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AOPrinciple Says, in 8-24-2012 at 17:21:33 from    

JOHN!!! WHY???!!!

lol, “we can hear the upsetment in your voice.” hahaha.

This isn’t hype Says, in 8-24-2012 at 17:22:54 from    

Jon Jones. the greatest of all time. yeah, right.

azamat_bagatov Says, in 8-24-2012 at 17:36:28 from    

Could it be that the rest of the card was so weak (especially lacking name fighters) that he was forced to cancel? Plenty of cards in the past have lost one of the top two fights and went on. Maybe he should put together a more solid lineup and he wouldnt have to cancel the whole card. Opinions?

T’Challa Says, in 8-24-2012 at 17:36:35 from    

Too bad Dana.. if you’d built a better card with a strong co-main event, you wouldn’t have had to cancel. Sonnen is a bum.. you just a week ago said that Sonnen wouldn’t “talk his way” into a title shot, and then you pull this.

Sonnen is 0-3 in title fights in his career. All you guys that support him are some serious underachievers. His best performance, the first Silva fight, would NOT HAVE EVEN COUNTED if he won, thanks to TRT abuse.

I get it.. you want a “real American” to be the champ. You used to support great guys like Couture, Liddell, and Matt Hughes. Now, Chael Sonnen, a pathological liar, cheater, convicted criminal, and 3 time title fight loser, is your hero. It’s sad..

ultimate fighter Says, in 8-24-2012 at 17:40:02 from    

hmmm never happened in the history of the sport, what about tito ortiz ducking chuck

cotura Says, in 8-24-2012 at 17:41:35 from    

its not profensional to risk a fighters life jone jones is not scare he is just a profesional fighter …dana only cares about the money not the fighters how can dana white even have the balls to tell shogun ruas to be a replacement ..he fought a war against vera let the man rest a relax

Mike Bison Says, in 8-24-2012 at 18:07:13 from    

@azamat_bagatov: COULD NOT AGREE MORE. They’ve been watering down the PPV cards all year, and this isn’t the first time Uncle Fester has pulled this by playing the blame game. Remember Anderson Silva vs Thales Leites, then Silva vs Maia? Give us respectable cards and more structure in “who’s at the top” instead of “who can draw PPV buys” and this kind of mess wouldn’t happen.

vaughnrich Says, in 8-24-2012 at 18:10:25 from    

am i the only one that thinks giving vitor the title shot now is crazy as hell? his name should in no way be associated with a title shot…what has he done?

anderson cheats Says, in 8-24-2012 at 18:19:43 from    

tchalla,you dont know what your talking about,anderson GREASED up before fight#2 and kept grabbing Chaels shorts to keep from being taken down, your stupid,Props to Chael,he is a true Warrior,he will fight anyone anytime!

anderson cheats Says, in 8-24-2012 at 18:26:13 from    

Totally agree with Dana,Hendo is every bit as Dangerous as Chael maybe more,why would someone like Jones not take that fight?

julian moran Says, in 8-24-2012 at 18:37:19 from    

I do not think the question being whether Chael deserves a title shot or not, obviously he does not.
People are cheering for Chael for the simple reason that he is bashing on Jones.

Jon Jones is now the number 1 public enemy in mma.

mu0mu0mu Says, in 8-24-2012 at 19:14:17 from    

anyone else think the jones fight should appear before the mightymouse fight in the card?

Black Dynamite Says, in 8-24-2012 at 20:00:37 from    

I’m sorry but Jon Jones didn’t cancel UFC 151 Dana White did. Right? Why did the card have to be canceled due to one fight? It’s not his fault. Also, Dana lied when he said no fighter has ever declined a fight. Din’t Dana tell anyone who would listen that Shogun declined to fight Glover Texiera?

Dana White putting the UFC slime machine behind Jon Jones. Disgusting!

VisionQuest Says, in 8-24-2012 at 20:46:33 from    

Dana, is a baby….Jon has the right in his contract to do whatever he decides.

I would say I dont want to fight Chael on an ethical basis, but still, they should have made it non title fight, and went the F*** at it.

Nexstory Says, in 8-24-2012 at 21:24:04 from    

This is what is called a no win situation. The attendees and pay per view audience doesn’t get what it originally paid for. Henderson loses due to injury and no pay day. Jones loses because the person he trained for is injured. The under card loses because they don’t fight, they don’t get paid. Dana loses because he can’t replace Henderson with anyone other than Sonnen. The only one who stood a chance to win big was Chael and major odds are that with little preparation for this fight, against a very freshly prepared and dangerous striker, he could have gotten hurt pretty bad. I’d bet the farm otherwise that had the fight not been cancelled, Chael stood no chance whatsoever to win.

Only other scenario I could have seen was Dana keeping the card as is minus the main event and giving all ppv and attendees a serious discount with the UFC taking probably its first finial lose. Could have put a positive public relations spin on the whole thing and salvaged some good will with both the fighters and fans.

This isn’t hype Says, in 8-24-2012 at 21:35:02 from    

Jon has the right to refuse any fight, but this event sheds light on his charecter. He said he wouldn’t fight Rashad when he first came into the Jackson camp, but then said he didn’t want to make Dana upset so they fought. Now, he is refusing to fight despite Dana’s wishes. I don’t think Chael is an elite fighter in terms of mma skills, but he is the best trash talker in the business. Calling Jon an entitled brat and taking shots at his DUI hits it right on the money.

mmafan Says, in 8-24-2012 at 22:35:21 from    

Putting the blame on Jon Jones is bullshit. Jon Jones lived up to his part of the bargain…he was ready to fight Dan Henderson..its Dan that got injured and could not fight. Dana White mismanaged this UFC because he had no other good fight on the card that could be moved to be the headliner, plus, he should have alternate main fights in the wings specifically for this kind of situation, this is not JJones’ responsibility, it is Dana White and the UFC’s.

morbidcro Says, in 8-24-2012 at 23:23:17 from    

“No fighter has every turned down a fight.” I thought that happened all the time. Machida just turned down his fight. Silva turned down a fight with Wiedman, Shogun turned down a fight with Texiera or however you spell his name. Fights get turned down all the time because they are ridiculous and shouldn’t be made.

T’Challa Says, in 8-24-2012 at 23:23:43 from    

@anderson cheats

You are just as delusional as Sonnen. Go back and read my first post and let it sink in. 0-3… the man couldn’t win a title fight if his life depended on it, yet idiots like you keep backing him because “he’s a good trash talker” and that’s why Dana keeps giving him title shots. You need to go watch WWE if you want to hear trash talk, and let the real fighters get the title shots.

goat Says, in 8-24-2012 at 23:24:30 from    

“Dana, we can hear your ‘Upsetment’.”

Why is the average American so f****** stupid.

FedorFails Again Says, in 8-25-2012 at 01:29:48 from    

Randy Couture = A true American Icon and Champion.

Chael Sonnen = Total F*cking American LOSER.

ChampionsDont Choose Says, in 8-25-2012 at 01:32:21 from    

To teh guys saying that Jones has everything to lose by taking a fight with a replacemtn on 8 days notice. Its always the champions fight to lose. Of course his belt, title, endorsements are on the line. Champions are chamions because they overcome any adversity no matter what comes there way. Each fight, Jones’ risks losing everything but thats what champions do.

dave Says, in 8-25-2012 at 02:50:43 from    

what an A$$ jones is. so many people bought tickets, hotels and flights besides so many fighters who prepared and worked hard to spend all their money to fight.
can’t stand that fake bitch!

paddedummy Says, in 8-25-2012 at 04:02:16 from    

The reason the average american is so f-ing stupid is desegragation and the poiltical correctness that doesn’t allow you to split kids up in different classes for geniuses and retards anymore. Same reason that there has to be metal detectors at the entrances of schools now

Genghis Khan Says, in 8-25-2012 at 04:42:54 from    

Slimy greedy F*** would not care if 2 fighters died in the cage, as long as it brought in money.

anderson cheats Says, in 8-25-2012 at 07:02:00 from    

tchalla,you just dont get it do you? i dont care whether or not a fighter has the belt or not,most fighters dont have belts,that doesnt mean there not exiting to watch,Chael Sonnen whether you like him or not,will fight anyone anytime,and he is a talented fighter despite what Morans on this site say,everyone always bashes on G.S.P for playing it safe,so Jon Jones who i like and who i know can beat anderson silva is playing it safe right now,and will have to take some abuse!

jtblazer Says, in 8-25-2012 at 14:08:13 from    

Jones always talkin about his legacy. I hope he gets knocked out already.

The Jizzle Says, in 8-25-2012 at 14:22:55 from    

LMAO! “we can hear the UPSETMENT in your voice.”

Rugburn Says, in 8-26-2012 at 01:11:06 from    

Really, Jon the LHW champion vs the loser of the welter weight championship? This was a freebie for JBJ but instead he refused bc Greg Jackson told him to. And you all know how Greg and Dana hate each other. So since Greg pissed off Dana by talking JBJ out of the fight, Dana cancelled the card to sabatoge them. So now the fight fans are getting jacked bc Dana is hating. This really looks bad on both Dana and Greg!!!

dq’d bcuz i turned into a wolf Says, in 8-26-2012 at 08:48:57 from    

sorry dudes, and i respect team quest and have had personal experience with the trainers, but… the undercard should not be disrespected just because you didn;t get to see people you don’t give a F*** about fight. or if the ufc chooses to blame some s*** on greg or whoever choses to train fighters and at risk children and adults instead of going with their own the show must go on philosophy, then, you should strap on some wrist and ancle protection and give it a whirl.. otherwize don’t be a little bitch

dq’d bcuz i turned into a wolf Says, in 8-26-2012 at 08:50:09 from    

thank you

dq’d bcuz i turned into a wolf Says, in 8-26-2012 at 08:56:06 from    

thing iz, its not about greg vs dana. they arre both on the same team. i have a feeling its about why the F*** would jonskeez fight chael on three f***** daze notice just to make a card happen. dana needs to own up

dq’d bcuz i turned into a wolf Says, in 8-26-2012 at 08:58:08 from    

plus why the F*** would you knock vitor? he is alwayz exciting whether he wins or loses

dq’d bcuz i turned into a wolf Says, in 8-26-2012 at 09:01:03 from    

anyways, there are alotta people to call if you want to make a fight..

inanebignate Says, in 8-26-2012 at 14:54:17 from    

its so funny how dana and ufc threw jon under the bus lol. I think jon should have taking the fight against a less dangerous fight against chael. I Think he just cares to much what greg jackson says. Greg is all about the game plan and what not but whatever. Ufc should have at least 3 big name fights on the card to draw casual fans. They have been putting out ppv cards that literally have one guy or one fight that really draws ppl to buy the ppv. As far as jones wanting a few more weeks to train for a new opponent is perfectly reasonable. Also I cant wait for Dana to act all high and mighty when he announces that the ufc will pay all the fighters their show money if they did not get rescheduled to fight on sept 22. (Its funny bc CSAC requires any combat sport promotion who cancels an event to pay the fighters on that card show money or reschedule them to the next event)

With all that being said some blame still falls on jones he always talked about being a company man and then he has the chance to prove it and he does the oppisite
Also Dan henderson should take some blame. He waited 3 weeks to tell ufc about his injury. After a couple days of not being able to train properly and realize he was not gonna be able to ignore it he should have went to see a doctor and not waited around till a little over a week to tell the ufc.
But in the end the UFC cancelled the fight not jon jones. If the card would have had 2 other note worthy fights that CASUAL fans where interested in the card could have went on. But seems like the UFC has gotten a little to greedy and spreading ppv cards a little to thin. A
Anyway I think vitor vs jon is a much more interesting fight than cheal vs jones. I mean how epic would it be if vitor had one of his blitz moments and KO’s jones. Talk about shaking up the division

dragoman Says, in 8-27-2012 at 20:05:58 from    

Dana should have made a deeper card. Its the UFC, not JJ, that pays the other fighters. Enough of the blame game


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