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Jake Says, in 9-20-2011 at 23:17:12 from    

Does anyone know what bad experience he was talking about at ufc 33?

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-20-2011 at 23:33:39 from    

the national anthem use to mean something but not anymore. fascist america has no need for such songs

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 9-20-2011 at 23:50:49 from    

@Jake – The National Anthem is what they were referring to, I believe.
Looks like Strikeforce probably won’t be around for fighters to vie for the open belts.♠

kingdean Says, in 9-20-2011 at 23:55:40 from    

f’n sad how there r***** the strikeforce roster
HW,LHW,WW champs and cung le all gone.

straightAhead Says, in 9-21-2011 at 01:39:15 from    

UFC basically r***** SF for their top fighters. SF is as dead as Pride!

metallica fan Says, in 9-21-2011 at 01:46:57 from    

@jake and Kounta kulcha. he was referring to when the ppv cut out because all the decisions. Rite in the middle of the ortiz fight the ppv stopped

Venomous Says, in 9-21-2011 at 01:47:14 from    

C’mon guys, who didn’t see this coming? I’ll miss Strikeforce yes, but damn we are going to get some pretty sweet fights from its demise.

gsfdgfs Says, in 9-21-2011 at 02:01:11 from    

they should stop being a supporter for the us military. we all know what a f****** mess they brought to the world with us politics and their military actions. maybe being a supporter for real peace is not making a big deal of money eh?

dirty Says, in 9-21-2011 at 02:06:16 from    

Now we know what “business as usual” means.

Goomba Says, in 9-21-2011 at 02:25:20 from    

@Kulcha, yes he was referring to the National Anthem. Jake knew that. What he was asking was what actually occurred during UFC 33. What went wrong with the National Anthem performance. I would also like to know.

Yommomamoto Norifumi Says, in 9-21-2011 at 03:47:46 from    

“Business as usual”

Corporate America.

The Neo Fascist Narco Military Industrial Corporate Media r*** and pillage routine.

Why should the industry of MMA be any different?

There’s a blue print for this type of scorched earth policy, “Never Neutral”, black and white mentality.

Fascist America the land of the Ubermensch.

Streamlined. All powerful, unthinking, never reflecting, rolling rolling rolling, keeping moving forward, crush the weak, only the strong survive.

That’s what guys like Get Some and the other HUA’s don’t get, so caught up with defending the meaning of “valor” “honour” “courage” etc… they don’t understand that while they and their buddies who surely do define and exemplify these words and really are fighting and dying – ultimately they are doing so at the behest of people who’s ethos is not admirable or honorable – it’s MONEY.

One minute you’re meant to be aiding “oppressed people” and the next you realize you’re destroying their lives by doing the oppressing.

And back home the interests of America, in the way of it’s masses, it’s majority population are negligible. Ignored. Not considered. Irrelevant. Inconsequential.

GREED = MONEY = POWER = CONTROL repeat cycle, interchange words it’s all the same.

And it stretches right out to prime time sports esp. “warrior” sports.

It’s all about PERCEPTION and the control of.






All present a fear based scenario that demands an appropriate over-reaction.

Problem – reaction – solution.

Ordo ab chaos.

Order out of chaos.

Gee wonder what sort of organization would have a motto like that…..

shocktime Says, in 9-21-2011 at 04:26:10 from    

It?s obvious Dana is slowly and quietly dismantling StrikeForce. After the Cormier and Barnett fight I’m pretty sure They’re gonna get rid of StrikeForce for good.

whitesword88 Says, in 9-21-2011 at 04:32:39 from    

Now come on Daina you know Jones is the man, he is gonna kill Rampage!!! And for all the Show gun lovers out there, here we go again, he will loose!He lost to Griffin, then he lost, then he won, then he lost to Jones. Not to mention the fact he got subbed and lost the 205 bout in brazil in their championship back in late 2008 to Babalou Sobral. Oh OK he was injured right? No he just can’t win 2 fights in a row, he will loose 2 in a row now!!!!!!

not anonymous Says, in 9-21-2011 at 10:17:38 from    

Before throwing words like “fascist” around, maybe you guys should reacquaint yourselves with the meaning. It seems as if you’re interchanging the word “capitalist” with “fascist”. Now ask yourselves if the American people (in general) are even intellectual enough to become fascist, or if they’re just skin-bags consuming any garbage that Wal-mart and cable television trickle down to them. Here is the result… Dana White buys and destroys any organization who can oppose his capitalist monopoly and you’re stuck with any garbage he chooses to give you. Sound familiar? (AT&T, Comcast, Wal-mart, Amazon, Microsoft,Home Depot,Auto-zone)Try getting through life without patronizing those companies and realize how bad monopoly is.

straightAhead Says, in 9-21-2011 at 10:28:44 from    


That was well said…. I understand the idea of needing a military and defending one’s country but the conflicts tend to be corporate driven and hidden behind a facade of morality.

JoeDog Says, in 9-21-2011 at 11:46:50 from    

So, Strikeforce has no HW or LHW champion?

arod Says, in 9-21-2011 at 12:01:17 from    

Jon Jones has fought enough top contenders to be classified as a P4P fighter even if he beats Rampage dana is now throwing the P4P title around like it means nothing

jdogg Says, in 9-21-2011 at 12:23:45 from    

Don’t blame the military, they’re just doing their job. Blame the people who send them into action for selfish reasons.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 9-21-2011 at 12:45:52 from    

It’s really true but if the soldier to be would actually look up at the war his country is in,it would help alot.If the guy sees that he will just go there to defend Poppy fields and shoot schools then he shouldn’t enlist.It’s easy to say it’s not my fault it’s my governemnt who sent me.But at the end the President won’t give a s*** on how many people were murdered.But the soldier on the other hand will be the one to realize he killed innocent people from his own hands and it will utlimetly be his fault.And there’s no draft so the soldier willingly goes overseas and kills people.

Lodovik Says, in 9-21-2011 at 14:22:37 from    

This whole killing Strikeforce thing is bad for MMA and IMHO also for the UFC. You must have some place where less experienced fighters get some wins, where fighters with bad runs go to get back on winning track, and also where just less known/skilled guys go to make a good show. Remember how Chad Griggs beat the s*** out of Bobby Lashley? That fight would never happen in the UFC. You need smaller shows to support the big ones. Well, hopefully something new will arise from the ashes of Strikeforce in the future.

Jake Says, in 9-21-2011 at 16:18:25 from    

@Goomba Your right I know he was obviously referring to the national anthem. He made it sound like maybe the fighters or audience didn’t like the national anthem because maybe there was a lot of foreigners there and they started booing or something. Because he said something happened in UFC 33 which is why he wont play the national anthem anymore.
Does anyone know?

alexandro420 Says, in 9-21-2011 at 22:20:22 from    

A combination of things (having 3 title fights, playing the National Anthem) caused the even to go over it’s allowed time. As a result, the Pay-Per-View feed cut out on many providers during the main event resulting in plenty of pissed off people.

Jake Says, in 9-22-2011 at 03:15:47 from    

@metallica fan and alexandro420

ahh ok thanks. I read metallica fan’s post and I assume he meant it caused the event to go on too long but it didn’t seem likely… doesn’t seem like the blame should go on the anthem though. Oh well I think it would be weird having the anthem playing anyway.

yo Says, in 9-22-2011 at 19:20:55 from    

This is an mma post but it seems like half of the comments are U.S. bashing. Do they teach history in that little place you people live, should have let you all become german…hahaha. Thats messed up right. You should all thank america that you get to live and breath as a free person. Long live AMERICA..

paddedummy Says, in 9-23-2011 at 02:49:04 from    

The AMERICAN history you learned was nothing but lies. You are so free in America that your government jails you for deciding what plants you consume

metallica fan Says, in 9-23-2011 at 20:53:11 from    

@ jake Ya its cuz there were so many 15 and 25 minute fights that it ran out there time slot and the ppv cut out haf way through the main event. so now dana will never allow that many title fights on one card to ensure that never happens again

IKnives Says, in 9-24-2011 at 05:07:02 from    

You have a point but if you are preaching humanity then look at it for yourself. Most who enlist are a product of a well planned and very powerful sophist rhetoric. They are mostly just decent people thinking they are doing what is right. No more or less than the next man. Most soldiers do not commit atrocious crimes. As always the few will diminish the great and honorable work of the many. If we allow ourselves to be caught up in the sensationalism of world events we lose sight of the bigger picture. The military industrial complex is the monster. Political sophist are the force behind the rhetoric that indoctrinates the weak minded into supporting this monster. Know your true enemy. Love your brother.

Ozinator Says, in 9-24-2011 at 11:00:24 from    

I love the discourse here! I would normally comment on USican exceptionalism but there is an elephant in here!

Dana, Does this now mean that Fedor lost to a light heavy weight and not a 207 pound “middle weight” like you kept saying?


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