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tallandsincere Says, in 4-19-2013 at 14:13:28 from    

Dana Made the UFC man, looking back at him in the early UFC 30′s where about to go busy with a full head of hair,

he just owns it now, he cares so much

Yes they sell out with fights like Sonnen vs Jones, but he has done so much

Mr Wunderbar Says, in 4-19-2013 at 14:36:02 from    

“You are going back to Boston, how big are you going to blow that up?” Wow Karyn, how much of a dumbass are you? really??!!

KungFuLowKick Says, in 4-19-2013 at 14:39:34 from    

This card is stacked from top to bottom.The undercard fights could be in a main card.Tim Means vs Jorge Masvidal is the fight I’m looking forward to.2 nasty strikers who are never in a boring fight.Mein vs Brown,Elkins vs Mendes,Diaz vs Thompson, Mir vs Cormier, Melendez Henderson.I don’t know wich one will be FOTN.This card is a big contrast to UFC 154 wich was probably the most boring UFC event ever.

jdogg Says, in 4-19-2013 at 14:44:26 from    

Karyn Bryant. Didn’t watch.

Tankless Says, in 4-19-2013 at 15:04:45 from    

Wow …did she really say that????

TheGMan Says, in 4-19-2013 at 15:22:52 from    

Wow! Take the mic from this woman. Jeeeezus, did she really f****** say that?!

MMAgiantsilva Says, in 4-19-2013 at 15:40:50 from    

She should lose her license that is not even funny for shock jock radio.

dub Says, in 4-19-2013 at 16:26:09 from    

can some one please post the video time for her comment on boston? I must have missed it because I didn’t catch her saying about anything blowing up or anything bad.. What did she say?

TJ Says, in 4-19-2013 at 17:51:13 from    

How the F*** do you accidentally say that? Dumb chunt!

Tear Says, in 4-19-2013 at 17:53:23 from    

Let me guess Karyn Bryant dressed up as a poodle, agreed with every single thing Dana said, and talked about herself?
If there was a god, their would be no Karyn Bryant in mma media.

Pooly Says, in 4-19-2013 at 18:22:42 from    

I’ve been saying for YEARS that Karyn Bryant is a dumb b*tch…..and she often looks like she wants to f*ck the fighters she’s interviewing. I’ve always found her disgusting, and now she’s added a new dimension to her grossness. More than one person has called me a hater, believe me, I’m not…..at least not of her.

Dream-Machine Says, in 4-19-2013 at 18:42:22 from    

Leave her alone, she made a mistake and caught herself. I’d rather look at her than Ariel personally.

DanielMcfate Says, in 4-20-2013 at 00:02:24 from    

5:02 for the comment. Dumb but not meant for shock value. Judge for yourself though.

Assapopalous420 Says, in 4-20-2013 at 00:08:29 from    

i think karyn should be fired and josh rosenthal is my hero. makes sense y he stopped munoz vs weidman so late he was baked out of his tree

pangea12 Says, in 4-20-2013 at 01:17:19 from    

Yeah, I’m not a fan of her either but ease off of her huh? She’s just making a living and isn’t blowing anything up…’no pun intended’ – Karen Bryant…but man that was a dumb thing to say.

coltrane Says, in 4-20-2013 at 04:17:09 from    

SHE CAUGHT HERSELF, very understandable slip as the event is on all of our minds SHE FELT BAD AND HANDLED IT WELL.

and i don’t even like Karyn Bryant! But fair’s fair…

tobes Says, in 4-20-2013 at 08:50:28 from    

She speaks Portuguese fluently, she’s a quicker wit than most interviewers, she flirts a little bit but it’s always good natured, and she asks important questions.

If you think a woman is not attractive, then you go online and say as much repeatedly or you say things like ‘what a dumb …. ‘ then I’m not sure how you can claim that’s not sexist.

Yes she said something stupid, then caught herself. And like Dream Machine said, she’s better looking than Helwani! haha

I personally like her interviews. Don’t understand why MMA fans are so often sexist, homophobic and xenophobic.

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 4-20-2013 at 12:17:12 from    

@tobes – I’m scared of xenomorphs…does that make me xenophobic? ;)

Honestly didn’t even notice the comment.
But I also wanted OKC to name their basketball team the Bombers.

Happy Holiday, Josh Rosenthal!♠


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