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marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 8-15-2013 at 20:37:41 from    

modern unions are for communists. lol a nation of mediocre communists who all think they’re exceptional. equality and equal rights are a communists wet dream

after seeing pictures of Steve Murphy I can conclude he is a fat lying white anti-white joo protector who most likely is a pedo. this man would sell his soul

South Africa ahhh the racist murder capitol of the world

BundaSeca Says, in 8-15-2013 at 23:43:10 from    

why Dana wont stop tinkering with his drink bottle on every media scrum like this? Now that I noticed, it’s becoming extremely annoying.

spaced Says, in 8-16-2013 at 05:04:12 from    

@marvelous mad madam mim – there are so many holes in your argument I don’t even know where to begin. Sorry bro, wish I had the energy to help you.

Chicago Says, in 8-16-2013 at 10:28:07 from    

Is joo suppose to be jew?:… Someone please give that child a hug.

high stakes repppp Says, in 8-16-2013 at 13:20:25 from    

lol nick vs Machida LOL that would be funny nick will get KILLED ! his small girly punches didn’t work at welterweight how the F would his girly punches work against Machida lol

yo Says, in 8-16-2013 at 19:23:40 from    

Dana is a piece of s*** he is the typical billionaire he needs more money in his pocket and not the fighters pocket. I am in the teamsters union and I work for a major distribution company before the union we made $9 dollars an hour and paid out the nose for medical, now we make $25 dollars an hour and pay $53 dollars a month for full medical, dental and retirement and now production is up 110% and the company is doing better than ever because the employees are happier. Dana is a piece of s***…..

BiteMyBird Says, in 8-16-2013 at 21:12:58 from    

Unions today are a burden on the people.
They once did good service but today they are all about money in the pockets of the union bosses.They strong arm and bully employers,employees and weak politicians.Right to work should be a decision for the people to decided not union thugs.

The culinary union is a great example of union thuggery.

BiteMyBird Says, in 8-16-2013 at 21:25:43 from    

The majority of people who are union members are not the problem, but the unions themselves are an enormous hinderance on our nation and its economy. That is exactly why they have no place in the public sector and why they should receive no special treatment and/or privileges in the private.

How is it that GM and Chrysler got into such lousy shape that they had to be bailed out? There’s a simple answer: The unions. The massive pensions the car companies paid out raised their costs so much that they were limited to building more expensive cars to try to get their money back. They couldn’t even do a great job of building those cars because utterly ridiculous union rules prevented them from using their labor efficiently. America created the automobile industry, but American unions are strangling it to death. Unions also wrecked the steel and textile industries and have helped drive manufacturing jobs overseas. They’re crippling the airline industry and, of course, we can’t forget that…

Unions are ruining public education: Every few years, it’s the same old story. The teachers’ unions claim that public education in this country is dramatically underfunded and if they just had more money, they could turn it around. Taxpayer money then pours into our schools like a waterfall and….there’s no improvement. A few years later, when people have forgotten the last spending spree on education, the process is repeated.

yo Says, in 8-18-2013 at 13:00:57 from    

BiteMyBird you are an idiot you don’t know what you are talking about, unions help regular people get paid good wages, buy companies that make billions the union has not hurt any company they help those companies. the auto makers were failing because foreign auto makers have been making economy cars for years and are good at it that’s why every body drives a Honda or Toyota they are built way better than the competitors. State laws and taxes on big business are pushing companies over seas, and are school system sucks it has no money if you have a child in the system you would no the way the schools are cutting all sorts of programs because they can not afford it because money is constantly being cut from there budget. So obviously you don’t know s*** about life period maybe you are just mad cause you work for walmart and don’t get paid very good.

yo Says, in 8-18-2013 at 13:12:11 from    

Unions provide a better way of life, those not in a union don’t have a clue big business wants people to hate unions and love to send out misinformation because no union means they get to keep there over inflated salaries and keep there employees under the poverty lines. Walmart is the best example the five people that own walmart are the richest people in the world and they just keep getting richer while there employees need government help just to live. LIVE BETTER WORK UNION.


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