Coach Has To Choke Guy Going Nuts To Get Him Off His Own Fighter During MMA Bout

Coach Has To Choke Guy Going Nuts To Get Him Off His Own Fighter During MMA Bout.

Thank Donny Vick for the vid.

Translation from video up-loader – Understand what happened

It all started when the fighter Xanxerê struck two blows on his opponent falling, and continued punching sequence, with the intention of not giving his opponent a better chance for a possible backlash.
The judge tried to stop the attack and failed, it was for this reason that the teacher Pedrangelo, “correctly”, stormed the ring to help your athlete. At the same time the technician came Xanxerê fighter and also tried to depart, but as the judge was in front he had to embrace the judge also to try to help in any way.
The riot started when a member of the technical committee of the fighter Chapecó (Ogre) attacked the technician Xanxerê pulling the neck in order to remove him.
Further, as shown in the scenes, several people stormed the ring in order to cause friction, pulling fight with visitors who were also up in the ring to protect the integrity of your fighter.
The scenes are clear and can notice that, what happened was a big squabble caused not by the participants and coaches, but by two troublemakers that excited about the struggles wanted an opportunity to fight pretending to be helping.
It is our duty to show only the press really matter who gets hurt!
Teachers know the invaders, they are home. Now, it is psychologically orient them so that in situations like these do not have attitudes “pickpockets”, spoiling an event made by serious people with commitment to seek to value the sport and create opportunities to professionals and amateurs to showcase their talents to the public.
If you want to fight because they did not enroll in fights?
Do not know if it changed now but in my time when I started learning martial arts, one of the basic principles in the academies was to teach students techniques, discipline and respect.
Students were prepared for combat and defense, but above all they were prepared to have self inside and outside the ring.
Is a tip for teachers and especially students, who see MMA as a sport and not as a war!

Warning, Look out for the loud music.


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