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MMAgiantsilva Says, in 2-28-2013 at 17:12:39 from    

Interesting. Grice seems like a cool ass dude. The brat pack at the end with Ronda was extremely annoying though.

c..kid Says, in 2-28-2013 at 22:41:29 from    

dana@ 6……lol nice

Ground St. Pound Says, in 2-28-2013 at 23:55:58 from    

I too am annoyed by Ronda having so many females in her family. Or at least don’t bring them b ackstage. Even Ronda started acting like a girl! She needs to man up and be more masculine like me. Plus I want to see her finally KO someone. All this armbarring is getting very predictable. One trick pony.

Chris Says, in 3-1-2013 at 02:18:45 from    

Jesus, give me a f****** second to turn my audio down…

Yomommamoto Norifumi Says, in 3-1-2013 at 02:42:08 from    

“Now I wont have to cut you”


F**k having that mega douche as a boss.

You don’t talk to a legend like Faber like that and you don’t talk to your stable of fighters like that.

They are the attraction that makes your business so much money you grandiose A-hole.

His face on this video before you click play sums him up.

Rousey and Carmouche are totally awesome.

What a proud debut for womens MMA carried themselves with total class the whole time.

greengiant Says, in 3-1-2013 at 07:05:05 from    

I almost hope for another true rivalry.This “after we fight we kiss each others asses” stuff is getting old.Can dana start out by not saying “whats up everybody”? We will see.

greengiant Says, in 3-1-2013 at 07:08:59 from    

@Yomommamoto Norifumi- Exactly.Dana got some success,got rich and got some “power”. It changed him to an arrogant prick.He use to be shy and un-confident but give someone “power” and you see their true self emerge.Karma gets everyone.

dmfh1981 Says, in 3-1-2013 at 13:30:39 from    

@ greengiant- right on bro! I said the same thing self…BEFORE-Dana was a little b*tch that wore cheap suits, was semi going bald, & resembled a borderline pedophile, kind of like one of those people that work at a convenient store in the middle of nowhere. Does anyone remember that first interview when ‘he’ first purchased the UFC? He wouldn’t even look sttaight at the camera (kind of like Nick Diaz). NOW-he grew a bank account & some nuts & now he’s all ‘out spoken’. WAKE UP you people who think Dana White is a genius! He knew the right family that had money to loan him. He was in the right place at the right time, it wouldn’t have been him, it would’ve been someone else…he is not a mastermind. I do, however, give him respect for believing in something that no one else did at the time.

Championyouk Says, in 3-2-2013 at 04:30:02 from    

To dana haters.
The Faber thing….
They are friends you dummies. They have numerous videos together and it was a joke. Why do u think faber says I still think your weird and laughs. Dana loves Uriah. If your a faber fan you should love dana.

Championyouk Says, in 3-2-2013 at 04:31:39 from    

Uriah also starts that exchange screaming “Hey nub”.
A nub is someone who sucks.


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