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kinghanneman Says, in 12-3-2011 at 10:00:23 from    

Domination! Glad no leg was broken this time.

Muay Thai #1 Says, in 12-3-2011 at 10:00:45 from    

Great fight from Hill, I’m impressed

Maximumpain Says, in 12-3-2011 at 10:39:18 from    

Always nice to see Hill get a W. Fast transition to the darce.

Iceman45 Says, in 12-3-2011 at 11:03:08 from    

WOW! impressive performance by hill, the ufc will definatly be looking to pick him up again with a big contract. He is world class and if diaz doesnt beat GSP, hill will definatly be next in line

Powertele Says, in 12-3-2011 at 11:03:45 from    

Thank God he went up in weight to accommodate his height. He was very aggressive. I am glad the hard working guy is being successful.

darby Says, in 12-3-2011 at 11:56:19 from    

i like watching hill fight ever since the TUF show.

tobes Says, in 12-3-2011 at 12:57:23 from    

iceman45 – what’s with the sarcasm? you’re an insult to Liddell who by all accounts is respectful and chill. change your screen name.

Dr steel Says, in 12-3-2011 at 13:01:38 from    

What weight was this at ?? 170?

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-3-2011 at 13:52:27 from    

HAHA nice trolling.You should wait until he fights real competition before saying he’s ready for the title.Ellenberger,Condit,Fitch,Koscheck,Kampmann,Shields(I could keep going with pretty much any top WW)would all finish Hill in the 1st round so it’s way to soon to talk about him fighting GSP.

And the dumb ref was yelling stop stop stop but he wasn’t stopping the fight.You have to stop fighters physically first because some guys have 0 sportsmanship.

mmaboxingfan2 Says, in 12-3-2011 at 14:25:31 from    

It wasnt that great of a fight…. who is charlie rader?

mouthpeice Says, in 12-3-2011 at 15:36:25 from    

@iceman45, thats a joke right? thats either a joke or you dont know your ass from a hole in the ground… i hate these fly by night mma fans who just picked up a broadcast or 2 on spike tv. wow

IvanDrago Says, in 12-3-2011 at 16:04:33 from    

I couldn’t have been the only one expecting a leg break when clicking to watch this…

gunnyhighway99(Panama) Says, in 12-3-2011 at 16:44:28 from    

Nice win for Hill. Good to see him back and healthy. I always said he should come in a little heavier, and he looked much fitter than he did in the past.

cheesetoochalk Says, in 12-3-2011 at 17:12:11 from    

Corey Hill! Good job man

FedorFailsAgain Says, in 12-3-2011 at 18:26:01 from    

No leg bones were harmed in the making of this video :(

Oldassgrappler Says, in 12-3-2011 at 21:49:02 from    

Nice one Fedor. That fight is still ingrained in my head. Dale Hartt checks a kick from Hill and his twig snaps! Nothing like witnessing a compound fracture.

mama Says, in 12-3-2011 at 23:23:22 from    

I also think Hill should go back to the UFC and fight now Anderson. He is the same weight and height and far superior in the submissions…F*** chael let hill fight

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-4-2011 at 14:27:58 from    

You are crazy.Hill seemed to be fighting in WW and Anderson is FAR better in BJJ then him.It’ snot because a guy wins by d’arce choke against a nobody that he would win in the UFC.

KungFuLowKick Says, in 12-4-2011 at 14:28:53 from    

HAHA funny trolling.Please don’t comment on things you don’t know like MMA.


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