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MangyMongoose Says, in 2-21-2013 at 21:36:18 from    


Billy-bob Says, in 2-21-2013 at 21:39:13 from    

I think Dana is going nuts……..

josh Says, in 2-21-2013 at 21:40:00 from    

viacom MMA got money LOLLOL

dub Says, in 2-21-2013 at 21:46:43 from    

Dana is getting uglier and uglier.. but no one wants to watch GSP vs. Hendricks. Not yet anyways.. And i’m glad Dana said John just needs to get a few fights else where and then can come back if he’s kicking ass.

Beastgu Says, in 2-21-2013 at 21:57:37 from    

(Insert question pertaining to apparently hypocritical business practices.)

“Listen. (Expletive). It is what it is! I could (expletive) care less. (Expletive)

Wait, what was the question? Yeah….what I just said” (Devious smile)

sbmystiso Says, in 2-21-2013 at 22:36:55 from    

gahyadamn Dana is one bad mutha f*cka

AJ Says, in 2-21-2013 at 22:39:05 from    

F*** this, F*** that, f****** this, f****** that. This dude sounds like my cousin who’s jobless, a chronic masturbator, lives at home at age 40, and this dude Dana is supposed to be the president of the UFC.

grizz Says, in 2-21-2013 at 22:43:52 from    

always talks his way around certain questions but one of the better interviews ive seen from the baldfather

ramrod Says, in 2-21-2013 at 22:59:13 from    

dana is loosing his mind … no but i bet he hates the fact that he wanted to make $$ on his own lol …down the ladder he looks a little crazy in the eyes lol

….UFC is gonna stand for

im loving how the reporters keep messing with dana lol

Ground St. Pound Says, in 2-21-2013 at 22:59:32 from    

This guy is a master promoter. He can make anything seem like anything else by misdirection and redirection. Hypocrisy can sound righteous out of his mouth. He uses soundbites as weapons and attitude as hypnosis. And he actually seems like a decent person compared to many other top promoters.

Anyone in sales could learn a lot from this guy. RIP Fitch.

mmafan11 Says, in 2-21-2013 at 23:38:57 from    

One more reason (#1,000,000,000,111,000,111,000)..

a F****** League structure like NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL

for a fair share of $$$ Revenue close to 50-50 with the fighters with Pensions & Health Care even after they leave the UFC and/or Retire.

Dana is an A*****E.

faberfan Says, in 2-21-2013 at 23:46:47 from    

now that Faber is gone how will that effect the weight class? Can faber go down to 125 or 115? Faber had a good run but hes old now and should move to Elitexc before he loses again.

Kill em All Says, in 2-22-2013 at 00:03:51 from    

I think Dana was on his ear medication

Dave Says, in 2-22-2013 at 00:10:09 from    

I still think jon fitch should have been cut! maybe they could have told him to make less money for the next two fight and if he goes back up then raise his pay, I just think there are guys in the ufc that are not even close to john fitch.

Rico Suave Says, in 2-22-2013 at 00:45:00 from    

Looks like Uncle Dana did a line of cocaine or took some speed before he took on the media! Pump the brakes Dana!

AOPrinciple Says, in 2-22-2013 at 00:56:08 from    

That’s interesting. while I understand his rationale, which might function pretty intuitively in a lot of cases, I just can’t see cutting someone in the top 10, even they are trending down. If you take those rankings seriously at all, it just sounds insane to cut one of your top 10 fighters.

MangyMongoose Says, in 2-22-2013 at 01:33:38 from    

lol, pretty much Beastgu.

mo420reno Says, in 2-22-2013 at 02:14:23 from    

Mr. White is cleary trying to make people not watch Bellator but true fans unlike what he thinks he is will. I am excited to see

Jon Fitch vs Ben Asken. Who wins that fight? After all thank you Boss.

greengiant Says, in 2-22-2013 at 02:35:50 from    

I appreciate dana being straight up for the most part but he sure is a douche and has to say the F word all the time.Good example for everyone dana.You have success and get rich then you can act like an arrogant douche?Karma is looking your way.

kinghanneman Says, in 2-22-2013 at 05:27:34 from    

Dana is very uncomfortable here. Swearing all the time not saying s***. Too obvious. Hypocrite

Moedawg Says, in 2-22-2013 at 05:53:22 from    

Yeah, Ol’ Dana was flipping the phuc out in this interview.

CrookZ Says, in 2-22-2013 at 06:45:54 from    

you know what…i agree with Dana his point simply was we pay fitch alot of money to fight…he’s not winning against top competition and he’s boring there really isn’t anything to argue about…honestly when a fitch fight comes on i always take that time to have a smoke/bathroom break because he’s bbbbooorrrinnnngggggg. to be honest GSP is f’ing boring too (whens the last time he finished a guy?? mr pound 4 pound ???…dont worry ill wait??…he just has a huge following i’m a little guilty of it too because i’m canadian so i watch just because… u know but bah…he is boring and never finishes…lets call his next fight right now uuuhhh take down …take down ….take down for 5 rounds gsp win …..BORING!

Crocography Says, in 2-22-2013 at 09:46:09 from    

Dana definitely has a “@$%*” up his ass.

cutu2bad Says, in 2-22-2013 at 12:40:42 from    

Is bloodstain vs nick the tooth gonna happen you bald bozo would be my first question .

arczi Says, in 2-22-2013 at 12:55:29 from    

Dana, please stop taking drugs

hghghgh Says, in 2-22-2013 at 13:40:26 from    

the short story is…it makes business sense given their current predicament. It is not hypocritical at all and probably a smart move for the company. From a competition stand point Fitch is a great fighter but this is a business and it doesn’t make sense to keep him on contract. I don’t believe Fitch should have been cut but I do agree with their decision.

lol at the poster on here who is childish enough to get upset at the ‘F’ word. Grow up @greengiant

Lazer212 Says, in 2-22-2013 at 14:43:23 from    

Fitch should not have been cut and now Dana is mad because the fans have spoken.

Aikido4Life Says, in 2-22-2013 at 16:27:34 from    

Someone needs to punch this bald idiot in the head.

c hill Says, in 2-22-2013 at 17:28:36 from    

am i surprised by this. Not at all!!

because dana could cut GSP if he wanted. He could cut anderson silva.

If he doesn’t like a fighter he’d find a way to cut them.

He is the owner. It’s his game. He owns the chess pieces. Until there are powerful unions or fighters strikes etc. Perhaps some pressure from the fans. Dana will do whatever he wants, and play it how he wants

It’s sick but it’s reality folks. It’s just disgusting. Fitch is a great athlete. Just was not political enough. Cause in this day and age being a great fighter is not enough.. you have to be a great brown nose too. Just one example.

Jiu jitsu Says, in 2-22-2013 at 17:50:26 from    

i NEVER disagree with dana he the man F*** you haters….BUT i 100% disagree with the fact that he says he is excited as if it were a chael vs anderson bla blah blah ….BULLLSHITTT if dana has EVER seen a ronda rousey fight he would know she is going to win by armbar in seconds! and if not by the end of round 1! liz has 0% chance in this fight and he only is saying that crap because they are far from sold out.

Jiu jitsu Says, in 2-22-2013 at 17:58:10 from    

Dana didnt get his coke lol

MuffDiggler Says, in 2-22-2013 at 19:10:43 from    

A fighter’s worth to the UFC is based on a ratio of what they get paid, versus what they earn for the organization…
The return on investment for Fitch is below the UFC threshhold so it makes sense to cut him from a business perspective.
However, if Fitch can go win the Bellator title, pick up a few more fans that want to pay $59.95 to watch him in the UFC, then they will gladly bring him back.
Is that really so hard to understand? Its the business of sports entertainment.

d.b.s.homie515 Says, in 2-22-2013 at 23:43:22 from    

ok im going to say it for everybody, fitch got cut because he got fitched himself. dana couldn’t take two boring fighters F*** that dana said at least mia chokes mofos out

mo420reno Says, in 2-23-2013 at 02:55:45 from    

Boss man had 2 much coke lol

rob Says, in 2-23-2013 at 03:50:31 from    

Cookz, I couldn’t agree more

FailSonnen Says, in 2-23-2013 at 04:05:42 from    

He was doing fine until he started explaining Fitch….then he went loony bird and coke eyed

Also kinda ridiculous how he says Fitch is “Super f****** expensive” lol UFC fighters do not get pad like NBA,NFL,MLB players not even the slightest. And Zuffa is a billion dollar company….cmon

Let’s say ’100 guys too much’ would be $100,000 each fighter (‘m purposely inflating the pay here)…that’s 10 million. Now buff that by another 5 million just to play it safe. 15 million. That’s not even near what some NBA,NFL, MLB single players make. And that’s a drop in the bucket out of the UFC revenue

Joe Dog Says, in 2-23-2013 at 09:08:01 from    

The guy probably still has screaming tinnitus. I’m guessing Dana in tortured by his affliction.

Tg Says, in 2-23-2013 at 10:26:30 from    

Future mma promotions will start to pop up, it sounds like the UFC is gonna downsize and hopefully start paying a lot better, Dana u suck


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