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failanik Says, in 6-23-2012 at 07:47:26 from    

every fighter should know by now how to fight to please the boss and get the bonuses- leave it all in the cage! Don’t let it go to a decision!

psxdogg Says, in 6-23-2012 at 08:44:12 from    

I’m a Guida fan, but yea that was b.s. Theres movement and then theres “running” it looked like Houston Alexander vs. Kimbo. When theres next to no action then its a horrible fight.

muppetoflove Says, in 6-23-2012 at 09:36:44 from    

F*** Greg Jackson.

MuffDiggler Says, in 6-23-2012 at 10:00:25 from    

Shrink the cage…better solution?

london_Jones Says, in 6-23-2012 at 10:02:07 from    

i wish Dana would just shut the f**k up already. wannbe cool dickhead!

Sick Bastard Says, in 6-23-2012 at 10:13:05 from    

Seems like a lot of fighters are getting in to the punch and run style these days. The Carlos Conduit Technique was to the extreme on this one…..trying to win by points and running from those that wanna fight.

UnbanNickDiaz Says, in 6-23-2012 at 10:23:29 from    

styles make fights…this made…well idk. i thought it was entertaining guida actually has beast movement. if only he mixed strikes in with those.
good decision though. guida would won if it was a 10 rounder

tijoed Says, in 6-23-2012 at 10:54:05 from    

Fights go to decisions. It is the reality of all combat sports. You can’t always finish a guy just because you really really want to.

Pira_Jiu-Jitsu Says, in 6-23-2012 at 11:08:47 from    

That’s funny dana white is saying that!! when carlos condit fought nick diaz like that “running like a bitch” we didn’t hear dana white saying that the fight sucked!! just saying. I really don’t like the way that greg jackson tells his fighters to fight. sometimes the strategy doesn’t work and the fight SUCKED like this one!

Beast w/ 8 Limbs Says, in 6-23-2012 at 11:42:57 from    

Ridiculous how so much of the Diaz homo-cult is comparing this fight to Diaz/Condit, and blaming Greg Jackson. Condit landed 151 strikes to Diaz, while Diaz landed 105 strikes. That’s a pretty good output by both guys. Blaming Jackson for this is also maddening. How much control do you think that man has? If he did, I’m sure Leonard Garcia wouldn’t fight the way he does. It’s always Jackson’s fault when GSP (who, ironically is the only passive Jackson fighter I can think of)decides to fight like a girl, but it’s never to Jackson’s credit when his fighter finishes a guy. As well it shouldn’t. He’s not in that cage when the fighter is thinking for himself. Jackson shouldn’t be regarded as some sort of Zen Master, and he shouldn’t be given flack for crap performances.

What do you guys think? Are people people giving Greg Jackson too much credit/fault for what his fighters do in the cage?

Thomas Says, in 6-23-2012 at 11:48:55 from    

All throughout Guida’s career he’s had fights where he goes out and is a wild-man. Then a fight comes along that means something and that attitude gets him f*****, and sent to the back of the line.

I don’t understand how Maynard won. Guida landed 2 head-kicks, bunch-o-jabs, and a shitty right cross freebie shot. Maynard landed like 3 punches and looked like a kid talking s***.

Maybe Jackson’s gameplans aren’t fan favorites, but that guy is a f***** genius, and Guida won that fight.

Impressing Dana is getting Kocked-the-F***-out or knocking out the other guy. Dana seems more like a casual fan everytime a fight isn’t a brawl.

bjjbandit Says, in 6-23-2012 at 12:30:16 from    

A main event where the guy ran around in circles, literally ran!?!?!?!??! Reminiscent of a fight that took place this year where a guy ran, and ran, and ran, and ran, and then he ran, and ran!

GreatKing Says, in 6-23-2012 at 12:32:43 from    

Poor Clay, yes he did show good head movement and footwork, but what he and his team failed to realize is that you have to put it all together; it’s contact sport guys. You have to hit your opponent after you bob and weave. If Clay had only engaged more this would have been his finest standup display ever.

Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Captain Cave Man, you were my hero, but now you’re dancing zero(I only kid)!

BiuTze Says, in 6-23-2012 at 12:33:03 from    

I thought guida fought a good fight, I was entertained just by his crazy movement!

Ozinator Says, in 6-23-2012 at 13:11:40 from    

That’s nice that Dana’s changed his mind about strategies like that! Maybe someone should ask him to revisit his take on Condit running from Diaz the entire fight…oh sure sure, Condit’s running was more effective and most importantly…..everyone hate Diaz. Piss off, Dana.

csari0 Says, in 6-23-2012 at 13:22:43 from    

I think White is taking a shot at Jackson. it’s very obvious, every fighter Jackson trains turns in to a boring “safe” fighter.

Look what Jackson did to GSP, now look at Guida, I have even noticed it against Jones decision against Quinton Jackson and Evans? when he destroyed Rua and Machida which are better fighters than Jackson and Evan?

John Doe Says, in 6-23-2012 at 13:23:55 from    

^ agreed

Swordsmansmith Says, in 6-23-2012 at 13:28:34 from    

You mean dont dance around and literally run away grom your opponent so much so the ref has to warn you. If you’re scared say so and dont get in the cage.

Doyle Brunson Says, in 6-23-2012 at 14:50:19 from    

“i dont know how someone can run the whole fight and win”

ask condit

KouNTa KuLCHa Says, in 6-23-2012 at 14:51:31 from    

Guida pissed me off enough last night to where I would drop down a few classes to fight him.
However, worse than that Kalib Starnes fight?!? That’s pushin’ it a bit…lol
I think Clay’s gameplan was to try to push the action (didn’t work) with footwork, feints and level changes, to wear Gray out (again, didn’t work).
Next time, just ask yourself: What Would Greg Jackson Do?☺♠

fighter Says, in 6-23-2012 at 14:58:42 from    

Dana white sucks!! its easy to talk, great job by Guida!

BigPapa Says, in 6-23-2012 at 15:21:56 from    

Never in a million years would I expect Guida to be in a boring fight… it was a BAD move by Guida. Count on Guida being on the prelims next time out.

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 6-23-2012 at 15:31:52 from    

oh so yeah he sais that about clay what about carlos condit… he literally ran away from diaz.

evilevil Says, in 6-23-2012 at 15:59:21 from    

i used to like CLay Guida,,

but then Gilbert Melendez, held him down,,

for 3 rounds,

and now Guida fights like Melendez,,


Tyrone Woodley, loser,

you guys may win fights, but no one will pay to watch you guys, lay and hump guys,,

I dont get excited at all to c Guida fight now

doesnt matter who he is fighting,

Clay wake up and fight,,

thats what u are paid to do… loooooooooser

jeff_figmb Says, in 6-23-2012 at 16:20:16 from    

well said Dana! this guy sucks and always has in my book. Runs around like a little monkey avoiding a fight. Let him go and fight in belator

failsonnen Says, in 6-23-2012 at 16:42:08 from    

Fight to win not to rub Dana’s ego dick.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 6-23-2012 at 19:47:43 from    

greg f***** jackson does it again

Ferguson Says, in 6-23-2012 at 21:28:56 from    

you weren’t a decision

dana whites mom Says, in 6-23-2012 at 22:26:30 from    

Dear MMA Gods,
Please bring back the yellow card system they used in pride. I sick of douche bags like Greg Jackson coming up with game plans like this and calling it spectacular foot work (Frankie Edgar, GSP, Carlos Conduit, and now the once ferocious Guida). If a douche bag is stalling and not fighting for an extended period of time, please allow the refs to issue yellow cards and embarrass them for being ginger bread men.
love your friend,
the key board warrior known as Dana whites mom.

dana whites mom Says, in 6-23-2012 at 22:50:47 from    

P.S. If the yellow card system is impossible to bring back, please ban the ginger bread man game plan from the ufc. anyone who does the ginger bread man act should be cut from the ufc regardless if they win a meaningless decision.
(Catch me if you can, I’m the ginger bread man)

kdaddy61987 Says, in 6-23-2012 at 23:07:58 from    

i completely disagree with him, what guida suppose to do? Go out there and bang and grapple with someone bigger and stronger then him? He literally hit him with a hook and tried to take him and down almost got submitted. Why dont you put some blame on gray for not stalking him. Seriously i hate watching griffin and bonner having this huge fight then griffin fights silvs and shogun in gets demolished in a minute. How about maia vs silva where maia didnt belong in the cage. If gray won it easily why is his face more jacked up? Seriously if gray wanted to brawl go after guida and show that you want to end it more. For the first 3 rounds gray sat there eating shots waiting for guida to come to him. Its a 2 way street.

weak link Says, in 6-24-2012 at 01:04:57 from    

What’s such a downer is that for the first time Clay’s footwork looked good, he was fast, accurate, and looked UFC caliber… if he didn’t run and evade conflict(the opposite of fighting) most of the “fight”, I actually think he would have won easily.

Oswald Cobblepott Says, in 6-24-2012 at 01:54:57 from    

It was a good fight. Like most knuckleheads Dana does not really understand the many facets of the fight game, no two are alike. All fights are different with differing variables. If you like fights like me you sit there thinking can the other guy adapt…and he did not Guida almost dropped him with that high kick to the head in the fourth. Bunk decision…Guida won

GlenGauley Says, in 6-24-2012 at 01:55:07 from    

Hey bruno you should post the awkward tv intro with joe rogan.

norther mma fanatic Says, in 6-24-2012 at 02:01:56 from    

cool… when Caleb Starns is the measuring stick for ‘fight’ or running man… you know you messed up.
good call on judging as well… getting to be as bad as boxing…

dnomyar Says, in 6-24-2012 at 02:03:54 from    

OK, I agree with Dana and everyone. Butt, why didn’t Maynard just stand still and watch Guida make a fool of himself, even more. He didn’t have to chase him around. The Ref would have had to step in early and tell Guida to fight or be penalized or disqualified. Just sayin.
As always, thanks Bruno.

Buster Hymen Says, in 6-24-2012 at 03:08:15 from    

This is what happens when people think Carlos Condit won against Nick Diaz. That style sucks… Greg Jackson is a bitch…. we all know it was Jackson who put that crap plan together.

pillowhands Says, in 6-24-2012 at 04:50:25 from    

“He was literally running”
“You cant win a fight by running”

Excuse me Dana, didn’t Carlos Condit win this way vs Nick Diaz??

Fire all the *Runners* and *LayNPray* artists in the UFC and get back the excitement again from mma.

Seiichi79 Says, in 6-24-2012 at 05:24:45 from    

Guida won that fight. maynard landed very few shots and guida landed pretty much at will, he stopped the take downs….. he must have had the same judges pacquiao had. anderson silva has made a career of running from his opponents. so dana eat a dick bro!

DanielMcfate Says, in 6-24-2012 at 08:36:04 from    

“you can’t win a fight running away”…Condit, Diaz?

PitfighterZ Says, in 6-24-2012 at 12:19:53 from    

Comparing this shameless dance and prance to the beating Condit put on Diaz is pathetic at best. Condit went in, released a flurry, went out, circled back to the center of the cage, and kept at it. Diaz just couldn’t beat him to the punch because he wasn’t fast enough.
Guida didn’t do anything at all. Rounds 1-3 were 10-10 for absolute lack of anything happening whatsoever. Maynard even let Guida have a free shot at him to be able to put his hands on him and almost finished the fight.
Horrible fight altogether. I love technical fights and I love brawls. This wasn’t any of those.

T’Challa Says, in 6-24-2012 at 12:30:12 from    

Condit landed combos and got out of the way… Guida faked, and moved, faked and moved, and barely threw anything. Points are awarded for aggression and Octagon control.. Maynard was the aggressor constantly moving forward and at least trying to engage..

Sephy Says, in 6-24-2012 at 13:03:30 from    

I can’t believe some people are saying great job Guida. I mean if it was his job to look really stupid while running and dancing then by all means, great job. I hated the Geico guy before this fight, but while watching the fight I was literally hoping some how Maynard could have ended Guida’s career. Also, to the people who thought Guida won, I hope you’re just being sarcastic..

DavesNotHereMan Says, in 6-24-2012 at 13:46:00 from    

Dumbfounded on how many idiots are comparing this to Condit….Carlos out pointed Diaz the entire fight. Guida didn’t do ANYTHING the whole fight. Get off of DIaz’s nuts you f****** sheep!

Ozinator Says, in 6-24-2012 at 14:33:24 from    

Condit “scored” with punches but most didn’t cause a lick of damage. I used to love watching Sweet Pea Whitaker score massive points and avoid ever getting hit. But that was boxing and it was 12 rounds! This is 3-5 rounds and the goal is to to ko or submit…it’s the unspoken mission statement because it evolved from imitating a street fight. If they had no rounds like in the day, no one would run like that (lot of laying would happen though!) There’s no excuse for avoiding a fight in 3-5 rounds.

Anyone congratulating Condit for having his gloves touch the skin of Diaz, is either advocating a different sport that has zero purpose OR have no idea of what it’s like to get hit and thinks it’s all the same. For scoring, Effective Strikes should be ALL that is counted and real fighters should be judging…boxing judges need not apply because again, it’s not about touching the other guy

Ozinator Says, in 6-24-2012 at 14:38:29 from    

and Pitfighter… Diaz too “even let ‘Condit’ have a free shot at him to be able to put his hands on him”…..Condit’s “flurries” were s*** and unlike Diaz’s punches in bunches, they had no intent of finishing–just bullschit scoring for dummy judges

StevenSeagalsProdigy Says, in 6-24-2012 at 15:14:04 from    

Anyone saying clay would have won if he mixed some punches in is an idiot, if he came forward one time grey would have knocked his silly ass out.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 6-25-2012 at 15:14:04 from    

You and all the losers still comparing every fight to Condit-Diaz should get a life.

D.B.S.HOMIE Says, in 6-25-2012 at 16:50:30 from    

another condit act. if clay would of engage he would of ran into a big right hand of maynard

Edog Says, in 6-25-2012 at 21:06:43 from    

Condit ran from Diaz and won!

CaveMan Says, in 6-27-2012 at 03:03:26 from    

I agree with Dana. This fight did suck. The whole purpose is to finish your opponent, not just squeek out a victory on points. If you can’t finish or won’t even try, then stop fighting. Plain and simple. Really where did this get Guida. He now has back-to-back losses on his record and is totally out of the running for a title shot. The UFC is also going to be wary to make him another main event in case he’s planning to pull this stunt again.


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