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MaxPain Says, in 2-1-2013 at 08:18:04 from    

Seems to be that they have really failed to market the Bigfoot vs Overeem fight. That’s the sort of fight that looks fascinating to the outsider. Two monsters going at it!

Boner89 Says, in 2-1-2013 at 08:30:27 from    

I want a nick the tooth tshirt too…

stu11 Says, in 2-1-2013 at 10:50:14 from    

I want a Nick the Tooth t-shirt also!

Amosaback Says, in 2-1-2013 at 11:34:10 from    

You’re right, MaxPain. Many MMA fans would complain if Overeem vs Bigfoot were advertised more prominently than the title fight, but that is exactly the sort of Clash of the Titans that would interest non-fans to watch an event.

Tear Says, in 2-1-2013 at 14:10:59 from    

Interviewers should not be yes men.. or yes she dogs.

Thxer Says, in 2-1-2013 at 14:38:42 from    

They can say it all they want, Aldo vs Edgar is not a super fight. A.S. vs GSP is a super fight. Bones vs Cain is a super fight. Edgar lost his title and dropped a weight class because he couldn’t beat Bendo. This is a big fight, but it is NOT a super fight.

samuraitato Says, in 2-1-2013 at 18:32:26 from    

Interviewers-_this lady is probably one ot the top 3 …intelligent questions and knows the sport of mma…and not boring….fan from Panama

Dr. Says, in 2-1-2013 at 19:12:37 from    

Edgar couldn’t beat Hendo in the eyes of a couple of judges in the last fight. Hence, the split decision.

Both fights were close and could go either way. Judges haven’t f-ed up decision ever, have they? Edgar dropped a weight class because he was fighting above where he should’ve been AND he was champ. Bendo barely took it from him BOTH times. Edgar could drop another class still. He was hardly running with his tail between his legs.

I’ll agree that it’s not a super fight in terms of a great difference between classes (or current champs) like the fights Thxer has mentioned. But it’ll still be a class of two badass, top guys and Edgar is still considered by many people to be the Lightweight Champ.

Edgar vs Aldo will be a more competitive and exciting fight that AS vs GSP. Look at what GSP has to do to win that fight and tell me it’ll be better than Edgar/Aldo.

straightAhead Says, in 2-2-2013 at 05:58:32 from    

DOnt see why people hate on Karen but Love Arel Helwani… They both play to the subjects of their interviews. But I will say they are both afraid to call out Dana on particular subjects. Case in point is Dana’s recent comments about Randy Couture. I guess Randy can kiss his Hall of Fame status with the UFC good bye

canguy Says, in 2-2-2013 at 18:17:16 from    

Karen is great and I can’t stand Ariel. All he does is try and plug his shoes and try and start s*** with everyone single fighter by bringing things up to try get juicy quotes. He’s basically creating beef. I honestly don’t think that’s what the world needs. Look at how Karen started the interview, she brought up positive aspects of Overeem and what its like to have that charisma working for the UFC rather than talking s*** about someone and getting Dana to talk s*** on that person. Does this sport really need someone instigating beefs between fighters?


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