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Ll cool j Says, in 9-21-2012 at 23:18:35 from    

I go to fishing

c.kid Says, in 9-21-2012 at 23:39:20 from    

lol….doubt dana will talk like in the meeting there gonna have, luv the drama luv the website

FailSonnen Says, in 9-22-2012 at 00:59:52 from    

lol Drama White

badass Says, in 9-22-2012 at 03:55:36 from    

Dana’s losing his mind. Jon Jones is defending the Light Heavyweight Championship. It isn’t the Ultimate Fighter semi finals. Yeah Jon Jones should’ve defended his belt against an opponent he hadn’t trained for, but Dana White can’t drag his sick ass out of bed for a press conference.

wow Says, in 9-22-2012 at 08:03:07 from    

Off topic, is it just me or are you guys ( and the odd fanny ) pumped for tonights card, i am slightly over excited bsed on how average it would look from a glance.

Jones 1st Round KO
Bisping UD

thejkj Says, in 9-22-2012 at 09:00:05 from    

Jones getting ko’d

danarogan Says, in 9-22-2012 at 09:02:42 from    

dana’s a f***** F***. get this guy out of here

Nixby420 Says, in 9-22-2012 at 10:05:02 from    

Dana is such a douche, “we’ll see what he says to my face.” I remember my first beer.

Vitor: “i am old school, when we took steroids and were not very good. this is how i plan to beat jon jones.”

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 9-22-2012 at 11:21:01 from    

Somehow I knew Jones knew that the event would be cancelled.When he started to say :” As the CEO of my own company”,I knew the only thing that mattered for Jon Jones is Jon Jones and nobody else.Then he says it’s his coach’s fault.Take your resposibility and say you just didn’t want to fight without having a full camp to prepare for a guy.

Reggies 30/30 Club Says, in 9-22-2012 at 11:45:10 from    

This Guy is So Coked out its not even funny

Sweets Says, in 9-22-2012 at 11:57:32 from    

Anyone else kinda see Chevy Chase when they scroll through the ad for Kevin James new movie?lol seriously though

Iron_Cobra Says, in 9-22-2012 at 12:02:16 from    

Coked out???

MuffDiggler Says, in 9-22-2012 at 13:36:36 from    

Who is Jon Jones bigger opponent this fight, Dana or Vitor?

Face Stab Says, in 9-22-2012 at 15:18:28 from    

Jones was an idiot to turn downt he fight, but a bigger idiot to be cracking jokes and making light of the fact that the UFC (and its PPV partners, venues, vendors, etc) lost millions of dollars because he didn’t want to fight. And showing off at the Press Conference because Dana wasn’t there like some f****** child, lol. That was the icing on the cake for Dana I’m sure.

He was within his legal rights to turn that fight down, but he needs to act like he understands the ramifications, and his part in the events that caused them. Dana White was completely right in calling out Jones on that.


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