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Kill em All Says, in 12-8-2011 at 10:49:36 from    

I love this type of Blogs…Thanks Dana for making them, and thanks Bruno for posting them

AxeMURDUH Says, in 12-8-2011 at 11:02:08 from    

i love these blogs, looking forward to the next one and that was hug at the end was awsome love seeing respect like that from the owners and amongst the fighters after they fight.

greengiant Says, in 12-8-2011 at 11:29:42 from    

damn.warriors there

comptonassdirknowitski Says, in 12-8-2011 at 12:30:22 from    

some real s*** right there

Hanabahn Says, in 12-8-2011 at 13:19:12 from    

I have to agree, these are some good blogs.

ironthumb Says, in 12-8-2011 at 14:01:48 from    

That was the first UFC event I ever went too and it was awesome! Seeing it live and in person is much better then seeing it on TV. All of the warriors that we seen fight that night no matter win or lose are true warriors. I realized that night that those fighters are a special breed and are no joke. I am a 100% fan! Thanks for the vlog!

amosaback Says, in 12-8-2011 at 14:25:58 from    

Wanderlei is such a genuinely good guy. I really respect his humility and gratitude.

MattyP Says, in 12-8-2011 at 15:33:29 from    

I absolutely looove and enjoy these “behind the scenes” vlogs. I’m happy Dana White is cool with giving the fans a better sense of what it is like. Intriguing to say the least. Much respect for all fighters.

Oh and btw, I introduced my boy Jay-O (pigpy) to this site. I hope he enjoys it! Bruno you do an amazing job, thanks!

ThatDude Says, in 12-8-2011 at 16:13:15 from    

I want to see Cung Le vs Lyoto. Hopfully Cung will Come back 10 Times Stronger. Warnderli was Fighting like Warnderli Of Old That night.

xformat01 Says, in 12-8-2011 at 16:33:32 from    

I could watch this stuff for hours and hours and hours. Thanks for posting Bruno!!!

Dharmaboy Says, in 12-8-2011 at 17:52:48 from    

That Shogun and Hendo fight should have been a draw. It would have been a great ending to probably the greatest fight I have seen in MMA.

These Vlogs are the bomb.

Turboobsessed Says, in 12-8-2011 at 17:54:19 from    

These blog videos still continue to deliver! Its crazy how shogun’s face was after the fight. Just wow…

J-Bone Says, in 12-8-2011 at 18:08:14 from    

Its unbelievable what these fighters put themselves through. I don’t know how they do it. To see Shogun so banged up, I felt bad for him and the others who lost. Lets face it, they get F*** all money and they work harder and put their ass on the line like no other athlete. A different breed altogether. Much respect!

Dr steel Says, in 12-8-2011 at 19:26:15 from    

freakin badd azz!

KRUsouljahz Says, in 12-8-2011 at 20:07:12 from    

great vlogs, my respect grows for the company every time i see these because of the professionalism behind the scenes and the relationship between owners and fighters

Pak Machino Says, in 12-8-2011 at 20:41:49 from    

Hell yeah these kind of videos are awesome!!! Please keep em coming!!

axl782 Says, in 12-8-2011 at 20:42:30 from    

i agree! tx Bruno!!!!

OverHandGoodNight Says, in 12-8-2011 at 21:11:52 from    

what these guys do for a dollar. It aint for me. Love watching it though.

Powertele Says, in 12-8-2011 at 22:12:12 from    

One thing, the warriors thank the two fat rich guys way too much. The two fat rich guys need to thank the warriors and be humble for them putting their lives on the lines. Think about it. How many guys needed surgery? Hendo and Shogun could barely stand after the fight. It is like wealthy men sending young boys to war. I would like to see the owners more humble to those that sacrifice. We should all tweet and blog about this. Make the owners appreciate the warriors and fans.

Newfie Jiujitsu Says, in 12-9-2011 at 15:35:19 from    

always enjoy watching these!! keep them coming. thanks bruno!

oaklandblackouts Says, in 12-10-2011 at 02:06:07 from    

good video – see the real emotional side of things after the fact…so crazy what these fighters put on the line. many don’t see what goes on after the fight and are only in tune w/ what goes on under the bright lights. getting these windows into the post fights is priceless.


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