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blzd Says, in 9-20-2013 at 20:37:57 from    

at least he was smart n didnt try to hit the guy on the helmet

Ozinator Says, in 9-20-2013 at 20:43:57 from    

Very good the way he got his hips in there while still not overcommitting to that one punch. Good street smarts too to not follow through with a combo as the guy’s buddy could have attacked him from the side or back. would like to see the body language from the db preceding the strike. Laws on this are made by fucwits who never had to defend themselves

Balls deep Says, in 9-20-2013 at 21:04:43 from    

Homie was yapping just before getting upper cutted lol.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-20-2013 at 21:41:39 from    

blacks and their respect issues

bunbury Says, in 9-20-2013 at 22:14:25 from    

I think its safe to say he’s been in a few fights.

boonching Says, in 9-20-2013 at 22:55:50 from    

@ madam mim – lol, its cuzza dat concrete jungle, ya herd?!

Ozinator Says, in 9-20-2013 at 23:17:05 from    

Though Marvelous MM respectfully may be a noble troll looking to instigate race discussions, I’ve seen enough from him to suggest that there is no there there. As hipster “ironic” as he portrays, I’m guessing that he really does hate negroes.

OscarMayhem Says, in 9-20-2013 at 23:48:27 from    

Well, obviously MMMM is not black or a man and neither boonching. Airing your insecurities about black men doesn’t make you funny or provocative. It makes you backward, small, and pitiful.

BiteMyBIRD Says, in 9-21-2013 at 00:46:09 from    

I thinks its safe to say this guy is a scum bag.

Pkennedy Says, in 9-21-2013 at 01:40:21 from    

LOL @ Ozinator Street smarts my butt… he wanted to flash the uppercut *WHICH would be impossible to see coming in that helmet and a total cheap shot* and hide it because he wanted to get away with it. That’s why he didn’t throw a combo. He didn’t put his hips into it all the way because he’s a football player *rolls eyes at you*

orange Says, in 9-21-2013 at 01:42:43 from    

Agree with Marvelous MM.

Twana Says, in 9-21-2013 at 06:42:12 from    

A cheap shot….you can hurt anyone if you attack them and they are not ready….

Ozinator Says, in 9-21-2013 at 10:13:59 from    

@ PKennedy..


def Says, in 9-21-2013 at 10:29:56 from    

i hope he is arrested.

T’Challa Says, in 9-21-2013 at 11:09:42 from    

@ Madam

Racists and their race issues.

marvelous mad madam mim Says, in 9-21-2013 at 12:53:35 from    

Oscar- actually the only one showing their insecurities would be the negroid who got disrespected verbally and had to cheap shot the obviously smaller guy. oh wait im sorry, he cheap shotted because he is secure… what was I thinking

Douchy douche douche McDouchington Says, in 9-21-2013 at 13:24:23 from    

Attacking people for voicing either their opinion about or joking about black folk makes you backwards, pitiful, and small. Furthermore calling his statement to check as if he is motivated by insecurities, only projects either your own insecurities and or low self opinion in your own mind about yourself. You OscarMayhem need to check yourself, and let these lame guys post whatever they want… it’s a post comment, you p****.

OscarMayhem Says, in 9-21-2013 at 18:18:07 from    

If this is the forum to promote racist views, then I can call as I seem them with as much liberty. Characterizing a cheap shot with being black is wrong and telling. If it is the job of some of you to defend MMM’s prejudice then so be it. As for the insecurity comment, believe what you will, but I don’t lock my car doors when I see a black man. If the idea of holding racist views being paired with insecurities is a new idea to you, then I might as well have this discussion with a table.

paddedummy Says, in 9-21-2013 at 19:24:10 from    

LMAO @ the retard who tried to defend porch monkeys and then refers to them as “negroes” like it’s 1960! Love the black on black violent crime. No matter who loses, white folks always win and are entertained by the video aswell as the comments! If both N*****$ get hurt or croak it’s a win win situation! Post more videos like this please!

joe schmoe Says, in 9-21-2013 at 21:36:32 from    

Good grief. How did this turn into a Klan meeting? Fortunately, it’s 2013, and backwards, ragefull rednecks are in their swan song of fury against a world that has already passed them by.

boonching Says, in 9-22-2013 at 00:04:06 from    

lol oscarmayhem has respect issues…

KKK Leader Says, in 9-22-2013 at 08:06:06 from    

Damn you guys are racist as F***. Keyboard brotherhood warriors unite! The meeting is over.

P.S. Why hate blacks and still enjoy them at the same time? I just dont……


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