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ThunderBayMMA Says, in 2-9-2013 at 19:56:30 from    

A new ‘intellectual’ Dan Hardy with sensitive thoughts on important issues. Matt Hughes may be a douche.. but is Hardy actually concerned with Hughes hunting expeditions? I guess he needs to stir things up outside of the octagon occasionally due to his lack of performance inside the cage.

Krio Says, in 2-9-2013 at 20:01:09 from    

He’s right people that hunt are a******* with little penises

AOPrinciple Says, in 2-9-2013 at 20:10:57 from    

I never pegged Hardy as the intellectual type. He came off as kind of an ass when I first saw him, but I’m glad that he’s changing my opinion.

@ThunderbayMMA: I don’t think he’s just poaching (no pun intended) a controversial topic just because he doesn’t like Hughes very much. It sounds like he’s genuinely concerned about the morality of killing animals for sport, and would have a problem with anyone who took part in it. And he’s won his last 2 fights; he doesn’t need to act big in the public arena and I certainly don’t get the vibe that he’s playing it up to make fans or enemies.

Turboobsessed Says, in 2-9-2013 at 20:16:41 from    

Poor Ariel Helwani tried many times to ask him a question, but other people kept beating him. Haha.

Pooly Says, in 2-9-2013 at 20:59:49 from    

Hunting isn’t bad AT ALL people. However, what Matt Hughes does, going on expeditions just to shoot animals that he cant event keep, is kind of disgusting to me. They call that a “canned hunt” and it’s never something I’ve liked. Hunting deer (or anything for that matter) to feed your family is 100% acceptable. With that being said, I was a big fan of Hughes back in the day, and I’d LOVE it if he came back and smashed Hardy lol.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 2-9-2013 at 21:22:15 from    

this country was built by white men with guns, get over it ya stupid queer brit scum. dont complain about starving people, banker bailouts or obama drone bombing entire families no no no, complain about humans shooting stupid mindless animals. I bet this idiot cries when he steps on an ant.

with that said matt american badass brown is going to KO this douche into retirement. clean your queen she stinks!

Oldassgrappler Says, in 2-9-2013 at 21:36:20 from    

I have a pretty good sized weiner and I hunt. That means that Krio is a douche bag. And anyone else that does not live in an environment where hunting is essential to survival. Think before you respond. Otherwise I may have an opportunity to express my opinion on things that Krio does like jerking off to internet p*** and then trolling on sites like this. Scumbag!

dankarelli Says, in 2-9-2013 at 21:47:36 from    

Matt hughes was a stud inside the cage. Outside, his actions, for lack of a better word, are disgusting. But hey that’s just my opinion. Matt hughes is about 150 years behind moral, ethical and social evolution.

Lefty Says, in 2-9-2013 at 21:58:32 from    

He’s turned around and became a cool guy.

Johnnybeards Says, in 2-9-2013 at 22:08:58 from    

Absolutely awesome. I could not agree more.

p*********** Says, in 2-9-2013 at 22:09:01 from    

that hunting expedition fed an entire villiage…

BamBam Says, in 2-9-2013 at 23:12:02 from    

The outlaw vs Douchescheck!!! make it happen Dana!!!

Johnnybeards Says, in 2-9-2013 at 23:24:28 from    

Please don’t fall for the trophy-hunting lobby’s propaganda.
Eco-tourism is what feeds these villages. Trophy-hunting is what destroys their economy.

God Says, in 2-9-2013 at 23:53:51 from    

One must respect all living things. Dan Hardy is my son.
Hughes is Lucifer’s son.

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 2-9-2013 at 23:56:08 from    

Are you serious.I hunted more then 20 times in my life and 70% of the people from my town hunt too.I doubt 20 000 people have small dicks.If it wasn’t for those small weiner hunters,humans wouldn’t even get past the caveman stage.Are you a vegeterian or just a hypocrite douchebag who eats meat wears leather but is against hunting??If we(human race) would’ve been vegeterians and never hunted animals we wouldn’t even survive since gathering only berries grass and roots took more calories then it gave back…So you basically are anti human if you are anti hunting.And guess what you douche,what happens when hunter don’t hunt deer?Overpopulation wich means 3 things,a growth in the population wich means more of them will starve and more of them will cross streets and kill people,then the predator population will rise and finally we’ll have to worry about wolves and mountain lions roaming around our towns…And finally dickwad what do you think happens if we don’t shoot them?Do you think they live peacfully,die old and have many many childrens??No they get eaten alive by predators or die of starvation…

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 2-9-2013 at 23:58:34 from    

There wouldn’t be any Social evolution if it wasn’t for hunters you hypocrite.Do you also eat meat and dairy but think hunters are disgusting??

c hill Says, in 2-10-2013 at 00:05:24 from    

Mad Respect For Dan Hardy.

Interesting.. people coming out of the woood work

Randy Couture, Quinton Jackson, Dan Hardy

in the words of GSP “hardy is no can of tomato soup” I think Dan has a lot of integrity and sincerity in his voice and for that I aplaud him.
Hopefully the good guys of MMA keep utilizing their voice to propell the sport in a better direction. Looks like it’s happening.

cheers. as far as matt hughes. ya few people should ever have to take orders from that guy. seriously.

McClinchey Says, in 2-10-2013 at 01:10:14 from    

its already been said somewhere that matt hughes and his crew gave the dead animals to a local tribe which ate and used the furs or what not. Everyone needs to stop being such friggin pussies even if he killed them and left them to rot, other animals would eat the carcass’ bugs would eat it etc cycle of life how bout we worry about how politicians have lobbyests paying them boat loads of money to keep certain laws in place to make corporations tankership loads of money. there are more important things than a middle of the road welterweight calling out a retired hall of famer!!

Johnnybeards Says, in 2-10-2013 at 01:50:26 from    


I don’t even want to respond to your posts as they’re so full of falsities, excessive sensitivity to criticism, and belligerence.

However, in case anyone else cares, prey populations have been proven to slow and stabilize in the absence of hunters as they reproduce more quickly when hunted. Additionally, if there are wolves and cougars, the natural predators of deer, in the areas we’re talking about as KungFuLowKick aptly volunteers to his argument, his “fixing population” argument makes even less sense from the get-go since those predators won’t even allow such overpopulation to begin with.
Besides all that though, Dan Hardy did get on this topic due to the trophy-hunting of exotics in Africa, not deer in his backyard, so not sure why we’re so off topic anyway.
Lastly, many early societies were vegetarian and much larger animals than ourselves thrive on purely vegetarian diets so the vegetables don’t give enough calories to survive argument is particularly fool-hardy. Hanging around a field of plants rather than tussling with a potentially dangerous animal isn’t such a bad idea.
All that being said, notice that Dan Hardy was condemning people who kill for fun, not subsistence hunters. Really not such a radical message here.

Steve gotti Says, in 2-10-2013 at 02:25:43 from    

Give the guy some leniency, he hasnt been the same since the left hook that Carlos landed. He will be dementia before his old age years. :-(

OscarMayhem Says, in 2-10-2013 at 03:57:43 from    

This topic awakens hypocrites on both sides. But seriously, the “white men with guns” bit is hilariously oafish and is a position commonly held by an ever-shrinking group who, in their vernacular, would dismiss the contributions to the formation of this country by the “chinamen”, “negros”, and “spics”…etc. A more subtle version of this world view is the belief that if it weren’t for us great white men and our guns, those poor dirty brown villagers in those far distant lands wouldn’t eat. Therefore, we must travel and kill that exotic game and take pictures to tell our buddies back home what we’ve bagged and discarded. LOL.

That said, everyone who eats meat should experience killing a chicken at least. It lends perspective. We are animals.

onlyendsoneway Says, in 2-10-2013 at 07:06:43 from    

lmao at the peeps trying to defend hunting for sport like its the norm just because the people from your inbred American town (somewhere likebumf%#k Idaho) thinks its normal.

Wake up and open your eyes people. The worlds
alot bigger place than your own back yard.

Krio Says, in 2-10-2013 at 09:29:12 from    


Man BEFORE we had to HUNT to survive BUT not ANYMORE, I want to hunt stupid humans like you but I can’t because I will go in jail so is that fair? no because I have to survive I need to kill stupid people

MaxPain Says, in 2-10-2013 at 09:39:46 from    

Hardy has always been this way, right from the start just he also knew how to build up a fight too. Lot of people cant see the difference.

Way i see it if your fighting someone you can say what you want without me changing my opinion of you because you have to then back it up and face what you said in the cage. If someone attacks someone online with no come back then thats the real asshole.

I will say though hes talking way too much like hes already finished with fighting brown when on the form he is right now is a real handful and he needs to be putting all into that.

greengiant Says, in 2-10-2013 at 09:57:21 from    

Dan hardy is a smart good hearted guy.Some of the stuff he says i say the exact same thing all the time.Dan seeks the truth.To everyone defending hunting and getting pissed off at hardy why not listen to what he actually said.He said if you find fun in killing animals you are a sociopath.You hunt to feed your family not for fun period,now if you find the tracking and everything that comes before the hunt fun thats cool.You should be like the Indians and honor/show respect for what ever you killed for food.Smiling is morbid after a hunt.

paBEAR Says, in 2-10-2013 at 09:58:06 from    

Hunters are f***, end of story…..

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 2-10-2013 at 11:28:19 from    

@Oscar- Tell us all what is worse, Matt Hughes or gigantic meat farms used to produce food for fat morons like yourself? /watch?v=VLbV9ZDffWo

Better start thinking for yourself and stop watching the TV because it’s making you stupid. And yes I know you love the TV because you regurgitate their play by play brilliantly. Also you only responded to my white man remark and decided to leave out the much more important points I raised.

juggernautakira Says, in 2-10-2013 at 11:41:49 from    

If you dont hunt for food, then youre Asshole number 1. Actually no, you cant even qualify for being a number 1 status, youre that much of an asshole.

Tankless Says, in 2-10-2013 at 12:52:15 from    

Its ok to go to a foreign country and blow the crap out of a bunch of kids and woman for oil but shoot a animal for a trophy and your a asshole.

OscarMayhem Says, in 2-10-2013 at 14:33:54 from    


I’ll tell you what to think some other time.

Ozinator Says, in 2-10-2013 at 15:55:38 from    

The responses to Oscar and anyone pointing out what Hardy’s argument actually is, is like Nigel saying, “These go to 11″ http://www. youtube.com/watch?v=EbVKWCpNFhY

The responses where people are asking, “what’s worse, killing babies or trophy hunting”? is straw man and tu quoque. Stay on point and grow…stop being so afraid and angry

greengiant Says, in 2-10-2013 at 16:23:26 from    

@Tankless No neither one is ok thanks for asking.

paBEAR Says, in 2-10-2013 at 17:44:31 from    

Everyone just STFU I win…..

brucelee23 Says, in 2-10-2013 at 18:14:39 from    

Wow, what a response.

In all honesty, being a Brit myself, I was not expecting a warm reception on comments from American fans towards hunting Animals for fun.

Hunting is a part of life, when it comes to food. If it wasn’t for our readily meat selection available at supermarkets today then hunting animals would still be something we all do today.

But in all honesty out of respect for life on earth and general well being in our lives, shooting a 500lb bear dead, having a photo taken next to it then leaving it in a field for the vultures to feast does not make any sense to me and is not what i would call fun.

For a hard Christian like Matt Hughes who preaches his religious beliefs 7 days a week should not be shooting animals for thrills. I am sure that if Jesus Christ really did exist and Christianity was the key to the earth then, shooting animals for fun would not be a part of everyday practice.

I find it very hypocritical of Hughes to claim he follows in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, a man who died for our sins, then repays that honor by shooting 500lb of one of Gods creations dead for fun.

wcoastassassin Says, in 2-10-2013 at 20:47:38 from    

If you have something against hunting you had better not ever eat meat, or an animal product or bi-product. Never use anything that has been made from animal skin, bones, or any other part. Good luck with that hypocrites. I would like to see Matt Hughes end the feud by taking Hardy on a hunting trip to show him what it is all about. Then pull a Dick Cheney.

fightfankevin Says, in 2-10-2013 at 22:03:09 from    

really tired on Dan Hardy trying to be relevant at Matt Hughes’ expense. try winning fights instead of worrying about Matt.

johnnybeards Says, in 2-10-2013 at 23:31:23 from    


Who said all of us do? ;)

Ozinator Says, in 2-10-2013 at 23:39:39 from    


these go to 11

Dave Says, in 2-11-2013 at 00:06:00 from    

can’t stand Matt hughes! he is a two faced. he is especially annoying when talking about religion crap.

bernie Says, in 2-11-2013 at 04:37:01 from    

high articulate, what a shock.

caveman5b Says, in 2-11-2013 at 06:35:57 from    

People on this site are f****** stupid. I don’t care if people hunt unless it’s the last of some endangered species. I also don’t live in a place where hunting is essential for survival, so you other dickwads can F*** off too if you got a problem with that. Why can’t people just mind their own f****** business, and what the F*** does this have to do with MMA?

TheKungFuLowKick Says, in 2-11-2013 at 19:15:03 from    

How do you want to find vegetables when all the land was covered with ice?

You just made yourself look dumber then before…

endurolush13 Says, in 2-12-2013 at 00:30:10 from    

I think you mean dumber “than” before. Oh the irony…

Arthur Fonzersmelly Says, in 2-12-2013 at 00:34:47 from    

I’ve lots of animals while hunting. I didn’t need to eat them, I hunted them for enjoyment. I can honestly say that hunting for sport is a sick sick way to get your rocks off. If you’ve ever looked into the eyes of animal that you’ve shot as it dies and you don’t feel something is wrong with killing for entertainment there’s a part of you missing.

PastelXCore Says, in 2-12-2013 at 13:45:17 from    

Hunting is very healthy for a human to do so, as long as your eating the animal it’s much better than going to a grocery store and buying food that you’re not even connected to.

J Says, in 2-13-2013 at 18:47:00 from    

Hardy is a moron! He’s a big name because he was overhyped to sell tickets in the UK. GSP and Carlos showed how weak he is. I’m not a fan of hunting but it’s ridiculous to suggest it reflects negatively on MMA. Go Brown! Knock him out!


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