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Nick Tha Tooffff Says, in 2-16-2013 at 10:33:28 from    

I really admire D. White for working like a mad man just we can enjoy the greatest f…ing fight show ever!!! Hope he heals 100%, so we can have a heathy UFC president for many years to come.
Even “Nick Tha Tooth” does some crazy sh.t just to ensure Dana get respect. Dana probably can’t drink because of his professional obligations and medical condition. Nick really fills in for Dana’s voids. Good sh.t man! We all need a homie like that. My father gave $10,000 to Rorion Gracie as one of the first investments to start the UFC in 1993. As a 12 yr old I watched the garage practices and conversations about how to make the UFC a reality and right now, I have the highest level of respect for this company. I’m a fan of the greatest mma promoters ever!

God Bless the UFC!!!

Nicklovesdana Says, in 2-16-2013 at 10:38:17 from    

Great tits on the ring girl.

elvislad Says, in 2-16-2013 at 11:25:56 from    

Naughty Tooth causing a right rumpus!lol

p*********** Says, in 2-16-2013 at 11:33:53 from    

that s*** at the end was so funny

Krio Says, in 2-16-2013 at 11:58:17 from    

@Nick Tha Tooffff

Please keep the GOD thing out please, I do not believe in god and don’t want to hear about it on a MMA forum thanks so please be polite next time you post and respect other people

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 2-16-2013 at 12:08:23 from    

f****** Nick the Douche again.I can’t expect a guy like Dana White to have non douchey friends though.But come on leave this talentless leech out of your video blogs…

ramrod Says, in 2-16-2013 at 12:31:51 from    

chichis christ

Vic77 Says, in 2-16-2013 at 12:56:39 from    

lol……Dana thought snuff was illegal and pussed out

mmraider81 Says, in 2-16-2013 at 15:22:32 from    

Nick Tha Tooffff, No s*** brotha damn thats a cool story! Oh and to the idiot KRIO, dude shutup with that s***! Its freedom of speech so if you dont like what he ha sto say about GOD then dont read it!

Just0 Says, in 2-16-2013 at 15:39:28 from    

I’m sure Dana and Douche Tooth have put nastier s*** up their noses. Vegas has some of the best yayo in the US. lol

senshidojo Says, in 2-16-2013 at 21:43:53 from    

Agree with mmaraider81

If you are so weak as to cannot handle freedom, you are on the wrong forum.

Yomommamoto Norifumi Says, in 2-17-2013 at 04:31:33 from    

People can say what they want on forums…it’s kinda the point….

As to God = impolite I can think of worse in short grow a f**king personality you brain washed secular tard.

Dana X Toof combo is starting to smack of Jack Ass…..then again this is the UFC/TUF boss’s vlog…

“Is this legal” – b***h. You’re standing in the middle of a packed bar and he’s what? offering you blow? you freakin’ mongoloid relax yo tight ass. Corporate f**ker.

Cub took a few blinks to switch off ON MODE. Dudes for real! Looks in to opponents eyes to see the future obviously.


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