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dirty 7-30 Says, in 12-30-2007 at 06:14:31 from    

Ahhhh this fight…. was entertaining, the commentating was extremely biased. A fight that was six years in the making only had 3 rounds to be settled… hardly enough time. What stopped this fight from being a classic is the 3 round limit. I remember when Sakuraba got to fight Royce Gracie… it was unlimited time… the fight went on for OVER 1 HOUR!!! finally when the ref realized that Gracie wasn’t fighting to win but to survive it was stopped. If the fight had be stopped in 3 rounds it would have settled noting…. kind of like this fight, it really didn’t settle anything, just a win for Liddell which is what the UFC wanted. Too bad… specially seeing Liddell run away for the last half of the last round… too bad he was too chicken to try to finish it…. Rematch any one?

Pasha Says, in 12-30-2007 at 06:31:44 from    

heavy and light heavy fighters in pride not large and strong as ufc fighters

TKO911 Says, in 12-30-2007 at 07:11:28 from    

Rampage was from pride..

Anyways it was a good fight. I agree 5 rounder woulda been nice but thats title fights so 3 round is all this one got. 1st rd was a little dull but they picked it up. Loved that backup to the wall I though Wandy was hurt lol but suprise. I thought chuck would win this fight though. It seemed like chuck got a little star struck. He was the man for a while there and lot of partying caught up with him and I think he didn’t train like he needed too. After those 2 losses though they were saying he was back and this was a good fight but I wanted to see a finish. Chuck coulda put him down in the 3rd if he tried to but he really wanted to make sure he got the win cuz if he lost this he’d take a fall not only from ufc standpoint but as well in the entertainment industry.

#1 SHOGUN FAN (RICK AZ) Says, in 12-30-2007 at 07:14:59 from    

Good fight to Chuck. Wish Wanderlei would have took the fight to the legs of Chuck a little more… But, Chuck will never hold the belt with Jackson still fighting and am sure Dana knows this… Can’t wait to see Shogun back in the mix (YOUR SOON TO BE 2008 LIGHT HEAVY WEIGHT TITLE HOLDER.)

BlackSpoon Says, in 12-30-2007 at 07:21:58 from    

Only one judge had any brains. I cant see how anyone scored all 3 rounds to chuck. I’m very upset that Wandy lost =(

Take1Do Says, in 12-30-2007 at 07:25:25 from    

Close fight and very entertaining to say the least. The six years in the making was worth the wait for this epic battle. I agree that Rogan’s commentating was very bias obviously for Chuck. I saw it as a split decision, with R1 & R3 for Chuck and a close R2 for Wanderlei. I looked like Wanderlei had Chuck in trouble at the end of R2. R3 was all Chuck, but in the last minute of the round he was out of gas. It seemed like Wanderlei had more to give….had it been a 5 rounder, who knows, Wanderlei might have won it. Nonetheless it was an excellent fight, one of the best from recent memory. Thanks for posting it.

howard Says, in 12-30-2007 at 08:19:31 from    

I can’t give a fight to a so called champ. Chuck ran the whole rest of the third round. Kinda had to I guy a fight for running. I lookied like chuck had him for a minute, but he stopped Ithink he know wandy was baiting him in via Ali. Just my two cents.

YHVH Says, in 12-30-2007 at 08:31:05 from    

American judges are so biased. Do win against an american in ufc you have to submit or knock him out.

Mark Says, in 12-30-2007 at 08:55:41 from    

This fight was fixed. Plain and simple.

doctord453 Says, in 12-30-2007 at 09:28:05 from    

Were the judges watching this fight? Or did they tune in just in time to hear Joe tell them who won. Silva is a much better fighter on so many different levels it isn’t even funny. Chuck should consider himself lucky to have ever won against Tito Ortiz much less Wanderlei. I felt that Silva won the first and second rounds. Not to mention after getting into trouble in the third round, he still pushed the fight foward. Where as Lidell started running away and did for the rest of the round. Chuck is a chicken little…

Chicagojeff Says, in 12-30-2007 at 09:35:19 from    

Chuck won the fight clearly.. i think he got the better end of the exchanges in round one. Round two was pretty close.. Chuck stole it at the end possibly but Vandelei won the earlier minutes of round two and stalked Chuck. Round three was Chucks.. but i was disappointed when at 2:29 he backed off instead of trying to finish Silva.. i think 29-28 Weeks had it right. Possibly Chuck was concerned that Vandelei was playing possum with him. I wouldn’t see this as a welcome back Chuck.. i think he is damn sure on the downside of his career hill.

KAKIHARA Says, in 12-30-2007 at 10:16:25 from    

WTF!!!!!!!!!! This Axe Murderer isnt the same guy who destroyed Rampage in pride 28, that was a strong savage wandy, now he is a lame, he didn’t even try to hurt Chuck, no knees to the face cero aggressivity cero sadism cero massacre ¡¡¡¡What A Disappointment!!!! all this years waiting for this?


Anyway, good for Rampage cause he seems to be the only pride fighter who wins in the cage…..

pd: Please excuse my english

I know MMA Says, in 12-30-2007 at 10:51:17 from    

Wanderlei was really disappointing in my humble eyes. He didn’t press Chuck, as he typically does and where was that sparkle in his eye that we grew to love while watching him in Pride and Vale Tudo. It looks like the American culture/money has tamed this Brazilian’s ferocity. Chuck Liddell is as overrated as they come. Sure, he possesses a strong MMA resume…until 2007, but Wanderlei shouldn’t have been intimidated by a guy who lost to Mrs. Keith Jardine. Silva is a warrior and here’s hoping that he regains his will to tear his opponents apart.

Would love to see Wanderlei and Houston Alexander in 2008. It has slug-fest written all over it!


PooCocktail Says, in 12-30-2007 at 11:03:16 from    

Not what I expected. Chuck was just trying not to lose during the last round. He wasn’t all out like I thought. Wandi didn’t engage other than with boxing. Where was Wandi’s clinch, kicks and ground game? Odd. The way you beat Chuck is by taking him out of his game. Wandi just played right into Chucks game.

Andrew Says, in 12-30-2007 at 11:28:56 from    

I LOLed at the end of the 2nd round when Wanderlei pulled Chuck to the ground and Rogan screams “Chuck gets a takedown” I agree the commentating was biased, it was a close second round, but unfortunately I’m afraid Chuck won that 2nd round purely because of his “takedown”

Drew Says, in 12-30-2007 at 12:35:51 from    

I know the Silva fans are disappointed, but Liddell clearly won the fight. I had him winning all three rounds. Round two is the only round you could arguably give to Silva. I would like to see Chuck use more knees in the clinch. I think he might’ve been able to finish him with those. As for running away, I don’t think he was running. But the man was tired and Silva did nothing to try to attack him, so it is what it is. I say put Liddell against Machida for the #1 contender fight and Jardine against Silva.

Say It Simple Says, in 12-30-2007 at 12:37:07 from    

That is not the same Silva that was destroying people. Don’t think the judges were baised, just watch the fight! I think Pride fighters have a little Octagon shock coming in, so if a fight does go the distance they are in survival mode. Just look at Shogun, I know he’s bad ass, but Forrest Griffin dealt with him like nothing.

Say It Simple Says, in 12-30-2007 at 12:39:56 from    

DOCTORD453, I’m pretty sure you were the one not watching the fight!! As for Silv’s “better on so many levels”, they why didn’t he use any of those “levels” to win, all he did was swing for the fences. I know he has more skill than that, but HE DIDNT USE IT!!!!!!

shane Says, in 12-30-2007 at 12:52:53 from    

What was that about pride fighters not being big and strong enough. In case you have forgotten Rampage is from pride, Shogun Rua, Fedor Emalienko(the most dominant heavyweight ever), Dan Henderson, Sakuraba, Wanderlei Silva, up until recently Pride was the premier mma event. Learn your stuff. Give Chuck credit he is the best 205 pounder ever. The only one he can’t beat is Rampage and Im not sure Rampage can beat him 3 times.

torbold Says, in 12-30-2007 at 12:58:53 from    

chuck liddell fought but he will be a champion again!!!!

ACosta Says, in 12-30-2007 at 13:05:43 from    

“Anyway, good for Rampage cause he seems to be the only pride fighter who wins in the cage…..”

What about Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (aka:Big Nog)?!

Anderson Silva also fought many years in pride as well and don’t forget pride fighters need to adjust to a diferent set of rules.

P.S:Wanderlei silva,Dan Henderson,Mauricio Rua and many others still got plenty to give in UFC world.

Don C Says, in 12-30-2007 at 13:48:05 from    

I agree with Dirty 7- 30…..a rematch would be nice to see.

Sancho Says, in 12-30-2007 at 14:25:58 from    

Silva looked way to small next to Chuck. Chucked toyed with him with his reach through the whole fight. Everyone who says its cause he’s not use to fighting in a cage? I really dont think it makes a big difference from a cage to a ring. I just think the ufc has some really good fighters compared to pride. Was the cage a disadvantage for Cro cop from getting knocked the f-ck out? I think Silva can be better at 185. Especially that he went the distance with Chuck. Styles make fights, maybe he’s different from the rest who got annihalated from Anderson Silva

dirty 7-30 Says, in 12-30-2007 at 14:52:09 from    

The cage is totally diff from a ring… the ropes on a ring can’t really be used for leverage not like the fence on the cage. SO not having the experience of fighting in a cage will alter the fighting style. That’s why UFC fighter like taking the fight to the fences vs Pride fighter, on the ground or on their feet, the UFC fighters know the fence is their best friend. Look what happened when Liddell when to fight in a ring.(A)Silva had lots of experience fighting in a cage, and so did (Q)Jackson. They weren’t solely Pride fighters. I would like to see Griffin fight Rua in a ring… I think he will get the QJ treatment…

C dizzle Says, in 12-30-2007 at 15:15:20 from    

This fight has fixed written all over it. Money corrupts all. Dana WHite could not allow wandy to make his ufc legand look like a joke..God I hate the UFC its the land of BULLSHIT and DISSAPPOINTMENT

WAR Says, in 12-30-2007 at 15:16:31 from    

rampage is going to kick and punch the s*** out of chuck the snow man liddel

Gavin Says, in 12-30-2007 at 15:19:57 from    

Why do all you guys argue about UFC and Pride
Who cares about Fedor or ifRamgae was in Pride and Anderson Silva was in Pride cant you just enjoy good MMA fights.
Like schoolkids the fact is Chuck won fair and square
I do agree that Houston V Silva would be a great watch

Lespaul2209 Says, in 12-30-2007 at 15:49:03 from    

Wanderlei should have finished Liddell with the two chances he had. He knocked him down twice, but then let him back up. He wanted him to keep fighting. He should’ve got the knockout.

Nick Says, in 12-30-2007 at 15:50:37 from    

Pore Silva i score 10 for chuck and 8 for Silva round 1-2 i giwe to silva 3 for chuck.Now for a Rogan woud be nice to see him fight any fighter in a cage .I mean he knows every fighter ther is all thers game plans all the time.So i am sure it will be a good fight.

ricci Says, in 12-30-2007 at 15:57:38 from    

this fight was clearly fixed…..there’s so much money in the game…..

Chalinga Says, in 12-30-2007 at 15:59:06 from    

I can’t believe so many people are complaining. Chuck was fighting like crap his past two fights. He let the fame get to his head and wasn’t training as hard. What we saw last night was the Chuck who knocked out Couture… twice, Ortiz… twice. He beat the crap out of silva (Im a silva fan) there is no doubt that he won that fight. So get over it!

kappi Says, in 12-30-2007 at 16:11:43 from    

Chuck earn the fight but not respect of hard core MMA fans.
He was trying to win the fight…thats all…He was backing up most of the time…Silva stand up to him but chuck went for a take down which shows that he was not ready to trade punches…This is much closer fight than score card shows…
Wanderli Vs Houstan would be better fight…

Fixed Fight Says, in 12-30-2007 at 16:32:51 from    

This fight definitely had a degree of being fixed. In the first round chuck went down because he tripped and silva didn’t even rush him to seize the opportunity. This is completely uncharacteristic for silva. Then to top it off Chuck had every opportunity to finish silva at the end of the second round. Worst of all the third round chuck looks at the clock with about two minutes left to see how much time he had to waste. Chuck had several times in which he could have finished, but didn’t. I really think that silva has the toughest chin in the game or chuck wasn’t swinging for the fences. This was the least aggressive fight in silva’s career. Chuck trying to take siva to the ground was completely odd especially at the end of the third round. They were killing time in part and were probably told to avoid a knockout to guarantee a rematch!

xavier Says, in 12-30-2007 at 16:51:26 from    

ok this fight was not good.. wandy got stolen from this fight.. americans cheat by buying the judges,,, and of course joe is gonna be on chuck’s side
but what else can u expect foggot ameican fighters.. brazilian fighters rule

FIg.Mutant Says, in 12-30-2007 at 17:03:41 from    

I was always a fan of both fighters, so was very neutral, Chuck won this fight decisively. However, I became an even bigger fan of Wandy after his post-fight in-ring interview with Rogan. Classy in defeat, and just loves to fight. Great fight, sorry Pride Huggers ;(

Alex Says, in 12-30-2007 at 17:51:58 from    

Commenting is always a bit off, but that’s the nature. I think some of you are putting too much weight on Chuck being a poster boy for UFC, since he is probably not the fan-favourite as much as he once was. Fans would be just as happy if he got knocked out brutally than if he won, which would not have been a truth two years ago.

Not a fix. Not Dana White pushing for a win.

However… Chuck is lazy. And Wanderlei looked off. Happy with the fight, but neither one of them are top 3 in the division.

Jeff Says, in 12-30-2007 at 18:08:23 from    

I am not a Liddell fan, but I am not sure what you guys were watching that did not think that Liddell won this fight. Liddell won it easy. Silvia looks like to me he has some work to do.

I felt the fight was kind of boring. Maybe I just like the ground and pound better.

Big Ben Says, in 12-30-2007 at 18:42:48 from    

Hey dirty 7-30 I’m calling you out cause you said that Chuck Liddell was running away the last 30 seconds of the 3rd round because if you think that he was running away you are obviously not a fan of “The Ice Man”. He is known for pushing the action and then backing off so his opponent chases him and he catches him off guard. This was actually a much better fight than I imagined it being. It had a bunch exchanges and even a couple take downs from Chuck. I was figuring it would be kind of like the Andrei Arlovski vs. Tim Silvia fight number 3 in that they were very slow and looked like they didn’t want to hurt each other but in fact this fight was exactly opposite of that and greatly surprised me…awesome fight and a rematch is def. in the making haha… CHUCK IS BACK BABY!!!!

Kevin Says, in 12-30-2007 at 18:59:02 from    

You always see posts like “Yes he lost, but he wasn’t the same fighter”…or…”Fixed fight”…or…”bad judges”. If you really look at the fight and think about it, Wandy seemed to not be as effective without corners or ropes that a ring provides. Look at all of his fights and he’s always got someone trapped when he does the lion’s share of damage with his knees. Now look at this fight, Chuck always rotates when they exchange so he doesn’t get caught against the fence. Combine this with Chuck’s reach advantage and straight punches, and it’s fairly straight forward. And yes, Chuck was tired at the end and wasn’t looking to keep high powered exchanges going, so he went for the takedown. Punch a heavy bag for 15 minutes and you’ll have some sympathy for him and understand why he did that. His body was flush and he was obviously trying to pace himself at the end. Could Wandy win a rematch, sure. He just needs more cage work to learn how to cut off the octagon better so he can do what he does best, destroy you with knees. Accept the fight for what it was, great entertainment.

FightMutt Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:21:59 from    

where was the silva that we all know? where were the elbows and knees? and that devastating clinch? what happened to silva? maybe he over trained. it’s a shame, he worked so hard only to lose. silva’s career is up in the air…

i wish silva had won. let’s face it, liddell can’t beat rampage. he will never beat rampage. so as long as rampage is champ, liddell won’t ever be. where else can lidell go at this point? move up to heavyweight? it would probably be better for the ufc if he did after all, the light heavyweight division is way over saturated with talent.

liddell deserves credit for being a great fighter but he is far from the best. he is not a complete fighter. and the way things are right now, i doubt he will get a title shot in this division. he would do better to jump up to heavyweight and try his luck there. but he can’t beat rampage or griffith. hell he can’t beat keith jardine.

maybe i’m being hard on the iceman… but i at least know for sure that he can’t beat jackson, not even on his best day and jackson’s worst.

David Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:33:00 from    

whats with all the controversy, im a wandy fan and ill be the first to admit that chuck kicked his ass

jric Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:46:02 from    

Say it aint so Wandy, say it aint so, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Great fight! regardless of whether chuchy won. NOt Wandy’s best performance, but after fighting in Pride for so long, he may have been a little coutious not to get disqualified. See the last seconds of round two where Wandy instict is telling him to kick chuck’s face in, but ref. Dean jumps in to save chuck. I thought when a person was laying on his back he could kick the oponent, but the person on top could not, although chuck did have both knees on the ground. Interesting.

Dogpitt Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:47:30 from    

I had a feeling that Liddell would win the fight even before watching it.Silva has been a far more tentative fighter since the Crocop fight. Liddell on the other hand hasn’t changed despite his 2 losses.

I wanted Silva to win but nonetheless, I scored it 29/28 in favour of Liddell. One thing that did kinda frustrate me was that come round 3, Liddell knew that he was ahead and decided to let it go to decision, hence the two take-downs. These were merely an attempt to win the judges over.

I agree with other people in that 3 rounds wasn’t enough. I hate fights going to decision, especially considering the current point system is unsuitable for MMA. Silva might well have achieved the KO/TKO in round 4 or 5…

Psycho_Joe Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:52:30 from    

I watched this fight, and I liked it.
In fact, I was a little awestruck by the toughness of Silva.
I watched Dan Henderson knock Silva’s block off.
It looked like chuck couldn’t knock him out, no matter how hard he hit him.
What I enjoyed the most, however, was the dirty boxing from chuck.
That little elbow against the fence move he did was very nice.
Wandi’s face split like a friggin’ water baloon.
Blood everywhere.
What I liked most about Wanderlei’s fight was his boxing.
Wanderlei has such a unique aggressiveness about him.
When chuck hit him in the first round, Wanderlei staggered.
Not a trick, he was hurting. When chuck came in, Wanderlei exploded.
Wanderlei did this time and time again, to chuck’s amazement.
Every time, he came out with a flurry of punches.
Chuck had to step back.
IMHO, a very evenly balanced match.
Either man could’ve been better.
I also aggree, that this fight was closer than the cards scored it.

One last thing, if you think pride fighters suck, remember Anderson Silva. Then remember that this is Wanderlei’s brother. As for Anderson, the man is a walking clip show, everyone knows it.
Just sayin’

Black Gerbil Says, in 12-30-2007 at 20:57:35 from    

All i can say is what a fight. Respect goes out to both fighters. Went out all guns blazing, what the fans want to see.


Penny Says, in 12-30-2007 at 21:10:45 from    

The fight was fixed I do not believe any sports outcome especially if owners are casino owners. Gambling is a huge money maker for the sports industry. Las Vegas was built on crime, distortion and all other unethical events, and they have tried to cover it up saying Las Vegas is no longer a MAFIA TOWN YEAH RIGHT!! Wake up People!! Furthermore, Why I can not find Wanderlei Silva post-fight interview on UFC but I can find Matt Hughes which he did not when either.

mma 2 be Says, in 12-30-2007 at 21:31:45 from    

Absolute bullshit. Silva should have destroyed liddel. Definetelly something funny about this fight s*** probally was fixed

stonepony Says, in 12-30-2007 at 22:36:46 from    

People need to stop whining… Chuck won this fair and square. I would have lost money betting on this one, I’ve always been a big Wanderlei fan, but Chuck won. That’s it. He won decisively. The “knockdowns” were slips, Chuck wasn’t hurt. It would have been nice to see this extended to 5 rounds, but they both trained for and knew they were fighting in a 3 round fight. I don’t think Rogan was biased, nor were the judges, Chuck just out boxed Wanderlei. Took him down twice, easily, and beat the hell out of him. It was a great fight either way, a rematch would be awesome. Congrats to Chuck.

Dan Says, in 12-30-2007 at 22:57:38 from    

a bit disappointed, wanted a war and got a boxing clinic
chuck looking good punch wise , witch is good to see but take downs for points sake is not why we fight…..
im use to seeing Wand leave it all in the ring/cage but he didn’t, why? u tell me. it was what it was
for see jardine v wand next fight, hope he gets the lead out.
very arverage event, left to gsp to give the fans a smile on there way out the door. and to the ufc better luck next event.

raggamon Says, in 12-30-2007 at 22:57:44 from    

Chuck whooped his ICE…….

paleface Says, in 12-30-2007 at 23:48:24 from    

Good fight but truth be told chuck won the fight. All the hype about Wandy and whatching pride fighting clips i thought Wandy would win but Ice man kept him from getting in close, and most significant attacks by Liddel was the elbows he threw against the cage that really hurt Wandy. yes Liddeil was tired by mid third round and so became cautious and continued his ever so present counter punch game

Henry D Says, in 12-30-2007 at 23:51:59 from    

yeh i think this fight was fixed too. how can silvia lost to chuck there is no way in the world silvia loose to chuck. cause look at the fight silvia and rampage he beat the shiet out of rampage, and rampage knock the hell out of chuck. so there is no way that chuck win that fight. it a fix fight and that is mess up. i give it to silvia cuz i know silvia can knock him out.

stonepony Says, in 12-31-2007 at 00:25:54 from    

You give it to silva because you don’t really care who actually won. You should be watching WWF or something. If it was a fix it was because Wand took a dive, not because of biased judges. Chuck won fair and square, deal with it. Reality sucks sometimes.

Don Says, in 12-31-2007 at 00:48:05 from    

silva never has been hit that hard before thats why he looked like a different fighter both fighters were out of gas by the thrid and if any fight needed another round was rampage and dan that might have been diffeerenthoustan had one lucky fight no match for silva hopeing to see tito vs rampage I think it might be a upset to most of you but then again what do you know read your comments

Leticia Says, in 12-31-2007 at 00:48:52 from    

What was up with the Axe Murderer? I think he was playing it so “safe” that nothing got done! Well, Im no pro but dang, The Ice-man Lidell, I’ve seen him fight much better. I think that if Silva was on his toes a bit more he would have beat Lidell hands down. Dont get me wrong, Lidell is great but this fight he was slow, winded, slipping a lot… I loved the spining punch thing but after 3 rounds with Silva I would have thought there would be more to the fight; I was a bit disappointed.

paleface Says, in 12-31-2007 at 00:49:21 from    

henry d, styles make matches just because Wandy was able to beat Rampage (whose style i like) doesn’t mean he can beat chuck, and since when did they start fixing mma fights, oh yeah when your fav fighter loses

David Wehmeyer Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:11:05 from    

From what i saw, silva wanted to beat lidell in his most fearsome attribute: punches. Silve didnt try to take him down where he has an advantage and didnt try to get close when lidell fell, to use his muay-tai skills. Silva could have got alot of recognition if he had beaten Lidell with punches and thats what i think he was trying to do. Other than that the fight was Lidells, but it would have been better to see a longer fight, they both had a pretty clean face to anything close that resembled a knockout.

City Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:16:05 from    

Good fight. chuck had rounds 1&3 wandy had 2. It looked like wandy was stickin to his word when he said he didnt care if he won he just wanted to throw down with chuck… as he did. on the other hand chuck needed a win so he threw in some take downs to help his cause. that spinnin back fist was sick lol i thought it was a good fight though, chuck def wasnt runnin lol and as for a number one contenders match rashad should def be in the mix. maybe rashad vs chuck, wandy vs jardine.. just a thought winners fight then get either rampage or forest griffen who ever wins the fight after next season ultimate fighter

smarmy Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:45:09 from    

Chuck won, no question! All the respect to Wandy, but Chuck stood toe to toe with one of the best strikers in the world and dominated. Wandy certainly didn’t look like he wanted any of Chuck’s punches. I knew Chuck would win, and he looked like the intense Chuck we’ve seen in the past, much more focused. I still think he can beat Jackson if they fight a third time. Bring that loud mouth on!

Sleepy Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:47:21 from    

UFC is dungheep,,,the big 2007 fights are all crap..The better fighters who has so much in their armada always loose…It seems like they always freeze and hold back and NEVER FIGHT LIKE THEY’RE KNOWN FOR, there’s a good show but the end of it always looks like a one sided cheesy match,,,,,even liddell was backing up…what the heck is wrong with the anouncing and Rogan and that dude??? should shut the heck up,,,talking about one sided jackasses…they’re like UFC commercials….I wonder if there’s a sindicate betting going on….

omar Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:51:03 from    

i like to see this fight in brazil in a ring with pride rules with brazilian judges and brazilian croud

maybe liddell could die in a fight with this factors!!!

smarmy Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:53:56 from    

Oh, and another thing: For all you dumb asses who think this fight was supposedly “fixed”, in your own feeble minds because Wandy beat Jackson twice, who beat Chuck twice; look how Silva got destroyed by Vetor, who Chuck whooped, and Chuck also beat Tito, twice, who defeated Wandy. So, take your ridiculous conspiracy theories back to Hollywood, and just man up that Chuck whooped Wandy’s ass fair and square. You sore losers should read up on facts before you talk out your asses.

bo Says, in 12-31-2007 at 01:58:15 from    

Even if it was fixed as some of you say Chuck beat him badly just watch the fight. Yall make it out like silva was so much better than chuck

Jeff Says, in 12-31-2007 at 02:22:24 from    

I am getting a kick out of the fixed comments. Some of you act like they pulled a bum off of the street to fight Silvia. Last time I checked Liddell was a pretty good fighter.

Raiden Says, in 12-31-2007 at 02:54:10 from    

1 word
Unbeatable. HW. Best of all time.
Where-ever he goes, we will watch…
End of story.

BritishBullDog Says, in 12-31-2007 at 03:37:44 from    

THe UFC really should put together a LHW Tournament next year.

The pool of talent is so rich now it would be a massive money spinner for them

In the Tournament:


Plus at least 2-4 others. It would be amazing.

slashoner Says, in 12-31-2007 at 04:09:56 from    

if it was at pride silva could have kicked chuck in the face when they were on the ground in the end of the 2nd round

DRE MICHAELS Says, in 12-31-2007 at 05:01:13 from    

This was some fixed ass scoring, they kept acting like Chuck Liddell was slipping but in reality he was getting hit in the mouth and getting dropped. The UFC definitely wasnt going to give the decision to Silva under any circumstances but a Unaminous Decious for Chuck thats B.S. It was a slip at best….all in all nothing is settled they need to fight 1 or 2 more times to really say who is the better fighter.

Ace Says, in 12-31-2007 at 06:06:45 from    

Surreal. That isnt the Wandy from Pride in there. That isnt the man that crushed rampage…twice…

smarmy Says, in 12-31-2007 at 11:07:17 from    

Chuck won this fight, no question! Sliva was getting popped in the mouth, and didn’t want any of it. Yea, he was dominant in Pride, no doubt, but to say that the competition in Pride is more intense is foolish! He dominated a good portion of Japanese fighters who come to the UFC (with the exception of Okami) and get beaten. That’s not taken anything away from Wandy, but it’s true. He got owned by Tito and utterly destroyed by Vitor, in the UFC. Not much else to say there. Yea, he’s much improved since then, but Chuck kicked his ass. He’s never fought someone like Chuck, and it showed!

ANGER Says, in 12-31-2007 at 11:47:22 from    

Dre Michaels…what fight were you watching? If this were Pride on about 3 occasions Silva would have fallen through the ropes after Chuck’s shots. When the fight was over Silva looked like he was allergic to Bee Stings or Peanuts. Liddell dominated the fight and controlled the pace. Silva is strong and was successful against guys like Rampage, but people have figured him out…don’t let him get inside. With a 3 inch height advantage there was no way Wandy was going to get close. And for those that wanted to see 5 rounds, Silva is lucky it only went 3. Liddell took down Silva twice very easily in the 3rd round, Wandy was gased and hurt.

showmewhatyouvegot Says, in 12-31-2007 at 13:48:45 from    

all of you are a bunch of dumb f****, trying to analyse the situation, cheering for the butt buddy you wish would have won; take the fight for what it is worth. for this fight, liddell won, silva lost; fair and square. there is no way around it, quite crying, liddell simple came out the better man. if that is not what you wanted to happen, wait until they fight again, and if the result is different, state it.

PureMMA Fan Says, in 12-31-2007 at 14:04:36 from    

3 Rounds, Lidell 2, Silva 1. It is what it is. Not a tournament, just a 3 round match. Like any sport it comes down to match ups and what happens that day. Look at St Pierre and Sera. Sera won (he’s not better) Silva is a beast, he lost.

A ROD Says, in 12-31-2007 at 14:42:46 from    

Chuck will be the champion again. Silva knocked out Jackson in the pride fights. Chuck tore Silva up. I wanna see the rematch of Chuck and Jackson

angl Says, in 12-31-2007 at 15:23:42 from    

Dre anger…what fight were you watching? silva knok chuck ones in the second round an he did noting theres some thing wrong there

johnny Says, in 12-31-2007 at 15:39:56 from    

u guys r ridiculous u still say pride is better than ufc wen almost every fights thats come over from pride has been dominated by ufc guys plus i dont even think the whole ufc vs pride means jack. its about how good the fighter is. and as far as silva goes liddell vs silva chuck beat him the whole time with the exception of a couple punches and some slips he outstruck him and even took him down. liddell won no doubt u silva fans just hate 2 admit it but it happened and makin excuses like it was fixed is just making u look even more of an ass and as far as fedor goes HE IS A BEAST PLAIN AND SIMPLE he would DOMINATE ANY UFC FIGHTER in my opinion

b Says, in 12-31-2007 at 17:04:47 from    

Chuck shouldn’t have won round 2 at all. He did get a few good shots and the cut on Wanderlei BUT wand was the aggressor the
entire second round, landed more shots AND had two knock downs…watch the round again. Liddell did come back in the last minute a bit but it surely didn’t match everything else silva did in that round. best fight of the year

dave Says, in 12-31-2007 at 17:10:32 from    

jackson will beat chuck now and silva.

billy blanks Says, in 12-31-2007 at 18:24:09 from    

its definatly wasn’t fixed, chuck won the 1st and 3rd round for sure, the 2nd could have went either way. silva has a strong ass chin. overall it was an enjoyable fight

ANGER Says, in 12-31-2007 at 20:42:43 from    

What scoring system counts a fighter slipping on his own as a knockdown by the opposing fighter? No matter how you score the fight Liddell dominated it.
And while everyone was arguing this fight, PRIDE’s biggest joke, Fedor, was beating a freak show in Japan.

Bill Says, in 12-31-2007 at 20:53:33 from    

Well clearly biased people here. Chuck did win the fight hands down. Silva showed how tough he really is. Silva I believe didnt press the attack as much as he usually does because he felt Liddells power in the first round, he didnt want to be knocked out again. Liddell is a counter puncher always was so why the suprise when he backs up and waits?? Silva looked like he couldnt see very well at the end or seeing double…I like both fighters but someone had to lose.

Bill Says, in 12-31-2007 at 21:16:51 from    

Oh and Liddell wasn’t knocked down twice by punches…Silva backed up during the fight as well.

KAKIHARA Says, in 12-31-2007 at 22:10:49 from    

Ok ok, lets make it simple, the fight was NOT FIXED and i´m a wandy fan, but the fact is that wandy (along with anothers pride fighters that get their asses kicked in UFC emmmmmm…….Cro Cop, Shogun) seems to be affected in the octagon and UFC rules, in the case of wandy the restricition of soccer kicks in the face while the opponent is on the floor, was an important fact in the result of the fight, the Griffin-Shogun fight was all Griffin, no doubt, and i wanted Griffin to win, Cro Cop didn’t expect the elbows from Gonzaga, but Wandy-Liddell emmmmmmm………. Chuck was on the floor and wandy didn’t nothing cause HE CANNOT KICK HIM IN THE FACE WITH SOCCER KICKS and get savage and brutal like he always do in PRIDE, that blinded himself psicologicaly and that is the reason off his lost.

If you pay atention to wandy reaction when chuck is on the floor, you realize that wandy wanted to kick Chuck´s face but of course he knows that he cant do that in UFC.

And for Liddell, ok he won fair inside his own rules cause he is an UFC fighter and thats all, but in PRIDE i think the match would take a different direction.

Anyway good fight for Liddell…..

pd: Please excuse my english but all of you got the idea

Pride Says, in 1-1-2008 at 03:59:19 from    

Vanderlei Silva is NOT the fighter he used to be. He killed Rampage in his prime and Rampage in turn destroyed Chuck twice, once in Pride and once in UFC.

Sad to see a great fighter no longer in his prime. Don’t know what it is, but all the Pride fighters came out of Pride not fighting so well in the UFC.

Even playing field now.

Tommy Says, in 1-1-2008 at 12:22:38 from    

Well done Chuck. I guess they wont rematch them straight away, if ever.
Chuck should have to take at least 3 more fights before he gets a title shot. He must also be behind Jardine in the que. Silva will undoubtebly get more UFC fights, good job too.
Good fight, could have been much worse. Chuck gassing at the end is alarming if he wants to fight around Championship level…

fixfight Says, in 1-1-2008 at 13:02:14 from    

work. work. work.plan and simple the fight was a work. the ufc needs chuck to be its savior since monte cox started m1 global.any fighter would tank a fight for the right$.

Bill Says, in 1-1-2008 at 16:52:58 from    

People who think the fight was a fix then their man Silva is a sell out and doesnt deserve any credit for anything he has ever done. Silva is 31 past his prime??, Liddell is 38 ever think of that?? Oh right Cage Rage is better than Pride because anderson Silva fought there and beat up most of his opponents….facts speak for themselves….??

Newt14 Says, in 1-1-2008 at 17:36:10 from    

there is alot of post on here..i dont know if someone already said this buy, chuck fought for the win and silva fought to give the fans a show..was a awesome fight . i loved how silva backed up and had that grin when chuck came comin at him silva got some good shots there!

Mattforreal Says, in 1-1-2008 at 18:43:19 from    

This fight was a big waste of time. First, there was just three rounds, not enough to see a great fight. If there was 5 rounds Silva would have knocked out Liddell. Liddell wasn’t in a good shape for this game, especially at the end of the fight, he was too tired to do something. And Silva, WHAT A JOKE ! In the game chuck went down several times and silva didn’t even rush him to finish the fight. This is unbelievable for a killer like silva. Seriously, when i looked at the comments i don’t think that we saw the same fight.
This game was fixed from the beginning to the end. We can thank Dana (the bookmaker) White for that.

mike Says, in 1-1-2008 at 19:05:53 from    


dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-1-2008 at 19:29:00 from    

Can you believe Liddell got $500,000 for this fight?!!! Now I can you see now why he was running away in stead of risking getting knocked out… $500,000 was not deserved… I think if he knocked out Silva he should have gotten it, not just for winning. What a Rip, GSP only got $160,000, and the real bargain was Lyoto Machoda $60,000.

That’s why Liddell wanted the win more than a knock out, I’m starting to wonder if he offered some to Wandi to throw the fight.

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-1-2008 at 19:53:00 from    

Liddell 50% to show and 50% to win…. now tell me what liddell was working for?…why he did those shoots, and why he was running away…. I know many of you Liddell jock riders will excuse his style…. I’m not saying he didn’t win, what I’m saying he didn’t go there to show he was a better fighter than Silva… he went there just to get paid… ripping off the fans from a potential great fight.

Silva was the only fighter that wouldn’t double his earn with a win…. Fix?.. you tell me. Please all you guys saying that it wasn’t fix tell me… prove me wrong now that the purses have been disclosed. Why would Silva’s earn be doubled with a win like every fighter? and why was Liddell’s ear so high, and doubled with a win?…. FIXED!!!! FActs are out UFC is s***… every one was talking about the YAKUZA running PRIDE…. who is running the UFC?????

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-1-2008 at 19:54:56 from    

CORRECTION: Why wouldn’t Silva’s earn be doubled with a win like every fighter? and why was Liddell’s ear so high, and doubled with a win

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-1-2008 at 19:58:38 from    

Sorry liddells was a guaranteed sum… which doesn’t change anything. plus he got $50,000 for fight ot the night….I thought GSP was the foght of the night… but the UFC is willing to do anything to stroke Liddell’s balls

WAR Says, in 1-1-2008 at 20:21:11 from    

Rampage would kill silva and chuck in a third fight so it does not even matter, and silva looked alot differnt because his all washed up

CKEINB Says, in 1-1-2008 at 21:37:57 from    

dirty 7-30… truthfully, nothing u said made any sense but if it’s something bashing Dana White… I will most likely agree with you. It is so ridiculous that Liddell made $500,000. He’s not champ or number 1 contender right now… what gives. And the second most guaranteed pay out was wanderlei with $150,000… not former champs hughes or GSP. The best fighters should get the best purses. This bullshit happens in boxing and the NBA… and I guess the UFC. Hopefully when M1 gets bigger their politics won’t be so f***** up

Will Says, in 1-1-2008 at 21:54:53 from    

I agree that the American referees were a little biased but i find it a little too harsh to show this much bad hostility to Chuck. Chuck is an awesome fighter and has beaten many others that would easily break Silva in they’re prime, most notably Vitor Belfort who i believe would destroy Silva easily in his prime. Anyways I for one saw that Chuck won this one all the way even though he fell a couple times and the second round was very close. The only thing left to do is put these guys in a 5 round match where they can truly find out who’s better, but even then one 5 round match could still be insufficient time to decide which fighter is the better of our time.

Bill Says, in 1-2-2008 at 00:10:54 from    

So fans of Silva you think he would take money to throw a fight…wow that is very disrespectful to a man that you think is so good. They were both tired Liddell did not go down twice due to punches Silva didnt attack because liddell wasnt hurt and Silva obviously wanted a standup fight which he was losing judging by the fact that he was rocked many times…

Huston Says, in 1-2-2008 at 00:53:53 from    

alrite…well 3 rounds just wasnt enough..it was a badass fight both fighters throwing and exchanging..liddell looks like he was actually into fighting unlike when he took on jardine…idk about everyone else but i would love to see liddell vs silva 2, but this time have dana make it a little more interesting and make it a 5 rounder any one agreee ???…….. chuck liddell is a badass striker along with wanderlei silva but i think that if they fouhgt a second time wanderlei silva would come out on top he stood toe 2 toe well with liddell and would have won a decision if he didnt get the knockout by using his clinch game he has a great muay thai clinch and knees if he would have used this more he would have one verry decisivly…. so hopefully there is a second matchup……but i really think that rampage is going to be the champ for a long time at 205 unless someone shows something….. and was anyone else dissapointe with the african assassins debut..

Thank Says, in 1-2-2008 at 02:58:34 from    

“Jeff 30December2007 I am not a Liddell fan, but I am not sure what you guys were watching that did not think that Liddell won this fight. Liddell won it easy. Silvia looks like to me he has some work to do.

I felt the fight was kind of boring. Maybe I just like getting pounded in the ass better.”


ibnasina Says, in 1-2-2008 at 03:19:43 from    

I believe the fight was fishy or Silva was nervous because of the UFC crowd.

Silva has to fight a fight cage fights before we can determine whether or not the fight with Chunki was staged.

2uidiots Says, in 1-2-2008 at 06:45:07 from    

A lot of you people on here are extremely stupid to be on here talking about something you dont understand. Kudos to all who are speaking rationally. It is well known that Liddell throws people outta their gameplan because he rocks them early and gets them second guessing. The most stupid thing on here I have seen is people thinkin it was a set-up (congrats to u idiots that said that)… as far a longer fight goes….. Liddell knew it was only three rounds and it seemed he didnt want to leave anything left out there…it doesnt matter cuz Wanderlei was just tryin to survive anyway.
The long forseen fight has been settled congrats to the best light heavyweight to ever step in the ring Chuck Liddell

czech republic Says, in 1-2-2008 at 09:04:38 from    

wanderlei is the best!!! chuck is pubfighter!!

chuck liddell Says, in 1-2-2008 at 09:17:02 from    

ok lets just say at the end silvas face was messed up and gushing blood and liddell still looked fine

KAKIHARA Says, in 1-2-2008 at 11:48:08 from    

To the guys who says that the fight was “fixed”, please stop saying that cause that’s wrong.

The Fight was a disappointment, ok, but that doesn’t mean it was “fixed”…..both fighters didn´t nothing spectacular to win, see Rampage-Henderson for example…. that was a real fight, both fighters wanted the victory.

I only have to say that i want a rematch, but in the fu….. ring with PRIDE rules to see who really is the best fighter, and obviously Silva in the ring is a killer, HE CAN KICK THE OPPONENT FACE IN THE FLOOR!!!

Well, nothing more to say

MDiz Says, in 1-2-2008 at 12:07:24 from    

all you guys saying Silva didnt ATTACK like he used to… he tried, Chuck had great defense and counter defense for all of his attacks. Plus he tired him out greatly! this was a great fight regardless.

Antonio R. Mabini Jr. Says, in 1-2-2008 at 13:29:16 from    

people have different sights in life but for me silva and liddell are the greatest fighter of all….best fight of the century…goodluck for both fighters chuck and wanderlei!!!

James Says, in 1-2-2008 at 16:00:41 from    

Chuck dominated this fight. He beat him standing, in the clinch, and even on the ground when they briefly went to the mat. Silva could have won the second round until he nearly got KTFO’d in the last minute of the round. In fact, Chuck nearly had Silva KO’d in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Silva’s boxing was wild, undisciplined, and inaccurate. He caught Chuck once or twice with the wild windmill flurries, but he never hurt him, and looked completely lost.

Some have speculated that the rampant steroid use in Pride vs. UFC accounts for some of the poor showings by former Pride fighters. . . after watching Silva get dominated this badly, I have to wonder myself.

Chuck Wins Says, in 1-2-2008 at 16:26:03 from    

Kudos to 2UIdiots, Chuck won that fight fair and square. He worked Wanderlei the first round, which reflected the rest of the fight(HANDS DOWN). To all you idiots that said it was fixed…BULLSHIT! You get in the ring with Liddell and see what happens. I like both fighters, but styles WIN fights…and the better man that night was Liddell.

Chuck Wins Says, in 1-2-2008 at 16:32:04 from    

To CZECH Republic, the pub fighter would kick the s*** out of you, so who are you to say that Chuck is a pub fighter? He is a great fighter who is well rounded. A Pub Fighter would be good ol’ Tank Abbot.

Trey Says, in 1-2-2008 at 22:02:13 from    

Well, first off, I’m a Wandy fan…I’ve been watching him for years, and wow, he’s such a beast. As for him being over the hill…I’d say no. Chuck, he’s ok…I don’t like or dislike him. Either way, in this fight, he was the better man. I don’t agree with fixes, ’cause I find it hard to believe that Wandy would agree to that. Remember, when he lost to Henderson, he was sick…no excuses from him. Chuck and Wandy BOTH showed class in the post fight interview, which was great to see. I’d like to see a rematch, this time let me commentate, instead of the overrated comedian, Joe Rogan.

Trey Says, in 1-2-2008 at 22:03:37 from    

Oh yeah, by the way, I can’t WAIT to see Kimbo and Tank…Tank is my favorite of all time, mostly because there’s no flash or flair in his game…he’ll fight, and either knock you out or punch himself out…very entertaining!

big MMA fan Says, in 1-2-2008 at 23:02:00 from    

SO much for chuck knocking wandy out. He had to take him down..TWICE! wandy showed so much heart it wasn’t funny. He got back from so many punches and never let up. Chuck ran the whole time, trying to avoid a head to head confrontation with him. far as I am concerned chuck pussed out. wandy is still my hero

BIG BEN Says, in 1-2-2008 at 23:55:19 from    

DIRTY 7-30!!!! Personally I believe that your brain must be made of rotting goat testicles if you seriously believe what you are saying…In my opinion you are probably in more denial than anyone that I have ever met…and for those of you who are convinced that the whole ring to octagon switch messed with Silva’s head, or any other Pride fighter for that matter, then I think the same of you as I do of DIRTY 7-30 because you really think they didn’t train in an octagon before the fight??? duh

dirty 7-30 Says, in 1-3-2008 at 01:08:38 from    

So BIG BEN you really think the Ring/cage doesn’t affect a fighter?… Yes my rotting brain.. it saw Liddell get destroyed in a RING… it also sees the way UFC fighters know how to work around/ against the fence.. whether it be on thier backs or on their feet…

Just to let you know I have been watching MMA before it was coined MMA. I have been watching Pride way before most people in North America… (thanks to my Japanese friends) So I like to believe I know what I’m saying that there is a huge diff between a ring and a cage.

Yes you mention practice… I guess you aren’t good at anything, because if you were you’d be aware that practice can only prepare you for so much, and when you are going up against some one who knows their way around an octagon, you just don’t have to contend with the fighter, but also the new entity which you haven’t perfected.

Look Q-Jackson had some experience in a cage and so did A-Sylva…. and wallah… who are champions now?….

Simply put… in football terms… Grass Vs Turf, if you say there is no diff there, than you my friends have a brain that is made out of rotting goat s***.

2uidiots Says, in 1-3-2008 at 05:14:42 from    

I think the “big MMA fan” is in denial also. Again people come on here and embarass themselves by talking about stuff they dont understand. Chuck Liddell is a COUNTER-striker let me write it slower for you “big MMA fan” a C-O-U-N-T-E-R striker I watched that fight twice now it was a great fight from both fighters, how can someone run in a great fight. Your hero came and couldnt beat Liddell its that simple. O and its kinda sad when you brag about the fact that your hero DIDNT get KO’d all I can say to u on that is…..ahhh….Congratulations

2uidiots Says, in 1-3-2008 at 05:22:31 from    

O and Dirty 7-30 I would have to say that after reading your comments you should really invest your time in something that you will be good at and not make a fool of yourself at…………………um…….you could always try buying a coloring book, I am willing to bet you wouldnt be AS bad as you are at having an intelligent discussion about UFC

saerone Says, in 1-3-2008 at 08:53:33 from    

all you s*** talkers are retarded. nobody is fixing fights in the ufc. the announcers aren’t by est at all chuck beat Silva’s ass all over the octagon. lets see one of these guys get a belt and go at it again Silva would be lucky to make it out of the first round when chuck isn’t shy coming off of two loses!! case and point!! Silva made it a good fight but got his ass handed to him.

Jeffer Poo Says, in 1-3-2008 at 13:44:47 from    

Yeah…too BAD it was only for 3 rounds! I would have loved to see 2 more…I think then we would have had a decisive victor.

Chuck Wins Says, in 1-3-2008 at 16:16:52 from    

2Uidiots – good job on dealing with these guys. They obviously have not been into MMA long enough. Chuck likes to back up and counter one’s every move. He is one of the few that can back up and knock someone out. That is the way he (LIKES TO FIGHT). Liddell was not scarred one bit fighting Silva. Liddell’s eyes and intensity showed it in this last fight. And to all the Wanderlei fans – John Hackleman’s post interview after the fight even stated that, “Silva has a chin of a true warrior”. I don’t care what any of you say, Chuck is a better striker than Wanderlei. Chuck has better pin-point accuracy on his punches.

Chuck Wins Says, in 1-3-2008 at 16:27:12 from    

Big MMA Fan – are you a 12 year old or something? Chuck pussed out MY ASS! Silva got an ass whoopin…hands down.

GMG Says, in 1-3-2008 at 18:09:14 from    

Biased…………..from the comentators to the judges………UFC is starting to disapoint me bigtime!

geo Says, in 1-3-2008 at 18:49:15 from    

cant believe silva lost!!! I wanted chucks head to come off!!!

DGATZ Says, in 1-3-2008 at 19:08:14 from    

I really enjoy watching both of these fighters but Liddell did win, it is that simple, Liddell has more experience in the octagon but Silva has fought there before albeit only around three times. I hated when GSP lost to Hughes the first fight but he did lose. After reading all of these comments it seems it is a matter of who you like better should have won the fight, not who actually earned it. Try to watch the fight again without biased eyes. In three rounds there was a decisive winner what would change in five? Silva completely losing the ability to see?

MMA Says, in 1-3-2008 at 20:12:52 from    

This was a horrible fight. First they should have made it up to five rounds, because three rounds didnt answer anything. second you can here the bias throughout the entire fight. Because of the venue chuck was the favorite, Joe rogan goes crazy when chuck’s wrist smacks the top of the head of silva sreaming “hes rocked hes rocked” no he wasn’t the spinning back fist mist and silva’s legs didn’t buckle or anything. they should swap between ufc and pride venues because original ufc fighters have an up hand. go to pride liddel would have been knocked out.

Rob Says, in 1-3-2008 at 20:22:54 from    

Ass whooping? I think not. Silva is clearly a much better fighter, much more well rounded. Notice the both times he was taken down he was back on his feet in less than 10 seconds? Chuck is a 1 dimensional fighter, hes got heavy hands, and that’s about it. So clearly you must be 12 because your comment lacked much thought. As said earlier, if this were a title match, I’m sure Wanderlei would have won, via TKO or submission. Chuck is a great fighter theres no doubt about that but he lacks the skills needed to be a MMA fighter. Good luck Wanderlei, i look forward to seeing you again.

smarmy Says, in 1-3-2008 at 21:18:08 from    

Chuck is well rounded, but he generally tends to show one side because he has a distinct advantage: He’s used to knocking people the hell out! Why not have the reputation as such a person? I mean, hell, maybe Wandi would have beaten Tito in 2000, if he could’ve prevented Tito from taking him down at will. Chuck is complete because he can stop the take down and deliver massive strikes. I’m sure Wandi will come back strong, but would he have won if it were a five rounder? Yea, he would have won a trip to the freaking hospital! Chuck had him, plain and simple. Chuck’s on the way up, and Wandi has to come back from losing three straight! He’ll need all the luck he can get.

goobee Says, in 1-3-2008 at 23:18:04 from    

So its still Pride vs UFC well wheres pride now oh right they were bought out because financially they were not doing well. Pride rules will never, thats right, never be in effect in the UFC so what is the point in fantasizing about if they fought using Pride rules. Please tell me how Wanderlei is more well-rounded than Liddell. Silva is a great striker, a bjj blackbelt. Chuck is a great striker and a division 1 wrestler. I hope to see Wanderlei in some battles soon, he is an exciting fighter unfortunately he fell into a trap that a lot of Liddells opponents do they let him counterpunch and get knocked out, or lose as Wanderlei obviously did.

2uidiots Says, in 1-3-2008 at 23:45:09 from    

Again I sound like Im repeating the same stuff but these people are ignorant. When you read their comments its nothing but getting defensive about Wanderlei getting whooped on. All I can say is wow “ROB” wow….you must have missed the part about Liddell being a legend amounst light heavyweight fighters so I HIGHLY doubt he lacks the skills to be a MMA fighter ha wow. As far as UFC being biased….?…they talk about both fighters quite a bit, if Silva would have done well enough to win Im sure you would have heard them talk when he did so…. Liddell, Silva, and (I dont know)….the WORLD knows Liddell won fair and square GET OVER IT!

Big Ben Says, in 1-4-2008 at 00:43:57 from    

Ha DIRTY 7-30 In this fight I really don’t think that it mattered where this fight was because it was simply a boxing match besides the few take downs that Chuck got so this fight could have basically been on top of Mount Fuji so you and all your little Asian friends (who feel the same as you about this matter I’m sure) can watch it but I’m sorry because the fight would turn out exactly the same way…The only major difference between the ring and octagon is that in a ring you can get trapped in a corner and in the octagon you can get pushed up tightly against the fence. Haha and in addition to that you are just lucky that Wanderlei didn’t get disqualified for the two kicks to the head he tried to pull while Chuck’s knees were touching…I think it would have been pretty funny myself because thats one of the major No No’s in UFC, and I am still getting a kick out of how you are so convinced the UFC is fixed…hahahaha whatever and thanks U2IDIOTS for backing me up a bit without saying it.

MMA Says, in 1-4-2008 at 00:58:21 from    

Okay i admit that wanderlei lost but this couldnt possibly be the fight everyone was waiting for, could it? it was disapointing chuck should have finished off wandy in the last round,but he didnt and wandy should have closed the gap and used his clinch but he didnt. so all i want to say is this i want to see them fight again and even though chuck won it doesnt mean he is the better fighter, especially when he won by desicion, and it matters that this fight didnt end via knockout or what ever be cause these are both former champions and i want to see them go until they cant.

MMA Says, in 1-4-2008 at 01:00:44 from    

an example of a better fighter losing a fight GSP and SErra. sometimes the better fighter doesnt win and wandy i beleive is the better fighter

Chuck Wins Says, in 1-4-2008 at 13:38:13 from    

Rob- Wow, sounds like your a bit biased. No, not 12….bet you are though. Did you only read my one comment? Yes, ass whoopin. What did Silva do to Liddell to hurt him? You take the # of punches that landed on Silva and # of punches that landed on Liddell. Just becasue he didn’t get knocked out, the percentage of punches is all I have to say. Case in point, Liddell was fine after the fight, Silva was bloody and battered. He could hardly see after that fight. ANd the take downs, that was his game plan to score some EXTRA POINTS. What the hell does it matter if IT WAS for ten seconds. Case in point again, he scored both times he took him down. Like 2UIdiots, GET OVER IT!!!!

nobody Says, in 1-4-2008 at 13:50:21 from    

chicken are you stupid? he tryed and tryed to finish the fight more than silva. silva can take a hit plenty punishment i mean look how bakly hurt he was. dont get me wrong i thought silva would win but chuck came out strong. it was an obvious win for liddell and i really wouldnt give silva the second round either. and this fight was not staged both these guys have to much pride to take a lose. and if it was staged one of them woulda got knocked out just like everyone thought would happen. both these fighters were going to hard and really trying to hurt he other and it didnt seem staged at all. niether of these fighters would take all the money in the world to lose a fight this big in theer career especially after 2 straight loses to lose a fight 6 years in the making with so much talk and hype behind it

2UIDIOTS Says, in 1-4-2008 at 17:21:27 from    

See there “MMA” thats all you had to say. You didnt have to come on here talking trash about Liddell coming to Pride and getting knocked….. “Big Ben” KILLED me with the Mount Fuji comment ha but he is right (actually couldnt have said it better myself). Im glad hear MMA being a little more realistic about his responses. I think the GSP and Serra fight is a little different though cuz with that fight it was a lucky swing that rocked GSP and Serra finished…with this fight Liddell just out fought Silva, just my opinion

Gerbil Says, in 1-4-2008 at 18:15:11 from    

Chuck Liddell represents everything america stands for!

Beer, and…….um……..

Chuck Wins Says, in 1-4-2008 at 18:38:42 from    

Serra got his “One Hit Wonder” with GSP. In my opinion, GSP and Hughes bring much more to the cage than Serra. Serra WILL NOT hold that belt much longer. I don’t even know if Serra is in the top 10 at the welter weight division. Nobody makes a good point about all the people that think the UFC is fixed.

Zap0wn3r3r3r Says, in 1-4-2008 at 20:58:27 from    

Alright , so what 90% of you people dont understand is that Chuck and Wanderlai are both Gods , u cant step into the octagon with the mind set of knocking any of them out because its not possible to do so without getting ur face smashed in while trying … they are both excellent defenders and this is where u all go wrong because the fight was more of a DEFENSIVE fight … they work on countering and Defending rather then attacking and mutilating … and dont give me this bullshit that Wanderlai is an all out attacker because hese not , look at his fights he always kills his opponent on the counter … the only problem with this fight is that there wasnt anyone that was willing to throw the first punch because of the risk envolved in it …

anyways , my opinion stays … i think wanderlai is a better fighter even tho i like chuck more … im happy to see chuck win altho i still believe wanderlai is the better fighter… well i hope u can all agree ^_^ later dudes

Dave Says, in 1-5-2008 at 00:58:37 from    

Just got to gloat to all the pride nazi’s out there who in their arrogance and ignorance tried to propagate the myth that Pride fighters were superior…..BBWWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Don’t you feel stupid! The only one who has been worth his salts since he got here is Jackson. After the destruction of CroCop, domination of Shogun, and now the obvious ass-beating received by Silva, you fools ought to be hiding in holes out of shame. I’ll go ahead and clue you guys in on a little factoid that a lot of people may not have known about: In Pride steroids and performance enhancers were rampant. When fighters came here, they weren’t use to the idea of random drug testing and having to actually fight with only…(gasp!)….their natural ability! These are pretty good fighters but they have been overrated from the word go. And when a fighter’s major strength is stomping on someone’s head when they are on the ground !!!??? That ought to suggest an outright lack of true fighting skills. But not to the ever loyal, uncritical, drooling Pride-nazi hyperfan. I love you guys. Keep right on providing the laughs. Cheers.

James Says, in 1-5-2008 at 01:20:43 from    

Chuck was NOT able to finish Silva. He even admitted it in the post fight conference. Watch the fight again. Silva ROCKED Liddell several times in the fight. If Silva pressed the action and was aggressive as he usually is and used those vicious knees, he would have taken Chuck. I want to see a rematch.

SOLDIER604 Says, in 1-5-2008 at 02:45:39 from    

NOT FIXED – You ignorants!! First and foremost if Dana was so concerned about having his poster boy champ lose to a Pride fighter or any fighter for that matter, then the Jackson fight, would’ve been fixed as well. Based on fixedfight/dana logic, he wouldn’t want his champ to lose to a negro. 2ndly, there is no reason to fix mma fights, it’s more exciting to let the outcome of a fight, be a natural win; it’s hella exciting when an underdog wins or vice versa. And the reason Silva was off his game is, he totally switched up his training to prepare for UFC/Octagon, he assumed he would have to modify his training; big mistake!! He should’ve just stepped up his Chute Boxe training, which got him to the top in the first place. Chute Boxe = vicious knees, vicious kicks, vicious elbows!!!! And Silva has nothing to feel bad about it, it was a good fight, that he’ll learn from and the next time he’s in the Octagon, we’ll see the changes in his fight game!!

WayGamble Says, in 1-5-2008 at 10:53:24 from    

the fight was obviously fixed. silva didnt throw ANY knees or elbows. no thai clench. no muay thai at all. he wasnt aggressive. chuck fell and backed off and let him get up. silva is a black belt in bjj and chuck liddell dominated him on the ground.

silva didnt even shave his head for the fight.

2uidiots Says, in 1-6-2008 at 01:55:30 from    

Im glad I started with this name cuz it seems to work out every time I write on here….so Ill go ahead and thank “WAYGAMBLE” for that but I wont repeat the same stuff that the logical people on here have already repeated. Okay nevermind you Silva freaks are kinda dumb. We already talked about Liddell being able to throw people off there game plans with that powerful right hand…. good luck getting aggressive to that. That is why he was the champ for so long….and no Liddell didnt DOMINATE him on the ground (what fight were you watchin????). Did you ever think that while Silva may have a strong chin he still feels pain (lightbulb!!!!!) Liddell connected a lot of hits on Silva, Silva got Chuck a couple times with his wild and crazy punches….but Chuck pounded on him quite a bit. Obviously that will change someones plan from win..to…survive and stay on his feet for his fans and himself…he DID prove a lot by that…I personally have never seen someone stand after Liddell hit them with that many punches…but the result is still that same… Chuck Wins

The only person that has proved Liddell is beatable is Jackson and that second fight was kinda iffy.

Bill Says, in 1-6-2008 at 03:30:41 from    

Silva was NOT able to finish eventhough he hurt Chuck possibly once maybe because he seemed punch drunk after taking a punch or two in first round (waygamble) In order to throw knees and elbows you have to get in close which was a problem for Silva because of Liddells reach advantage and he moved around and gave him angles. When Silva tried to get in close enough he was punched in the face. Chuck is a wrestler…(reference to ground “dominance”) Actually waygamble may have something Silva didnt shave his head….that is incredibly suspicious

bob Says, in 1-6-2008 at 15:28:35 from    

the fight was fixed

Hornster Says, in 1-6-2008 at 17:05:08 from    

Personaly i think wandi hasnt been the same since Mirko hit him with the blow of oblivion. It must have zapped away all his skills!

Bob Says, in 1-6-2008 at 18:16:40 from    

Actually the fight wasn’t fixed at all, I just can’t deal with reality so I dream up excuses to rationalize things I cannot control…

2uidiots Says, in 1-6-2008 at 18:46:05 from    

Well there yeah go right there….he didnt shave his head…….the fight HAD to be fixed………..

BobbyB Says, in 1-6-2008 at 19:21:26 from    

Actually the fight wasn’t fixed at all, I just can’t deal with reality so I dream up excuses to rationalize things I cannot control…

MMA Says, in 1-8-2008 at 18:36:32 from    

If you beleive wandy is a better fighter you can always use the excuse that the venue had some affect. Anerson silva and quinton are from pride, but they both have a history of fights in rings and cages however fighters like Mirko and wanderlei based their entire career of fighting inside of a ring. And dont tell me that the octagon has little or no affect in a fight.

Pure MMA Fan Says, in 1-8-2008 at 20:12:59 from    

Has anyone read Silva’s first interview days after the fight?? He stated he couldn’t believe how big Lidell was and how hard he hits. Matchups matchups matchups…..

#1 Shogun fan Says, in 1-9-2008 at 18:37:59 from    

Can’t believe they gave the second round to Liddell when he got dropped in that round… Take a real good close at the previous of the second round and you will see the fight was fixed for liddell to win… Again the white F*** can’t get by Jackson nor Shogun… But he is back right… hahahaha

2uidiots Says, in 1-11-2008 at 01:06:49 from    

Hey #1 Shogun Fan you JUST made me think that every one of shoguns fans are f***in retarded….just NOW, very nice.

mma fanatic Says, in 1-13-2008 at 23:31:42 from    

who says that liddel cant get by shogun? shogun is not that great, as shown by forrest griffin. forrest dominate the stand up and the ground so if he could do that then chuck would absolutely murder shogun in the stand up ko in 1. I will admit i am a huge liddel fan and him fightin wandi scared me a little, however i would have scored the fight 30-27 liddel. he didnt get dropped he slipped and if you look at there faces and emotions in the end even wandi knows liddel won. so all u wandi fans give it a rest it was a great fight and liddel won period im sure there will be a second fight.

Dave Says, in 1-14-2008 at 18:00:59 from    

Ok…here we go.

Now we get to the real angst of a lot of the a******* posting on here: hate of America or hate of a superior fighter who happens to be white. WWWHHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!We have this p**** who calls himself #1 Shogun fan despite the fact that his man got dominated by Griffin (another one of those “white f****”). We have another dickhead, whose name I’m not going to go back and look up cause I don’t want to waste my time, who has an obvious inferiority complex regarding anything American. America is the most powerful country in the world and you suck ass. Deal with it.

In both cases (Shogun and Silva) your man got his ass kicked by an American (and white too….damn it!). But hey….keep crying and degrading yourself in front of an audience like this. As more people see how pathetic you are, the less respect they will have for you and anyone like you. BTW…this is great entertainment. I need more popcorn.

MP648 Says, in 1-15-2008 at 12:28:20 from    

Lots of people are saying the fight was off-balance because it was fixed. I doubt it for one reason: I doubt Silva would stoop to that. I don’t think that a competitive spirit like his can be bought. I mean, I’m a Liddell fan, and even I can tell you that Silva’s self-respect and respect for the purity of fighting wouldn’t let him go out like that.

No, I’d say the fight was slanted because Liddell used his head way more than Silva did. Liddell metered his stamina to last three rounds, and even went so far as to clock-watch to pace himself. It’s kind of cheesy, but perfectly allowable if the other guy is going to stand there and let you do it. Silva never capitalized on Liddell’s attention being focused elsewhere. Also, Liddell’s counterpunching was effective because he exploited his natural reach advantage. For how well Silva can take a punch and keep functioning, he never managed to break through that counterpunch curtain to get to where his deadly knees would be useful. Silva didn’t find/bash a way through Liddell’s range to get to his own, and you can’t blame Liddell for that. Liddell has always been someone who lines up and waits to counterattack to stun you, then once he’s got you he unloads on you until you drop. If Silva weren’t so good at covering up, there would have been a knockout after that backhand, but Liddell got smart enough not to tire himself out by wasting punches. Instead, he backed off and landed more punches and takedowns, to come ahead on points. If a good knockout isn’t an option but you still want to win, you need to start racking up the points, and Liddell did.

No, the fight wasn’t fixed, no matter how biased the commentators might have been (which is another story for another time.) It was just that Liddell had a much better frame of mind coming into this fight than Silva did. Even though I’m glad Liddell won, I was really kind of shocked by Silva’s lack of presence.

Lastly, for those who are America-bashing since a white dude won, Think of “powerhouse” nations in the MMA world. I’d say that Brazil is the king of that hill. Come on, the Gracie family? BJJ? Silva? All Brazilian. America is not on top of the MMA world’s pyramid, or at least not alone. Insinuating that Liddell is a figurehead for American imperialism or something like that is so uninformed as to be stupid. So who is our MMA tradition repressing here? A nation whose MMA tradition puts ours to shame. I hope I’ve illustrated the flaw in that line of logic. Attention, world–quit fabricating new reasons to hate us over here in America. You have enough perfectly legitimate reasons already, and hopefully we’ll address some of those after the election this fall.

Fixedfight Says, in 1-17-2008 at 19:52:37 from    

This fight was fixed. Anyone knows lidell got his assed owned in pride and now hes a hero in ufc. When silva loses to a guy like lidell it really shows something is not right if you compare their backgrounds. Just imagine how much money was made during this fight.

The Stank 2004 Says, in 1-17-2008 at 21:46:57 from    

I have watched this fight many times.
I feel that the first round could be a draw or 10-9 Liddell
I feel the second round Silva knocked him down,Stalked him and it was an easy 10-9 round for Silva.
The third round was Liddel 10-9 because he ran the second half.
Silva is made of Titanium and he took Liddels best shots.
29-28 should have been the split for Liddell
Ufc speakers during the fight were TOTALLY BIAS FOR LIDDELL.
Again Silva is made of Titanium and 5 rounds who knows?

Evan Makela Says, in 1-18-2008 at 12:05:03 from    

this match was the biggest farse i’ve ever seen wandy didn’t even fight like he had a heart in it. i believe dana paid wandy more money to throw the fight to make chuck liddell look better. because chuck is more marketable to american’s all the pride fighters that have come to america have lost! WHY because they are not american’s.. rampage is from memphis hes american.. thats why he wins. wandy if he even close to fought like he did in pride would have killed chuck with no problem.. he didn’t even attack in this fight, the man has fought mirko cro cop twice who is a much more powerful striker then chuck liddell with his big ol beer belly.. the ufc is such a farse.. they rig the fights so they can get the most excitement out of the fans and the biggest pay day. i knew coming into this fight chuck would never be able to KO wandy.. oh and i have a complete domination in the second round for wandy, 2 knock downs and what does wandy do just stands there.. if a guy wanted to win he’d jump on that and fu*k the guy up. he wasn’t fighting to win just to make a good show of it. like you look at wandy’s face after the first round and tell me if that looks like THE AXE MURDERER and not just a guy looking for a pay day. he wasn’t there for that fight. it was fixed.

BMFOTP Says, in 1-19-2008 at 02:00:54 from    

hmmm i still like wandi win or lose i dont care… give him 2 more fights he’ll get used to the octagon… he’s gonna be a monster again…yeah wandi VS houston…

2uidiots Says, in 1-21-2008 at 04:29:17 from    

You Silva fans gotta be like ten years old with comments like those

MMA Fan Says, in 1-25-2008 at 21:30:43 from    

Man, i was hoping for an explosive knockout by Wandy. Didnt happened. I like Liddell and a fan of his, but really hopin that his ass got knocked out lol. I’m a bigger fan of Wandy.
If u give them a rematch im sure Wandi would up his game.

Ignoroids are going around… Says, in 1-25-2008 at 23:58:15 from    

This fight was boring, plain and simple. I am judging this from a neutral standpoint (unbiased). Wandy was too cautious, and definately gave Liddell too much respect. That’s not the Wandy I’m used to seeing. Congrats to Liddell for bouncing back from the 2 losses. Used his reach advantage very well, and by doing so kept distance with Wandy to avoid the clinch. However, there was one thing I disliked. I didn’t like how Liddell “ate the clock” and backed off in the 3rd round to secure the win. I don’t buy this whole rigging thing… Wandy would definately not go through with it. He has too much pride and integrity for that. The ring vs octagon, pride rules vs ufc rules, I think that definately has an affect, but not as drastic as some n0bcakes state. The commentators were EXTREMELY biased, IMHO. At the start of the match they were praising Liddell as if he were the second coming of jesus while not saying anything about Wandy (this was going on while nothing really happened). The one judge had it correct while the other 2 were licking Dana’s balls, Liddell definately won, but by 29-28, not 30-27. Wandy got some nice shots off too although later he was throwing fists just to survive. I would definately like to see a rematch, although with better commentators (such as a UFC Vet, like Ortiz and another UFC Vet like Couture, and a PRIDE Vet like Henderson, or Rampage because I feel as though biased retards are commentating and PRIDE doesn’t seem to have a voice… UFC gets 2 commentators as it is the UFC :P). Definately not as good of a fight as it has been in the making/hyped. It certainly needs a rematch. Finally, it’s not UFC vs PRIDE, as both organizations have extremely talented fighters. The one thing that PRIDE dominates is the heavyweight division, but the UFC also has great light heavyweights. It’s the fighters we should be talking about, not the organizations… PRIDE is now gone, UFC is the undisputed major promoter of MMA. They are all one big family now, we should just talk about the fighters that are in it. Definately want to see a rematch.

Jim Says, in 1-26-2008 at 09:26:23 from    

Not a real Chuck fan…. however, if someone says this was unfair, lopsided, biased, whatever … in favor of Chuck…. then it should be, he drew blood, he wailed on Wand, he defeated/dominated the rounds… hey Wand chose to stand and that is his prerogative. (Even though he was taken down more than once and was not able to execute any of the key JJ moves or submissions)


Darin Says, in 1-30-2008 at 23:01:49 from    

I thought the fight was entertaining but I was definitely supprised by chucks take downs. Chuck clearly won the fight even though it wasn’t what everyone was expecting or hoping for. Everyone is saying pride fighters are just not the same in the octagon.. Lets think about it… the didnt’t test for STEROIDS in Pride…Watching the fight between Wanderlei and Chuck you didnt see the intensity and size of Wanderlei as in his previous fights. Same with Shogun and Crocop..
Im just ready to see Dan Henderson and Anderson Silva.. That has the makings of a great fight.

shane lebrocq Says, in 2-6-2008 at 08:03:33 from    

gday all im an aussie fan of the ufc,its not promoted here at all,, i stumbled on it at a video store ,, loved it then ordered the collection right threw to ufc 81,,,,one thing is for sure is watching chuck liddell fight has been the highlight of the ufc for me ,, id like to just ad that im also deaf so i dont get to hear the commentating ,, so if you take the elliment of biased out with joe rogan than i can tell you quite simply that chuck is getting older and smarter and he will find a way to win his fights from now on ,,, so get used to he,s not a young man anymore,,and i think he,s training for this way of thinking, c
chheersss from down under

gss Says, in 2-20-2008 at 04:40:57 from    

Rampage Jackson is the only guy from Pride it seems who refused to be bought off by Dana White. Looks like Wanderlei took the money and threw the fight. F*** the UFC and F*** Wanderlei for disgracing the sport of MMA.

joey Says, in 2-20-2008 at 22:06:37 from    

The ref didn’t stop the Royce Gracie vs. Sakuraba fight because Royce wasn’t fighting to win. Royce’s corner stopped the fight because Sakuraba’s low leg kicks had hurt Royce so badly he couldn’t put weight on the leg. Royce tried to win, Sakuraba was just the more atletic fighter who had better standup than Royce did, and Sak could easily defend Royce’s submission attempts.

pua Says, in 2-28-2008 at 00:00:07 from    

this was sad!!! wanderlei wanted to fight toe to toe but chuck just wanted to do enough to win i lost total respect for chuck, wanderlei could have took him down easily and submit him but he’s a real fighter and puts on a show for his fans i say rematch anyone els?

Ash Says, in 2-28-2008 at 00:47:15 from    

Just so you know that I don’t think tha Wanderlei could “just” take down chuck. Chuck has one of the best (sprawls) takedown defence in the mma game so stop thinking you know what your talking about and actually learn more before opening your mouth.

gss Says, in 3-7-2008 at 08:46:58 from    

the fight was fixed

Ajax Says, in 3-7-2008 at 20:06:15 from    

I have watched Wandy rise to fame in PRIDE…I watched him strip Sakuraba of his belt..then defeat him 2 more x’s, as well as defeat the divisions best………I don’t know if Wanderlei is getting old..or if, and I hate to say this, he was using performance inhancing drugs and now must obviously stop or even if he was nervous..BUT THIS IS NOT THE SILVA I HAVE SEEN DESTROY PEOPLE…for his 1st fight in the UFC…chuck liddell was not someone he should have fought…he went to chucks back yard…..I strongly believe that chuck would have lost in PRIDE against Wandy…Rampage did it right….1st Eastman to shed the nervous state…than the champ…Silva and Hendo went about it all wrong by trying to go strait to the top..I want the old Wandy…not with loose shorts…but with spandex…clinching knees…knockout power…I will tell you one thing….Wandy in PRIDE…in Japan and healthy…..He was the BEST 205 pounder EVER….PERIOD!!!!

Mike Curuke Says, in 3-13-2008 at 11:15:08 from    

I am astonished by the response by dirty 7-30 especially the perception that Chuck was “running away”. It was absolutely obvious in all rounds that Chuck was dominating and scoring points. The Condition of Silva deteriorated with each passing minute. Chuck remained fresh, composed and in control at every stage.
One item rarely if ever mentioned is Chuck’s footwork. That is his huge assett. He uses it to avoid an onslaught and also to bolt in when there is an opening. Silva by comparison has no footwork. Just watch the video. That plus Chuck’s extended reach and larger frame made him the indisputable victor in this fight.

MMA_Metalhead Says, in 4-3-2008 at 20:26:43 from    

My two favorite fighters. Great fight, was a bit dissapointing to see chuck run for the last minutes. And id love a rematch. I wouldnt go with a favorite since both are the defenition of legends. Wish wanderlei looked a bit more like….wanderlei in this fight. No kness was sad. Jardines gonna die though. I wish this fight had like a special occasion 5 rounds or more. It would have been far better. What i want to happen is chuck go in, kill rashad, take on the winner of the rampage griffin fight (hopefully rampage so it will be a significant fight,) get the belt back, then fight wanderlei for a title defence for the 5 round limit. Im alright iwth wanderlei or chuck as champion.

Chris_Partlow Says, in 4-4-2008 at 14:11:54 from    

First off let me just say I’m a fan of both fighters. But I’m more partial to Wanderlei. In this fight Wanderlei did not look like himself. With that said Chuck fought a good fight and he is the Victor. Wanderlei’s performance in that fight is a bit suspect for me. UFC is a bit suspect for me.

Pride was a legendary promotion that had some of the best mma fights of ALL time. UFC is a great promotion thats had and continues to have good fights. I will admit i’m a bit more partial to pride’s rules vs ufc’s. With that said Its not the promotions that bring out the good fights its the fighters.

UFC and Pride have fighters from all over the world. Pride had Chute Boxe guys and UFC did as well..

But one thing i dont see is FEDOR. With the collapse of pride..Fedor needs to come to UFC and stop this bs. I feel he would be a major problem for UFC’s stars and Dana White dont want that. FEDOR would OWN all UFC has to offer end of story.

You can argue all day long on Wandy vs Liddell but you know damn well, you can’t argue on Fedors Abilities to squash his opponents, and I dont think UFC is ready for that.

Tricky Dick Says, in 4-4-2008 at 22:17:33 from    

let’s not forget that Liddell is several years older than Silva. I give Liddell props in this fight BUT the Octagon was an unfamiliar place for Silva…need to have a fight on neutral ground…but then again Dana White owns it all now.

Tricky Dick Says, in 4-4-2008 at 22:19:20 from    

also Silva didn’t utilize his ground game when Liddell was tripped up, bad move. If all of this has been discussed sorry I’m late.

ChuckIsGod Says, in 4-19-2008 at 16:15:24 from    

lol at all the little Wand nuthuggers. Chuck clearly won this fight.

VSilva Says, in 4-19-2008 at 18:06:57 from    

I waaant too fooock Chaack…

DC_34425 Says, in 5-4-2008 at 10:42:24 from    

Yes Liddell won the fight, but idk if it was as unanimous as people think. Liddell was hitting him with everything he had but Wandy wouldnt quit. Would love to see Wandy kick Jardines ass and get some more fights in the Octagon nd see a rematch because Wandy has the stuff to beat Liddell (ask Rampage) but the ocatagon is much different from the ring. Also, would love to see Rogan and White get in the ring and get their asses kicked.

insanehurricane Says, in 5-5-2008 at 22:58:50 from    

i disagree with people saying wand should’ve fought agressive like he used to, that style is too wild and easier to counter punch, which is what chuck is good at, leg kicks would have helped him out more, not going in swinging wildy like he usually does. chuck won get over it people

ty Says, in 5-29-2008 at 01:18:26 from    

1st knockdown slip off a kick with bad balance
2nd is questionable seeing as he was backing up
not fixed silva got his f****** bell rung before chuck went down the 2nd time
suck it up Silva fans
I love himt oo but come on you guys are just dickheads

#1wandfan Says, in 6-16-2008 at 00:27:05 from    

The ufc makes chuck out to be more of a badass than he really is. In the 2nd round wandy dropped chuck with a right hook. wandy never got dropped once and he has more scar tissue than chuck so he cuts easier. wandy has fought more than chuck so he has more scar tissue. if wandy would have went in after he dropped chuck he would have ko’d him. But for some reason wandy spaired chucks life.

mma*nutz Says, in 11-18-2008 at 01:52:33 from    

Some people on this site need to stop smoking crack. I love Wandi, but clearly he lost the fight. Chuck was just the better man that night. They both went separate ways and well Wandi almost killed someone while Chuck was almost killed.

fixed fight 2 Says, in 1-11-2009 at 04:00:53 from    

also to back up “Fixed Fight”

silva did not look confident At All in the pregame… he is usually talking s***.

ca Says, in 4-6-2009 at 16:03:51 from    

Everyone is down on liddel or silva. the fact is liddel was the better fighter on that night, and i am reasonably sure nobody posting on this sight would have even stepped into the cage with either one. If liddel or silva are jokes get in the cage and prove it.

hi Says, in 4-19-2009 at 23:42:50 from    

i always stick up for you chuck i should be paided i fight for you lol

DRUMMERKiDD101 Says, in 7-5-2009 at 23:00:55 from    

The iceman flatout kicked wandi ass wandi waz tryna concentrate to hard thinkin wat he waz tryna do chuck jus did it and 4or tha people sayin chuck waz runnin dumb F*** datz he style get in get some hits and get out study tha fites

TOMMY Says, in 7-15-2009 at 18:57:50 from    

Everywhere there’s that much money involved, fights get fixed. That don’t mean, it has to look staged. It can seem quite square, like for example Dana meeting Silva before the fight and telling him there’s a lot of money if he fights, let’s say at 75% and makes efforts not to ko chuck. Nobody could ever prove something like that by just watching the fight but all the proven scandals in sports history should teach you guys enough.
I think it’s a shame though, that good fighters give up their self-esteem for money, but hey, that’s mankind.

clno1 Says, in 11-5-2010 at 08:22:13 from    

chuck vs wanderlei is no comparison at all wanderlei has not beaten anybody else of note except rampage,he lost to vitor,dan henderson,tito,crocop ,chuck and even rich franklin(which was a dodgy decision) and chuck has not lost to anybody except rampage in his prime.all other loses were after he got washed up so stop crying fanboys and accept the facts as they are!!

Shogun Says, in 3-11-2011 at 15:39:21 from    

@Pasha: I love the UFC, but you’re either crazy or just ignorant if you think “heavy and light heavy fighters in pride not large and strong as ufc fighters”.
In 03′,04′,05, Pride had Fedor, Cro Cop, Nogueira, Barnett, Verdum, Hunt and Overeem in the HW Division.

UFC had Couture, Mir, Rizzo – the good ones – and Arlovski, Sylvia, Rodriguez and Monson. That’s a pretty sad comparison.

When Shogun won the Grand Prix in 05, the tournament featured him, Overeem, Arona, Lil’ Nog, Dan Henderson, Rampage, Wanderlei, Randleman, Vitor and Sakuraba!!!! And those were just the big names! One tournament.

UFC literally had Couture, Liddell, Sobral, Vitor and Ortiz (Shamrock was done by then). And that’s it.

Look at the Light Heavyweight List again… Chuck is retired, Tito should be and Randy’s a fight or two away from being so as well.

Whereas since the Pride days ended… Rampage won the belt by beating Chuck (again), Shogun has the belt, Hendo just won the Strikeforce belt and Reem has the HW belt. Not big enough, strong enough? Well, I guess their talent more than made up for it.


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