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glenn Says, in 6-6-2012 at 12:20:16 from    

pac man will win,it wont be eazy ,be in the end he will with speed and experience

Uriah’s Chin Says, in 6-6-2012 at 16:11:38 from    

So why is Mayweather such a bitch? They could have fought and had a winner and made MILLIONS each… then the rematch… and guess what… MILLIONS each! … and then the rubber match…. and guess what MILLLLLLIONS each.

Talk about horrific management for Mayweather or the guy is just a turd…. or both.

Quit ducking Floyd.

Refried Rice Says, in 6-6-2012 at 17:48:44 from    

Its the business of boxing..
Both sides of management are turds..
Both boxers, Manny and Floyd.. turds..
Now that Mayweather is in Jail- I wonder who is taking care of Ms Jackson, 50Cent?

xformat Says, in 6-6-2012 at 21:22:43 from    

Wayweather ducking Duckmenow. Now that’s funny. There’s massive evidence that I’ve compiled in a spreadsheet with links that proves that Duckmenow is actually avoiding Mayweather. I don’t have a shred of evidence of Mayweather avoiding Duckmenow. Believe me, I’ve searched and there is none. None!

Thomas Says, in 6-6-2012 at 21:31:16 from    

Could be them trying to get Gaywheather to accept.

If Paq losses a fight (Bradley) I bet Paq vs Gay would still sell the same. I don’t think they’re going to throw the fight, but I do think they’re going to have Paq fight like s*** in order to get Gayweather thinking.

b********* Says, in 6-7-2012 at 04:50:01 from    

you forget dumbass … theyre making MILLIONS already! mayweather doesnt need to fight pac to make millions, so why would he take the chance on tarnishing his record and legacy.

sooooopernate Says, in 6-7-2012 at 11:58:39 from    

It’s simple, May doesn’t want any kind of split cuz he thinks he’s a bigger PPV draw. So he’s proposing a lump sum of 45 Mill plus gate to manny, and May gets PPV. Manny wants the 45/45 split with 10 going to the winner, but May doesn’t like that cuz he feels like he’s pulling most of the PPV numbers. If it doesn’t slide more towards Mayweather’s idea, the fight won’t happen, and they’ll both still make millions fighting other dudes, just not quite the same payday.

wcoastassassin Says, in 6-7-2012 at 18:43:37 from    

I like that Dana talks about boxing still positively instead of always bashing it. You don’t hear basketball talking about how baseball sucks. He has actually broke down how boxing can fix itself which I hope it does because I like both sports.

mma made easy Says, in 6-7-2012 at 22:02:10 from    

…a spreadsheet?



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