:14 from    

the reason there is a gun in the background is because its Guns n Roses

Dave Says, in 2-2-2012 at 00:28:49 from    

omg that is one perfect ass! we are all drooling while she has a pants on. imagine that ass in bikini?? dayoooomm.

donkeyboner Says, in 2-2-2012 at 03:01:40 from    

oooo damn! that booty WAS pretty impressive. let’s see…trying to recall, the guys (Randy and Jon) seemed nervous. I’ve seen and heard tape and commentary from both plenty of times, and they’re always smooth. During the live broadcast on FOX, I noticed Jon especially was stuttering and tripping over his words a lot. They must have realized what a big deal it was. What else….Bisping is becoming a top notch fighter in my eyes. I not only feel like he won his fight and got totally robbed, but he didn’t even act like a douche about it. Good for him. It took BJ a long time to grow out of that phase, but once he did, he was not only a better fighter but a better person. Oh, and Rashad! I was so impressed. He looked awesome. Before this fight, I kinda felt like his thunder might have been stolen. But, now it would seem the Jones fight isn’t as cut and dry as it might initially appear. I realize Jones will come in as a heavy favorite, and will likely be my pick, but Shad just might have somethin for him. Since the Machida fight we learned Rashad is far from invincible, but he has shown excellent game planning in every fight since then. Being humbled can do wonders.


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