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Ozinator Says, in 4-14-2013 at 19:59:09 from    

Dana White still thinks he’s right about women’s MMA not having enough talent to make one division until his perfect timing of creating one?? What a willfully ignorant arsehole. If that’s true why did the last two Invicta cards –from undercard to top look better than every other UFC event this year? Not only that, the technical aspect of most of the Invicta fights were better than the stationary headed, hands down brawl of HIS girl fight last night (was a great fight though). Dana is such a dich

skifri3 Says, in 4-14-2013 at 23:25:55 from    

“How come the last 2 Invicta cards were better than every UFC event this year”

Wow… you state that as if it’s an undeniable fact that no one would dispute. Sounds like you’re just looking for a reason to hate. Talk about being a dich…

greengiant Says, in 4-15-2013 at 03:24:09 from    

@Ozinator – I agree dana is an a hole.I could go on for a while about dana but its not worth it.

greengiant Says, in 4-15-2013 at 03:27:12 from    

I’ll tall you one thing though,he seemed good in the interview but he was disappointed in the outcome of the tuf finale and the womens fight,you could see it in his face in the cage.The ufc has their plans they want to happen and then fighters change that.Another example of many is when randy couture beat tito and chuck,he spoiled the ufc’s plans big time.

wcoastassassin Says, in 4-15-2013 at 09:07:24 from    

Fox Sports 1 is a dumb decision. Fox flopped for 10 years or more with Fox News and they botched it, they would constantly have the wrong scheduled posted the tv guide, it would always be something different than what it said it was and that made it hard for people to tolerate. Hopefully they either dump FUEL TV though, or talk some of these cable companies into carrying it, because most people can’t get it.

Ozinator Says, in 4-15-2013 at 09:34:34 from    


Don’t miss the greater point. Fine, you watched the invicta cards top to bottom and disagree that they were better than all the super exciting UFC events……..you still think though that they weren’t very competitive and proved that there is more than enough talent to make other divisions? dich is in your court, dana licker.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-15-2013 at 15:55:37 from    

I wouldn’t agree with the fact that all the Invicta fights were better,but we definitely saw the girls were as talented as the handfull of girls signed by the UFC.Him still talking about talent proves that he rarely watches fighters from other leagues.In Dana’s mind,you suck until you fight in the UFC.

inverteddickkick Says, in 4-15-2013 at 20:03:15 from    

everybody is a dich in there own way. at least dana has the balls to tell the media exactly how it is 95% of the time. the guy wears his heart on his sleeve. like it or not the ufc would not be where it is today without dana white

atomos Says, in 4-15-2013 at 20:58:01 from    

dana white = attention whore

lorenzo fertitta is the company ceo.
we don’t see him or hear from him.
he brings us good mma fights.
we get the fights, he gets some of out $$$.

dana white needs to learn that much from fertitta.
nobody gives a shyt about waht dana thinks about anything.

mrl3 Says, in 4-16-2013 at 01:31:33 from    

A lot of fighters are good in the 1st round. Hall does not have the killer instinct when he gets tired. That can not be taught.

MajorTom Says, in 4-16-2013 at 10:59:55 from    

Women’s mma has years to go before it hits the level of mens’. Women are slower, less technical and have no power.

Matt Says, in 4-16-2013 at 13:29:10 from    

@ Ozinator Okay, so Dana is DICH because he doesn’t create a multi teired women’s division overnight? Are you retarded? The UFC is a business with a full roster of fighters, and you are wondering why they don’t double their staff with the snap of a finger. Two things- there has to be enough of a fan base to DO that. You wstched the Invicta cards and liked them- but noone cares, not even your momma. Dana has done MORE FOR THE SPORT OF MMA THAN YOU EVER WILL IF YOU LIVED 10000 YEARS, so your hyper inflated sense of importance and your asshole grade pootonium of a comment does… not.. amount… to.. s***!!!

Matt Says, in 4-16-2013 at 13:36:23 from    

@ atomos Your logic about Lorenzo doesn’t make sense. His job doesn’t entail addressing the media. Dana’s job does. Dana’s job is to EXPRESS LORENZO’S OPINION- you think he’s just freeballin’ all the time, just because it looks that way? So Dana should take a page from Lorenzo’s book and NOT address the media? HOLY CANOLIE, SOMEONE GET THE PRESIDENT ON THE PHONE, THIS GUY IS THE WORLDS NEXT SUPER GENIUS. WOW, I feel sorry for the staff at UFC because they are doing a spectacular job but half of their fan base are knuckle dragging jackenapes.

Ozinator Says, in 4-16-2013 at 21:08:43 from    

Matt said,

“You wstched[sic] the Invicta cards and liked them- but noone[sic] cares”

Even if no one cares, ad populum is a bad appeal and has nothing to do with truth. Were you to have watched the invicta cards and understood mma, you’d see why that invalidates your entire post. Capping and projecting stupidity won’t help your case…no matter how loud and angry you get.

A good intro to logic written at a 9th grade level would be “Aristotle and an Aardvark go to Washington”…maybe you can get your mom to read it to you? You are welcome


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