Dana White Releases Statement On Anthony Johnson Being 12lbs Over Weight

Dana White was more than pissed that Anthony Johnson failed to make weight for his UFC 142 co-main event against Vitor Belfort on Saturday night (Jan. 14, 2012) at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

“Rumble Johnson is not on weight today, and when I say he’s not on weight he’s way off weight. This is not the first time this has happened with Johnson. He moved up to 185-pounds so this wouldn’t happen to him at 170 pounds, and here we are in the same position. Belfort came in like a professional on weight, and Anthony Johnson comes in as a total unprofessional, way overweight. The stipulation is, Vitor does not want him to weigh more than 205 pounds by tomorrow. So we will see how this plays out. He’ll weigh in today and have to weigh in tomorrow. As a fighter, you are a professional. You are contracted to come in at a certain weight.”

AJ was fined 20-percent of his purse, which now goes to Vitor Belfort, and is required to weigh less than 205-pounds on fight night, or his bout against the Brazilian will be canceled.

Apparently, Johnson was on schedule to make weight and woke up in the morning at 191-pounds, well on his way to sweating off the additional water weight to get him to the contracted limit of 186-pounds, according to a report from Sergio Non at USA Today. Johnson later looked ill to his trainers.

Johnson’s manager says:

“They called in the local doctor, who made him drink a bunch of fluids to see if that made him feel better. About an hour later he started feeling better. By the time he started feeling better, it was an hour to weigh-ins. … There was no time to shed the weight.”


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