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Joe Dog Says, in 10-1-2012 at 18:38:22 from    

Could Batista test clean?

UnbanNickDiaz Says, in 10-1-2012 at 18:39:59 from    

That would be cool, Batista looked kinda slow in training, but he might do all right.

At least he isnt tryin to be next champ. He said he is just doing it for the experience

T’Challa Says, in 10-1-2012 at 19:41:32 from    

Batista Bomb!! I wouldn’t mind seeing him if he can hang..

Assapopalous420 Says, in 10-1-2012 at 19:54:39 from    

i like how dana said the only reason to bring brock in was his wrestling skills……oh ya and the money…u forgot to mention that

screwballhk Says, in 10-1-2012 at 20:31:09 from    

The UFC, where the fighters are the best in the wor– err, I meant most marketable.

ZW Says, in 10-1-2012 at 20:41:51 from    

I love seeing these WWE wrestlers test their mettle in MMA. Regardless of their training or experience they bring a certain excitement to the event and their fans come to watch them. Pride originally was developed to have a pro wrestler fight a member of the Gracie family(Takada vs Rickson Gracie).

REDLINER7883 Says, in 10-1-2012 at 21:02:51 from    

WIth Bad Matching… Do You mean Like Anderson Silva Vs Stephan Bonnar or a little bit worst than that?

Shaikan Says, in 10-1-2012 at 22:26:59 from    


X2 Exactly what I was thinking. Cody Mckenzie vs Chad Mendes also came to mind.

Reallynow? Says, in 10-1-2012 at 22:40:35 from    

Dana White speaks from the side of his neck.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 10-2-2012 at 00:13:57 from    

They prefer an old washed out ex roider “athlete” with maybe a couple of years of MMA training.Schlemenko might get in the UFC if they have an event there but I doubt they will soon.

newmmfan1 Says, in 10-2-2012 at 12:28:42 from    

@KungFu and @Orange

I’m a Schlemenko fan but ever since the lombard fight i don’t think he has a great shot at the ufc. He hasn’t exactly looked stellar or as exciting as before. Unfortunately he’d be a gatekeeper at most imo…unless he makes some good improvement.

Oswald Cobblepot Says, in 10-2-2012 at 12:31:40 from    

I love to see these roid heads get pummled by men that are much stronger and have never roided. Muscles look very nice but they do not equate to power. Cain Velasquez threw Lesnar like a rag doll.

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 10-2-2012 at 19:11:23 from    

Yes UFC can do even worse match making…Try Spinning Back Fail Sonnen vs Champion Jon Jones.

mma4life Says, in 10-3-2012 at 12:12:26 from    

Bottom line no matter what sport or entertainment business you come from if you don’t have any basic BJJ or Wrestling experience you will get ur butt whooped and embarrassed in this sport…(period)

Danby Says, in 10-3-2012 at 15:41:08 from    

Bring in the big show!!!

Danby Says, in 10-3-2012 at 15:41:38 from    

If you toss someone out of the octagon, does that mean you win automatically?

daimai Says, in 10-5-2012 at 03:44:49 from    

@Danby boy … Danby boy….well said well said…… salute to you. :D

mma4life Says, in 10-5-2012 at 15:46:23 from    

Lol..ya if you let the guy


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