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smokinjoe Says, in 10-17-2013 at 12:29:08 from    

To compare smokinjoe frazier ans Ali to Santos and Velasquez is almost a sin.
Ali and Frazier are legends and Velasquez and Santos though they re great fighters haven’t done enough to be compared to those legends.
Therefore I think that velasquez knows the power of Santos.But Santos can’t forget what Velasquez did to him; he whooped him bad and knows his gifts.
And above all Santos is not frazier , he does not have his heart and even if he tries to persuade himself that he is the best he knows what Velasquez can do to him.
And Velasquez is very determined , very patient and will destroy once more santos even if Santos is powerful.Power is not everything and Velasquez knows is; so does Santos and I think he is very anxious about it.
But they re both great fighters.
At last let’s remember smokin joe frazier; a tremendous fighter ,a heart of lion and the determination of a tiger.As a boxer, he made me dream and he remains for me the best , much superior to tyson who is often talked of.

CaptianObvious Says, in 10-17-2013 at 14:58:45 from    

@smokin joe – Frazier superior to Tyson? GOODBYYYYE CREDIBILITY!

Its kooks like you who shouldnt be allowed to comment.

smokinjoe Says, in 10-18-2013 at 00:00:12 from    

Justt go to your local boxing club and ask the trainers ans fighters who is the best.
9 out of 10 will tell; frazier by far .tyson is the first media-built champion.His invincibility was created by the media but he always fought fans.When he fought real champions he always lost.Stop with tyson;he is so over rated

Americanfighter Says, in 10-18-2013 at 09:57:45 from    

Cain shouldn’t be even fighting on national tv with a “brown pride” tattoo. Would the alow a white person to fight with a “white pride” tattoo? I don’t think so. This country preaches equality but entail we get rid of these self created boundaries we will never have equality. American Pride is what his chest should say. He should move back to Mexico if he loves it so much. America writes his checks not Mexico. Brown pride is a gang tattoo for scraps. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a X3 tattoo and a blue rag. I hope Dos Santos smashes him.


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