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ThatDude Says, in 6-11-2012 at 17:52:55 from    

Dont Mess with the REF !

jballer Says, in 6-11-2012 at 17:55:08 from    

see, this is a better angle. from the other angle it was hard to see if this ref was justified in throwing. this angle, you can see how the cornerman was pushing at the referee and provoking the altercation. good left hook

gamblore Says, in 6-11-2012 at 17:55:42 from    

ref has more skill than anyone figthting.

rondarousey Says, in 6-11-2012 at 18:02:27 from    

That ref should be banned for life…he was clearly the instigator

mike Says, in 6-11-2012 at 18:02:34 from    

hahahaha f****** epic

siafu Says, in 6-11-2012 at 18:04:42 from    

the ref gonna get arrested for assault…

p*********** Says, in 6-11-2012 at 18:06:22 from    

it was the ref who kept going after the cornerman…

MuffDiggler Says, in 6-11-2012 at 18:13:03 from    

There is a “…You might be a redneck.” joke in there somewhere

Lazer212 Says, in 6-11-2012 at 18:13:46 from    

That’s ridiculous the ref follows him, grabs his shoulder, turns him around, grabs him again, buddy tries to push him away and the ref smokes him. That guy should never be allowed to ref again. If he wanted to throw down he should have been a fighter. F him he’ll get his.

Karate4yuASS Says, in 6-11-2012 at 18:15:10 from    

Well good job ref at F-in up ur career for the rest of your life!

^^^^ Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:01:23 from    

Yup, Ref was at fault 100%. The corner man turns away and the ref kept following him unhappy he was called out on the stoppage it seemed.

martialist Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:10:04 from    

why do people care about ref’s career? just enjoy the knockout people.
With that said, that was a clean short hook right on the button.

Joe Dog Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:10:37 from    

Nice left.

martialist Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:11:38 from    

think about this…what was the ref supposed to do, let the guy hit him first? then the ref might’ve been knocked out. When you feel like you’re about to brawl with someone, you shouldn’t wait to get hit before you hit.

Machida Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:12:11 from    

Sit down!! Sit down!! luv this sport. especially hil billies are involve. hahaha

dana whites mom Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:36:35 from    

damn. dos santos style.

dana whites mom Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:39:29 from    

sit dowwwwn!
the corner man has a glass jaw.

Dormath Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:45:40 from    

Good shot by the ref and good call(on the fight). Actually the ref was holding the corner who pushed him off as I would have two. Ref was wrong to punch but at least he had better tech the the 2 fighters.

ironfist Says, in 6-11-2012 at 19:59:16 from    

looks like the ref was the aggressor to me nice suckerpunch dick

HelloWorld Says, in 6-11-2012 at 20:32:43 from    

Complete pandemonium

Freedomfit Says, in 6-11-2012 at 21:16:19 from    

Looks like to me he told the corner man to get out of the ring, after something he said…Then the corner man decided to stop talk s***, and poke the ref in the chest, which led to a hand grab and nice crisp sounding hook. Hard to tell who was the aggressor but I’m sure corner guy will think about what he says and does next time.

Dusty Wallace Says, in 6-11-2012 at 21:26:01 from    

They shoulda started an “ecw” chant

tobes Says, in 6-11-2012 at 21:31:44 from    

the ref is probably a fighter himself. I’ve fought in small shows and the refs are often fighters. the ref probably won’t get charged for assault cause he could claim self-defense but I doubt he’ll be reffing again anytime soon. Then again, judging by the venue, I doubt he was ‘making the big bucks’ and he probably has a day job. Dude should know how to keep his cool if he thinks he’s fit to be a ref. He’s clearly a better fighter than he is a referee haha.

Hawaiian Says, in 6-11-2012 at 21:34:29 from    

That guy needs to go to jail. Period.

eidosrock Says, in 6-11-2012 at 22:05:07 from    

These things happen in MMA…

bsa Says, in 6-11-2012 at 22:13:03 from    


steamer Says, in 6-11-2012 at 22:30:09 from    

ya, no question. ref’s fault. what a cock

10N Says, in 6-11-2012 at 23:13:49 from    


scottc Says, in 6-11-2012 at 23:18:33 from    

If you are wearing a t-shirt in an MMA fight..you might be a redneck. If you are being picked up off the floor after the ref knocked you the f*ck out..you might be a redneck. Now simma down now!

casyboy Says, in 6-11-2012 at 23:32:06 from    

sucker punch , the ref was grabing at the guy first and an hit him with his hands buy his side… bad ref.. good left hook though..

mma made easy Says, in 6-12-2012 at 00:16:38 from    

dude looked like he was having puppy dreams.

ETK Says, in 6-12-2012 at 00:44:44 from    

Ref punched a non aggressor passive person whom was trying to walk away.
That was a criminal act.
Cowards think that is a good punch.

JoJo Says, in 6-12-2012 at 00:48:22 from    

Everyone’s technique looks good if there is no one fighting back. Successfully sucker punching someone who is standing still right in front of you has no bearing on how good the ref’s technique is. He could be a good fighter, he could suck.

The only thing we know for sure is that the guy is a hot head and a real dick.

Ozinator Says, in 6-12-2012 at 01:16:31 from    

the corner didn’t look innocent and was at least challenging the authority of the ref inside the ring. there was some physical moves by the corner and the rest is speculation. I can easily make a case for the ref feeling threatened by what the corner may have been saying and physically demonstrating. The grab of the hands before the punch showed that the ref made a deterrent decision before advancing to punching the threat. Notice he grabbed the hand and the guy still faced while pulling his hands away and talking. It sucks that bouncers can’t do what the ref did (and sucks that some make up for that by lying and getting off on punters) but from experience, my guess is that the ref genuinely felt threatened and did the right thing.

Op_of_faith Says, in 6-12-2012 at 01:21:19 from    

LOL! The Ref is a dick, that was a sucker punch against a non-aggressor…and this is the funniest thread EVER!

warrior1978 Says, in 6-12-2012 at 01:35:16 from    

Anyone hear the camera man after things got crazy? “Let’s get outta here!” haha…Don’t be scur’d. It’s only during moments of chaos and mayhem does one feel truly alive.

MajorTom Says, in 6-12-2012 at 02:00:20 from    

In communist Russia…

eucanlykthis Says, in 6-12-2012 at 02:32:22 from    

absolutely disgraceful and exactly what mma doesnt need. the ref kept moving towards a guy backing away and then grabs on him, the non-ref tries to push him off only to get suckerpunched. go to jail and get r**** now plz.

boonching Says, in 6-12-2012 at 03:31:06 from    

that ref must be a gayweather fan doing s*** like that.

TT Says, in 6-12-2012 at 03:45:02 from    

Another dumb person looking for trouble. This time is someone you’d think to be more sensible. But theres dumb ppl occupying so many roles. And, another person way bigger fighting someone smaller. You are such a big man. jack clown. Extra dumb because its tapped

muppetoflove Says, in 6-12-2012 at 03:46:38 from    

looks like a quality promotion to me. Fat dude in a rash guard takes a dive without throwing 1 decent punch. Cornerman talks s*** to a ref over what was clearly a call that saved his fighter from more punishment. Ref overreacts and suckerpunches a guy. Why buy ufc cards when I can watch this.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 6-12-2012 at 04:06:31 from    

Ref is an asshole.The cornerman was arguing then the asshole ref grabbed his hand so of course he will push him.Ref should be banned.If you are such a douche you want to fight even when you are reffing you shoudl fin another job douchebag.

Dave Says, in 6-12-2012 at 04:50:38 from    

the ref needs to get beat to the point he loses all his teeth and few broken bones!

he should never ever be allowed to ref. that was a cheap shot by a coward!

Jessop Says, in 6-12-2012 at 04:51:36 from    

This sport is for scum

fighter Says, in 6-12-2012 at 07:23:33 from    

Agree with JoJo 100% that ref. is a dick! that was a coward act, that cornerman didn’t even look like a fighter and his hands were down

rockinout Says, in 6-12-2012 at 07:59:47 from    

Nice one punch power, but you’re the ref, you’re supposed to be keeping everyone calm and regulating the fight. What a joke, no more reffing for that jerk.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 6-12-2012 at 08:00:19 from    

i hate cheapshotters

mmaelite177 Says, in 6-12-2012 at 08:17:56 from    

It is a bit of a stretch to say the cornerman was non-aggressive. The way I saw it, he was trying to walk the cornerman out of the ring when the cornerman stopped and decided to continue arguing with him. It was a dick move to punch him.
The real problem here is that the cornerman even had a problem with the stoppage! He should have been shaking the refs hand for saving his fighter from further punishment in an amateur fight.

metallicafan Says, in 6-12-2012 at 10:25:49 from    


stu11 Says, in 6-12-2012 at 10:34:01 from    


jakelo Says, in 6-12-2012 at 10:36:41 from    

left knock out power lol!

Horry Shet Says, in 6-12-2012 at 10:42:56 from    

Holy s*** – that was a crisp left.

But yeah – way to not think and diffuse the situation. Too many thugs nowadays.. too much ego.

inanebignate Says, in 6-12-2012 at 14:44:32 from    

that was definitely the refs fault. Regardless of what the cornerman said he did not try to get physical with the ref until the ref would not leave him alone. The cornerman tried to walk away the ref followed him then grabbed him the cornerman pushed him away but did not try to follow up and attack him. then the ref just blasted him. I hope that ref got the crap beat out of him then arrested for assualt. with that being said that was a very nice lead hook.

charles_cundit Says, in 6-12-2012 at 16:18:31 from    

lol the cornerman didn’t know the ref is going to throw. that’s what you call NOT streetsmart. everytime you reason with some douche you need to have your hand at your chin in the thinker pose like Bas Rutten told in his youtube vid hahaha. Or else you will be suckerpunched.Didn’t learn from all KO vids on the net…:D too bad some people saved the ref, i would have like to see him fight somebody actually knowing he’s fighting

ryeboi Says, in 6-12-2012 at 16:34:26 from    

there are a lot of idiots in here…

why give a guy props on a left hook when it’s a sucker punch?

there’s no skill in timing and no effort in the set-up. just a douchebag taking a cheap shot at an unsuspecting victim.

the ref was clearly the one who escalated the situtation and should be criminally prosecuted.

The Funky FRO Says, in 6-12-2012 at 18:05:32 from    

Wow, ‘Enjoy the hook’? You guys are retarded. Hurray for Sucker Punches. The Ref made the right decision in stopping the fight, but from this clip, it definitely looked like he was antagonizing the corner man who was walking away. That wasn’t cool at all, and I think he’s gonna get his…

Either from that group, or criminally prosecuted…or both. Even if someone told him to go f’ck himself, doing that, isn’t cool at all.

Jokestar Says, in 6-12-2012 at 19:41:53 from    

Tough guy ref. It was a fair shot when two guys are squaring up…get ready to fight. With that being said, he’s a ref and should be held to a higher standard. What a loose cannon.

southiejimmy Says, in 6-12-2012 at 20:48:06 from    

good luck to that ref…he could be looking at criminal charges. that being said, he knocked that mofo the hell out…lol

AussieMMA Says, in 6-12-2012 at 23:41:05 from    

Now Skeeter, we don’t want no trouble. ah, reminds of the tough man days up in the north of Australia. I’ve seen a ref soccer kick a fighter in the face before. This guy should be banned for sure.

mr. lower case Says, in 6-13-2012 at 00:10:20 from    

sucker punch. 14 days in jail, $338 fine, anger mgmt class, banned from all future ref-ing. next case.

rtorres7794 Says, in 6-13-2012 at 01:41:06 from    

none of you know what the cornerman and ref were actually saying to each other… it’ll go to court

evilevil Says, in 6-13-2012 at 10:28:29 from    

Diggstown, classic boxing movie

“what do you know about this guy”

“if he hurts you with his left, stay down”


grapefight Says, in 6-13-2012 at 13:24:51 from    

I think that ref abused his authorities..someone should tell him that he is a ref not a police officer :D

Oswald Cobblepott Says, in 6-13-2012 at 16:01:32 from    


csari0 Says, in 6-13-2012 at 16:45:58 from    

The only video that out does this is the Karate video where the ref(Nakamura Fushiki) neck nerve pinches-face kicks and then stomps on the fighter’s head… this is a close second

csari0 Says, in 6-13-2012 at 16:48:31 from    

that’s a clean KO hook.. blah..blah..blah, any one can do that sh!t when it’s a cheap shot.

I’m sure no one expects a ref to take a cheap shot at them… something tells me that ref will get his ass kicked, no crowd to protect him.

failsonnen Says, in 6-13-2012 at 17:26:50 from    

Anyone that gives props to the ref in this thread is a redneck ahole

KungFuLowKick Says, in 6-15-2012 at 10:05:19 from    

The most impressive in the video you are talking about is the nerve pinch.Even if it was a total sucker move the real life Spock move is kind of cool :P


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