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PuNcH Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:01:42 from    

holding/hugging – its hard to route for some one that would rather hug than cause damage and fight

pockemouth Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:07:10 from    

Oh thank god. I thought there was going to be a major blown decision by the judges there. What an opening round. Unbelievable. I’m so glad Guida didn’t get the win with the little amount of damage he caused.

mmafightfan Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:07:15 from    

crazy first round. i was rooting for guida because he’s always fun to watch and sanchez is a douche bag.

josers18 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:07:42 from    

Diego looked real good too bad he couldnt finish it

Cromagnonman Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:08:03 from    

Wow… The first minute of this fight has got to be one of the best ever. Very close fight. Diego won first round. Guida won second. The third was leaning toward Diego. Good decision and…. Damn….. Wish they could all be this way… Lightweights Rule…..

glengauley Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:09:30 from    

Diego is a beast
my favorite for sure

wandisabeast Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:12:13 from    

i want to see diego vs frank edgar

becquer Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:16:59 from    

firts one

diego rules,,,, puro mexicano cabron,, jajajaja
guida vitim of mexicans,,

Pocker Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:18:13 from    

wait wtf? i had sanchez winning all 3 rounds

only thing clay did was the take down in 2nd round but sanchez destroyed his head with those elbows from the bottom and did way more damage then clay.

3rd round clay didnt get a takedown, they fell together and in the scramble he was on top for like 5 seconds. Diego landed more shots, more submission attempts in the 3rd round.

if the dictionarys definitions were pictures instead of words, lay and pray would be a picture of clay guida folks.

Corey Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:19:31 from    

Agreed, what an incredible fight — guida definitely controlled the pace more in the last two rounds, but Sanchez kept it close — and did WAY more damage. Even from the bottom he continued… my god what heart for clay. But it didnt win him the fight… easily one of the best fights in years.

nmpld1985 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:20:37 from    

I believe guida was robbed, he clearly won the second and third, I HATE DIEGO

Yo Mama Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:22:17 from    

Great great fight. It was a brawl, but filled with technique.
How a judge could score this to Guida though, is beyond me. I mean, even if you give Guida the 2nd and 3rd rounds (which you shouldn’t), then it would be a draw because the 1st was definitely a 10-8 for Diego.

BartonFisk Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:26:30 from    

Danm that was pretty close ,wish id could of gone 5 rounds.

Many Thanks Bruno , not a day i dont stop by your web site ,keep up the outstanding work.

joefunk Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:32:37 from    

That was a very close fight!
Rocking first round. Diego never looked better standing up.
Gotta give props for Guida taking the head kick like it was nothing!
I wish it was a draw, but agree Diego had a very slight edge.

TacoWarrior Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:36:24 from    

Wow. Great fight!

Now I am a bug Sanchez fan, and I do also like Guida. I really thought it should have been either a draw or Guida. Sanchez had the short knock down, and some great stand up in the first round., but I think what might have won it for him was his aggression while on his back.
But either way it was a great fight as expected.

CycloneX Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:39:22 from    

Wow! Good fight.Pushing for guida,just needs to make some devastating kicks.You know he didn’t even kick during this whole fight.

mmanut Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:42:00 from    

guida got robbed. i gave the first round to diego and the second and third to guida.

viking Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:54:41 from    

5 rounds would have been awesome. Thought we were gonna see a tie there, but the last judge gave it to Sanchez.

FNA Says, in 6-21-2009 at 02:55:57 from    


1. 10-9 Sanchez for landing a few shots
2. 10-6 Guida for the take down and controlling him the entire round.
3. 10-7 Another amazing takedown by Guida.

29-23 Guida going away.

common sense Says, in 6-21-2009 at 03:08:15 from    

thank god. who would give to lay and pray rounds to Guida. btw, Sanchez vs. Huerta for a good ol mexican barn burner

common sense Says, in 6-21-2009 at 03:08:51 from    

i just noticed pokemouth and I had the exact same first reaction

PuNcH Says, in 6-21-2009 at 03:09:15 from    

10-6 10-7? Is that how you score fights?

a 10-6 does not equal dry humping and doing little damage – lol @ 10-6

Kill em All Says, in 6-21-2009 at 03:10:39 from    

I like Guida, but his style of fighting is very boring… I guess Dana White was very happy to see Diego win the fight.

ihatehaters Says, in 6-21-2009 at 03:16:02 from    

u must be joking right.10-6 10-7?when the hell do u see scores like that?u have to destroy a guy to get 10-8.

mefninja Says, in 6-21-2009 at 03:51:40 from    

i had sanchez winning the second to be honest.. diego did more damage of his back in the 2nd than guida did the whole fight lol..

TheNightCrawler Says, in 6-21-2009 at 03:53:39 from    

sick fight guida has an amazing jaw but he needs to work on his stand up. congrats to diego, hopefully well get to see sanchez vs florian 2

AlkoholicJJ Says, in 6-21-2009 at 04:16:07 from    

haha @ 10-6. some people kids. Awesome first round. That headkick was devastating!! Can’t believe Guida ate it.

gwizzy Says, in 6-21-2009 at 04:37:25 from    

diego is sick but damn guida got one hell of a chin.

lorenzo Says, in 6-21-2009 at 04:45:35 from    

what an amazing match….thanks bruno

Polevault1543 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 04:46:09 from    

Diego is an animal, Guida – a f*****. great fight by diego, another gay hugging wrestler back to the bottom of division

danablows Says, in 6-21-2009 at 04:53:08 from    

How was this fight close? Diego aped him in the first, second guida controlled but diego landed more effective strikes with elbows. Third round was a toss up. Definite candidate for fight of the year!

filo561 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 05:26:23 from    

again all according to dana white’s plan.wat can i say folks dis is showbiz

filo561 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 05:36:13 from    

and dont be surprised if diego get a title shot sooner than more deserving lightweights.

filo561 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 05:49:42 from    

and ask dana white how to have 2 pro fights 1 win 1 loss then beat some1 who isnt even in the top 10 heavyweights and end up on a title fight because atleast a quarter of the american population already know ur name before u even got to fightin in mma.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ dats all ur gonna hear from that bald fukk

Jasonicus Says, in 6-21-2009 at 06:35:40 from    

FNA, do you know what the rules are? Go back and read up on them, then tell us when the last time you saw a 10-6 round. Jeez.

Guida tried to do his “lay and pray” in the 2nd, and somehow got one judge to give him 2 rounds. Even in that round, Sanchez did most of the damage from his back. I am glad someone finally took it to Guida. I just wish Diego would have TKO’d him.

vatoxlocos Says, in 6-21-2009 at 06:53:49 from    

Woah sick fight, this should make FOTY!

Too bad Diego couldn’t finish it, would have been cool to see a flying knee ending. But Clay has a granite chin and massive heart so big ups to him also.

dahuegstar Says, in 6-21-2009 at 07:03:35 from    

that fight rite there is wat mma is all about. heart, fire, desire,love, passion u name it Guida is wat u want in a fighter. he did not loose the fight it was a draw he won the last 2 rounds period. diego won the first round 10-8 4 sure. but it dont matter guida is a mma bad ass mother fu!@er 4 life.

whitey_rolls Says, in 6-21-2009 at 08:06:50 from    

Actually Pocker if you look up “LAY AND PRAY” in the dictionary there is a picture of Gray Maynard lol. This was a great fight to watch though really exciting. I was worried as well that they would give the fight to Guida, especially when the first decision was announced. What do they say about judging ‘based on effective grappling, striker, agression and octagon control’? So if Diego is more aggressive from the bottom, does more damage, lands more strikes why does the round to go Guido who has to turtle in Diego’s guard? … stupid! Oh anyways, when they were doing the crazy stare downs before the fight did anyone else think Diego kind of looked like Royge Gracie (or atleast a member of the family)?

bobbo Says, in 6-21-2009 at 08:33:28 from    

this fight has to go down in mma history as one of the best fights EVER.

what an all out war.

Sean Wooldridge Says, in 6-21-2009 at 08:38:11 from    

How could anybody score round one 10-8? Slapping a guy in the elbow will get you a 9 points. Sanchez spent half the round on his back. The only thing that Sanchez pulled off from guard were those elbows to the top of the head (which should be illegal because they are completely ineffective; they only serve to maim, not end a fight). This is the second time Guida has lost a bullshit decision to a UFC poster boy. Huerta is the only guy who has legitimatly beaten him.

pwner Says, in 6-21-2009 at 08:42:43 from    

Diego Sanchez rolled that biatch from the get go, Sanchez is a dam machine on a mission. Gonna be hard to stop this machine.. nuff said biatches

Darkmetal Says, in 6-21-2009 at 09:31:08 from    

Diego evolves eacha and every fight; Florian and Penn take note.
You have to give Guida credit, however, he took amazing damage and kept coming, the guy is a small tank!

Diego won on pure damage, he messed up Guida a lot in rd 1, and delivered even more damage via elbows from the bottom in rd 2.

palefaceghost Says, in 6-21-2009 at 09:32:52 from    

good decision, im tired of guida winning by laying on people and not doing any damage. i understand controlling a fight but watching guida is like watching a high wrestling match. diego beat that ass in the first and made guida not want to go to ground after beating his head in with elbows in the second

rocco55 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 10:44:57 from    

What’s up with elbows to the top of the head from the bottom. Some refs don’t allow it, Rosenthal said nothing. ???

rayleonard Says, in 6-21-2009 at 10:50:23 from    

I don’t know how everyone keeps saying that Diego should have won the first round 10-8. Guida was never really hurt and he fired back throughout the round. I’d say this fight was a draw. Excellent fight though.

oaklandblackouts Says, in 6-21-2009 at 10:51:05 from    

dayym.. guida musta ate like 50 uppercuts in the 1st round alone. not a big fan of guida’s but i gotta give them props where it’s due – not many can take that kind of punishment

Esteban Says, in 6-21-2009 at 11:03:15 from    

It was a Great fight and i loved it. I thought the caged was controled by Diego. I agree with the judges it was close but Guida did not do enough to win. I like guida but the truth is the truth Diego won.

okami Says, in 6-21-2009 at 11:09:16 from    

FNA is a total idiot for scoring it 29-23 for Guida.

coutura Says, in 6-21-2009 at 11:27:07 from    

how did guida won the second round …you guys are pattetic ..why becouse guida was on top ..looked at how many elbows he ate from sanchez …he split his head open in the second round the nightmare is a beast

Androly-San Says, in 6-21-2009 at 11:34:24 from    

God damn that was an incredible fight. That head kick would have ended the night for any fighter except Guida. That guy is not human, i think he’s a genetic experiment. I agreed with the decision though i was rooting for Guida. I don’t care if he’s not a finisher, there’s never been a boring Guida fight. He’s like Randy on crack, lol.

Drew Says, in 6-21-2009 at 11:34:29 from    

If you’re going by the boxing scoring system, I scored the fight a draw.

Round 1: Diego 10-8
Round 2: Guida 10-9
Round 3: Guide 10-9 (barely)

If you’re scoring by overall damage and significant strikes, Diego clearly won this fight. I don’t know how Guida survived that onslaught in the first round.

micah Says, in 6-21-2009 at 11:42:07 from    

i thought it was a draw but can see why they gave it to Sanchez was very close all these people that say Guida is boring and dont like to see people fight on the ground need to go back to watching boxing and stop commenting on mma fights

PitFighterZ Says, in 6-21-2009 at 11:59:30 from    

Well, that only proves what I said in the earlier posts, none of them really has knock out power.
That said, Sanchez won the fight by far. He won the first round hands down, he won the second round (even been on his back he was definitely the agressor and caused tremendous damage with the elbows to the head, while Guida did nothing on top), and the third round was basically a draw.
I don’t think it was a close fight because Guida didn’t do anything at all to put Diego in risk, while Diego massacred Guida in the first round, took off his scalp in the second, and rested in the third.
If Sanchez had used his head kicks more often, nobody would be even discussing this result.
Total domination.
@ Okami: Agreed. FNA knows s*** about MMA or anything else for that matter!

Fkin Hologram Says, in 6-21-2009 at 12:12:12 from    

diego putting in work in first min of the first round boy!

Niv Says, in 6-21-2009 at 12:57:40 from    

Man I love watching both of these guys fight. I think it’s unfair to say Sanchez lacks ko power because he couldn’t ko Guida. Guida is seriously tough and that head kick he took would have ko’d almost anybody.

I think people as usual are really unfair when saying Guida is using lay and pray. He uses his wrestling masterfully to set up hammer fists, elbows and punches which he utilized. Sanchez fought well throwing elbows from his back but Guida definitely took the second round.

The third round surprised me a bit as Guida got the better of the standup and overall did more.

This was a great fight and I’d love to watch these two guys fight another three times.

The only justifiable decision for me would have been a draw based off a clear 10-8 first by Diego and two slim 10-9 rounds by Guida, either way both guys are warriors.

whoareyou221 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 13:32:03 from    

Round 1: 10-9 Diego (not 10-8 cuz Guida got a takedown and was standing with him at the end.)

Round 2: 10-9 Guida (Diego’s elbow strikes = cut, big deal.)

Round 3: 10-10 (Diego had a good kimura and Guida had some good control towards the end, stand up was even.)

Draw match.

St Pierre Says, in 6-21-2009 at 13:33:20 from    

Did anybody else notice that Diego was actually getting the better in the second round with those elbows from his back???

Sean Wooldridge Says, in 6-21-2009 at 13:51:56 from    

Niv, you’re killing me. Round 1 was so not a 10-8 round it’s not even funny. Did you see what Cain Velazquez did to Cheik Kongo in R2 and R3? THOSE weren’t even 10-8s. You have to have no offense whatsoever to get 8 points in a round. It’s extremely rare. Guida definitely lost the round, but he scored a takedown and got some shots in while he was at it.

Enough with the 10-8 crap!

ihatehaters Says, in 6-21-2009 at 13:56:18 from    

i cant believe the idiots that dont understand diego winnin the 1st round 10-8.all u have to do is look at guidas face after that round to see mow much punishment he took.i dont like either one of these guys but since guida gave up on tryin to take him down halfway through the fight it made it a much better fight.great fight

DFA Says, in 6-21-2009 at 14:25:58 from    

Anyone honestly giving this fight to Guida is a clueless Guida fanboy who must hate Diego and be incapable of unbiased thought. Guida showed great toughness and heart, but I honestly can’t justify giving a single round to him without heavy doubt. The fight could have been as one-sided as 30-26 for Diego, with Guida’s best possible scenario being a very generous draw.

mike Says, in 6-21-2009 at 14:32:09 from    

amazing fight! really close, thought diego did enough to win, but very impressed with both fighters.
the way clay was bobbing up and down while joe was interviewing him was insane, his conditioning is phenomenal.

fuck_a_guida Says, in 6-21-2009 at 14:35:33 from    

Ok Guida didn’t win a single round and I don’t get how this guy has any fans at all. All he ever does is hug like a dude who’s trying his hardest not to get his ass kicked. He even lost the 2nd round when he was on top. Sorry I don’t give any points for laying on top of a person, and neither should the judges. DAMAGE determines who wins the round, picture it like a health bar on a video game. And in case any of you Guida nut huggers didn’t notice, Guida’s hair was soaked with blood from the elbows Sanchez landed in the 2nd round, that being the round Guida supposedly won. Sanchez 30-26, first round 10-8.

casyboy Says, in 6-21-2009 at 14:45:25 from    

i think diego should have to get threw gray and frankie before title shot period..

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 6-21-2009 at 17:24:10 from    

If you think Guida won this fight YOURE A RETARDED PREMATURE FETUS!
All Gudia did wast ake him down twice and DID NOTHING !! NO DAMAGE!! Diego cracked his face, nose and head open.

He busted his face like a pinata! Look at their faces and tell me who won that fight….Guida and his gayness are not champion material….

CycloneX Says, in 6-21-2009 at 17:29:56 from    

For the post above***_a_guida …I’m a fan of Guida and I don’t see how you can judge someone whos a good fighter like Guida.Guida could have beaten Huerta and only lost by a submission last few seconds in the 3rd round.Just a tad mistake but he was leading all 3 rounds against Huerta.Guida did control the fight except for that first round attack but recovered nicely.Guida also has 5 split decisions in his record.Versatile fighter for sure.Don’t give any points for a take-down?
Be 5’7″ and takedown a 5’11″..I would score for the 5’7″.Just like a 5’11 throwing haymakers would score if he connected those punches.

MRVIPER666 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 17:53:26 from    

dont forget about tyson or sherk

zebo13 Says, in 6-21-2009 at 18:20:04 from    

Stupid ass judge that gave it to Guida, ruined my fantasy bonus. Diego did waaaay more damage when he was on his back then Guida did on top. Great fight, I expected no less.

sledhead Says, in 6-21-2009 at 19:02:39 from    

diego received a gift with that call. i thought guida had the fight. none of diego’s power shots slowed down guida. this isnt a video game, like one of the last posts says. that guy is obviously ignorant to mma. it was a good fight, could have gone either way.

sledhead Says, in 6-21-2009 at 19:04:41 from    

love all these keyboard tough guys calling everyone names!! lol none of you guida haters would stand a minute in the ring so stfu already.

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 6-21-2009 at 20:42:58 from    

CYcloneX…ur an idiot and U just hate Diego….Guida did ZERO f****** damage…bear huged all f****** night..U think thats skill and balls? HELL NO….Illgive u this though, he is strong as an ox and can absorb a beating…other than that he has nothing going for him…never looks to finsih fighters, only to grab and hold and thats allhe has ever done and that is all he will ever do….see he tried to show some balls by standing with Diego on the first round and he got his nose put into his f****** ear…so he said F*** this! Time to hug myway out of it! Too bad for him it didnt work..what a LOSER…get out of the UFC please!!!

Niv Says, in 6-21-2009 at 21:03:13 from    

Sean Wooldridge, I’m killing you for thinking round one was a 10-8 round for Sanchez, OK. So how did you score the bout?

I don’t see why everyone here is in such a huff all the time. You give an opinion, so do I big deal.

I think I clearly can justify that 10-8 is when one fighter has another badly hurt and more than once where the fight could have ended. I think the fight was very close to being stopped in the first round if Guida didn’t recover so quick from that head kick. Guida was rocked on several occasions in the beginning and hung in there but he took a beating and a half in that round.

I don’t know how you justify a 10-8 round but I stand by that. I think this fight easily could have been a draw, sorry if that hurts your feelings.

Mag Says, in 6-21-2009 at 21:21:34 from    

Top Fight, but it was a disgrace that that fight went to a split decision.

US MMA scoring is a f****** farce.

Diego DOMINATED that fight, and should have easily won a 30-26 fight. In fact this is another fight that shows how flawed the 10-point must and US MMA scoring system is.

‘Control’ is such an absoulte bullshit criteria. Whats the point of ‘controlling’ an opponent if wherever you control them to you’re getting beaten up??… like last night. Clay had nothing in standing up or on the ground even though he got to ‘choose’ where the fight went. Pathetic. He got beaten up badly standing up and on the ground, regardless of being ‘on top’. This isn’t f****** Collegiate wrestling, its MMA FFS!!!

You can’t just take someone down – to GUARD (which is a NEUTRAL POSITION) and expect to win a fight if you haven’t damaged the opponent. The fact that one judge actually gave guida the win is appalling.

Get the Japanese scoring system in the UFC ASAP, its seriously becoming a joke.

Great fight, but for f**** sake, change this bullshit method of judging a fight for the good of MMA.

I’ve been following MMA since 1998 and had guida won it would have been the biggest robbery I’d have witnessed. Thankfully 2 judges gave Diego the nod, it’s not the judges fault, its the system that’s f*****.

Please say there are some educated fans around here that agree with me? Peace.

coutura Says, in 6-21-2009 at 22:06:19 from    

diego please you need to box better why not body punches ..guida was open on the ribs i nthe first round you need more combos

xteban Says, in 6-21-2009 at 22:31:48 from    

I knew Diego was gonna win

mymuythai Says, in 6-21-2009 at 23:06:20 from    

Sanchez vs. Edgar next. Winner gets title shot.

KEYBOARD TOUGHGUY Says, in 6-21-2009 at 23:23:51 from    

“Sledhead” is a tit. YOU obviously know shite about MMA if you think Guida won that fight. First round he blocked every one of diego’s power shots with his face. 2nd round he thought it would be a good idea to lay and pray and payed for it with his own blood being sprayed all over the mat. The third round was the closest thing you could call to an even round. Anyone (seldhead) who can’t see this is also OBVIOUSLY IGNORANT to MMA. I ain’t taking nothing away from Guida, the guy is a machine. But, he lost. So get off his nuts and accept it.

swilkins Says, in 6-21-2009 at 23:45:59 from    

fu*k guida sanchez beat the s*** outta him…thats word

Drew Says, in 6-22-2009 at 00:06:41 from    

I’m not objecting to the Sanchez decision, but I’m not sure why everyone says Guida just lays on guys. He was working. He was throwing and landing some punches and elbows. When guys try to get up, he smothers them and tries to break their will. What do you expect the guy to do? Stand there and potentially get knocked out? He’s trying to win the fight.

Rugburn Says, in 6-22-2009 at 01:30:17 from    

Its hard to see how Diego was destroying Guida if your a Guida fan watching the fight from the Guida perspective. Re-watch the fight and this time watch Diego and then tell me who won. Trust me, when I see my favorite fighters lose and re-watch it from the other guys perspective its a different fight!!! Diego clearly inflicted pain and punishment from every position!!!

sooooopernate Says, in 6-22-2009 at 02:41:25 from    

It’s interesting that the one judge scored it 29-27, Joe knew that a judge might have scored the first round 10-8 sanchez. I think that’s bull though, I mean diego obviously won that round, but he got taken down and then guida was on the offensive. All three judges saw that guida won the second round. I find it very odd that two judges thought that round 3 was diegos. I mean he was getting hit with some solid shots, and he got taken down. I thought guida won that fight, it seems that the judges in the ufc really look for completely different things from one judge to the next, there really needs to be a better scoring system.

sledhead Says, in 6-22-2009 at 10:50:09 from    

Diego obviously doesnt have the cardio to go 3 rounds. he looked tired the 3rd round and had no power to take out guida. no power = no respect for me.


sledhead Says, in 6-22-2009 at 11:06:07 from    

If Guida is such a noob fighter as you all claim, then why did it take diego 3 rounds and a split decision to beat him? i guess diego isnt ready for a title shot after all.

Sean Wooldridge Says, in 6-22-2009 at 12:07:54 from    

Niv, there is a criteria for scoring a 10-8 round. You can find it on a number of sites with a simple google search. I would suggest reading it before you post anything else and risk hurting someone else’s feelings as badly as you have hurt mine.

sledhead Says, in 6-22-2009 at 13:57:14 from    

diego’s face was all swollen. to everyone who said that diego took no damage, i say you are completely ignorant.

CycloneX Says, in 6-22-2009 at 15:10:57 from    

Sean_vance..you’re the idiot.
Dumber than a sack of wet mice.
A few bricks short of a full load.
He smells the coffee, but he can’t find the pot.

I never said Guida “Should have won”
You get points for a takedown,some folks don’t think so.Never said I hate Diego.He’s good,sure.The fight good enought for a rematch.A better rematch then the other 2 fights that night.If Guida fought like Joe did (fighting a taller person)Then Guida would have won.All 3 fights that night were similar,just different game plans.5’7″s can handle more rounds than a 5’11″ so the favor was in diego. 5 rounds next time !!!!

Niv Says, in 6-22-2009 at 15:21:22 from    

I promise to have better opinions in the future, take care.

Greatwhite Says, in 6-22-2009 at 17:14:23 from    

Guida should be nick named >> The Leech.

Seeing as he’s always looking for take downs. He’s got one hell of a God awful stand up game, and he very rarely inflicts any substantial damage on just about all of his opponents.

Great win Diego.

Keyboard Toughguy Says, in 6-22-2009 at 17:38:16 from    

Diego’s face might have been swollen, but who has the GIF of one fighter smashing the other fighters face in with a head kick from the heavens? HAHA! WAR SANCHEZ! Guida/Maynard Snorefest ’09! Only on PPV!

SEAN_VANCE Says, in 6-22-2009 at 21:02:08 from    

All I ask is this..put exciting fighters with exciting fighters and boring fighters with borign fighters…

Like someone suggested:
Guida vs. Maynard Perfect match, who cares who wins or loses, they are so f****** boring nobody gives a s***, they can die and nobody will miss them.

Kenny vs. BJ, Kenny vs. Diego, BJ vs Diego, Huerta vs. Diego or BJ, now, this I want to see cos I know they wont be any gayness floating around…maybe with Kenny lately, but not too bad. lol

THis should have NEVER been a split decision, its ridiculous ..points for take downs, so f****** gay..only in the US ..in Japan take downs dont mean s*** unless u attempt submissions or cause serious FIGHT ENDING type of damage…no little gay hammer fists once every 2 minutes. GUIDA = GAY
THIS ISNT WRESTLING!! ITS NOT WWF !! ITS UFC, and u have to beat the s*** out of the other person, not take him down! U cause no damage when u take someone down! GAY

CycloneX Says, in 6-22-2009 at 21:53:43 from    

Mannnn..Sean_ needs a cookie…Taking down someone takes alot of work..if they so good on the ground,they should stop from being taken down.Whats A 5’11″ DUDE DOING AT 156 POUNDS ?? Diego couldn’t even take Guida down.Except for that kick.

Thats like Randy or Silva dropping all the way to 145..Just because you can drop alot of weigh doesn’t mean..go ahead and take all comers.”I’m 6’7″ and I’m gonna fight at 155 pounds to make some money”

Well DUhhhhhhh…

Gudia!!,,,don’t change anything at all.You got this far..might as well keep it up!!Maybe some kicks like cro-cop..Right at the knee and make them fight on one leg!

sledhead Says, in 6-22-2009 at 22:45:36 from    

sounds like sean_vance has some GAY issues to work out!! lol just come out of the closet dude

jman Says, in 6-23-2009 at 01:13:41 from    

I am a huge Guida fan but he lost all three rounds. Like someone said before where was Guida’s leg kicks! He got into a slugging match and got out slugged. Oh, and FNA should be banned from this site for his stupid round scoring!

Sephy Says, in 6-23-2009 at 07:19:39 from    

Whoever thinks Guida won any rounds is full of themselves lol.. The second round Sanchez landed more blows from the bottom and Guida did jack s***, but bleed. That judge that gave Guida the fight should seek another profession.. I like them both, but Diego was clearly the winner…

BomberB Says, in 6-24-2009 at 14:29:26 from    

Guida has gotta be pound 4 pound the toughest guy in the UFC?

and just befode everyone goes mad i said TOUGHEST not the BEST (that would be GSP)

xFIGHTERx Says, in 6-26-2009 at 04:09:25 from    

jman cracjs my s*** up about FNA … amyways the fight … Diego clearly won the first round maybe not 10-8 cause of guidas take down but still diego killed him in the first.

the second well i guess guida did get the take down and if dry humping a fighter for 5 rounds counts as controll he wins in that aspect too … but diego busted the s*** out of his head and clearly was more agressive… tried for the kimora and almost had an arm bar… tru guida had some dece hammer fist there towrads the end but really he was trading hammer fist for elbos to the head which were more more effevtive diego 10-9

third round well this is the only round you could consider giving to guida but honestly he did very little the striking was a close call mostly just trading ounches but diego did get some head kicks not clean but still.. then diego had a rear naked truned into arm triagngle turned kimora turned arm bar guida survied the thiord round but did not win diego agaibn 10-9 soooooo thats 30-27 but def one of the best fights in a long long time props to guida lots of heart unbreakable chin but diego just out struck him and out worked him while on his back

xFIGHTERx Says, in 6-26-2009 at 04:11:53 from    

sorry for my s*** grammer and spelling meant 5 minutes not rounds but s*** its 4 in the morning lol

Elmaestro Says, in 6-26-2009 at 17:50:44 from    

Just in case you guys didnt catch it. Clay Guida is an expert at stifling jiu jitsu.

GooseUhRoose Says, in 6-29-2009 at 20:08:04 from    

I scored all three rounds 10-9 Guida. Guida’s face and amazingly thick skull were obviously dealing out a massive amount of damage to Sanchez’s knees, fists, feet, and elbows.

krakos000 Says, in 6-30-2009 at 01:58:27 from    

ok if this isnt fight of the year WTF…this is a great fight that GUIDA shoulda won or at least been a draw….diego looked like a huge douche during the staredown…guida has a steel chin and is a beast…F*** all u guida haters…he is a great fighter….i didnt see diego hopping up and down still at the end…he coulda easily gone like 5 more rounds

Chef Says, in 10-23-2010 at 10:22:57 from    

Guida sucks


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