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WhiteRogan Says, in 3-5-2012 at 18:43:38 from    

White and Rogan need to cut the BS and fight.

jake Says, in 3-5-2012 at 19:02:37 from    

“I’d bet 3 houses on that”

I think he was serious. I mean the man probably has a dozen houses.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-5-2012 at 19:18:48 from    

Floyd never wanted to fight Pacquiao.He always comes up trying to look like he wants to fight and Manny doesn’t accept but were not dumb as Mayweather.Everybody who can count(of course Mayweather isn’t in this group)will never accept 70-30 or even 60-40.Mayweather is a Bitch².1st because he doesn’t want to fight.And 2nd because he acts like he wants to fight but gives idotic proposals.He’s just mad Manny stole his spotlight by being a more exciting fighter and by not being sccared to fight guys who give a tiny bit of challenge.

BigPapa Says, in 3-5-2012 at 21:47:49 from    

I like Cotto. As a fighter, I like Cotto. One of my favs. I hope he wins.

But… I disagree with Dana. I don’t think Manny/Mayweather will be 260 million PPV buys.
In fact, I think the reason that this fight will NEVER happen is because there is too MUCH money involved. What promoter will try to do this knowing that he has to pay 120 Million out to the 2 fighters before he makes a dime?

And what do the undercard fighters make? $50 or so???

Buster Hymen Says, in 3-5-2012 at 22:18:31 from    

Mayweather is afraid of Manny… it will never happen. Floyd is a bitch.

MuayThaiHeadKick Says, in 3-5-2012 at 22:54:55 from    

“Everybody who can count(of course Mayweather isn’t in this group)will never accept 70-30 or even 60-40″

Mayweather makes more money for one fight than you’ll make in your entire life.

Most fighters get something like 80/20 when they fight Manny or Floyd.

Just shows how much you know.

Brandyn Says, in 3-5-2012 at 23:01:14 from    

This is why I love Dana White.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

ThatDude Says, in 3-5-2012 at 23:56:19 from    

Mayweather is the Truth. UNDEFEATED ! Manny Lost against Juan, and everybody knows it.

leapingkyle Says, in 3-6-2012 at 01:13:30 from    

Jake bro he didnt mean real houses….

pillowhands Says, in 3-6-2012 at 02:51:34 from    

I’d bet 3 sticks of gum on dat fight. My equivalent to Dana’s 3 houses.lol

jammy man Says, in 3-6-2012 at 04:29:11 from    

Floyds is a p**** ass coward. Hate that bitch.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 3-6-2012 at 11:23:44 from    

I already know that but it’s not a nobody he’s fighting Floyd now.It’s Manny Pacquiao numb nut.Of course he deserves more then normal fighters.

bobbo Says, in 3-6-2012 at 15:02:11 from    

I seriously cant stand Floyd. I have never disliked a professional athlete as much as I do Mayweather. He is a punkass bitch !!!!

dreameracer1 Says, in 3-6-2012 at 15:41:20 from    

Pacman should get 60/40 not gayweather or chickenweather. Manny is the man now not Jailbirdweather. We all know mayweather always ducking a better fighter and keep getting away with it. Why don’t the boxing committees do something about a fighter who keep on ducking a well know fighters who bring in a lot of cash.

alwaysright Says, in 3-6-2012 at 18:23:53 from    

Why not do a 80/20 split. Winner takes the 80%! That’s how it should be in an ideal world anyway. You win, and you win more money!

wow Says, in 3-7-2012 at 08:08:14 from    

I dont give a s*** anymore about this fight, it will never happen….


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