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wow Says, in 4-26-2012 at 11:32:20 from    

Cannot wait to see Hector in the Octogon, hope he lives up to his record and the hype that man is a killer.

cd Says, in 4-26-2012 at 12:22:02 from    

hector can be a killer, but when he is tired, he becomes a lay and pray machine

Doyle Brunson Says, in 4-26-2012 at 14:03:28 from    

for F*** sakes we already know Hector is in why is Dana dodging questions constantly. Well see what happens…blah blah blah. Suck my dick Dana

FailSonnen Says, in 4-26-2012 at 14:22:07 from    

Dana “It’s all about the money”

Sacramento Fan Says, in 4-26-2012 at 15:24:38 from    

Hector is a beast. It’s always fun to watch high level Judoka compete in MMA, their TD->control/Sub transitions are so clean.

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 4-26-2012 at 15:44:09 from    

Bout time…on everything!
I’ve had to create Eddie Alvarez on the last 3 UFC games…hopefully not the next. ;)

kinghanneman Says, in 4-26-2012 at 16:53:08 from    

I don’t know about calling it stupid not to fight your friend…sounds logical to me. Fighter or not: Fugg that shid. Did anyone realise: Dana White stopped sayin the F-Word. He used to be the F-Word Master.

Carl Says, in 4-26-2012 at 20:17:09 from    

My boy SHANGO gonna be huge

Mr. Response Says, in 4-27-2012 at 12:45:07 from    

How is Dana dodging questions? he all but said flat out he is trying to get Alvarez, what did you want? the specs to these guys contracts, maybe throw in a social security number or two, wife’s bra size, ect… dude curses when he is fired up, he obviously had nothing to be pissed at… and you SHOULD fight your friend because it is a competition in a sport, not a fight to the death in the Thunderdome… next thing you know major sports teams won’t play against each other because they have feelings and it makes them “too emotional”.

HaVoK Says, in 4-27-2012 at 19:41:42 from    

@Doyle Brunson Because there are laws, and this is f****** a week old moron.

mystiso Says, in 4-27-2012 at 21:38:23 from    

IMO, Dana probably cares less about whether or not Hector and Eddie are “great fighters” and more about taking Bellator’s stars out from under them, thereby harming Bellator’s ability to compete.

wow Says, in 4-27-2012 at 22:01:57 from    

UFC in China? WTF come to Korea, there are tons of fans here. f****** dickhead.


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